How to answer ‘What do you hope to gain from this Experience?’

How to answer What do you hope to gain from this Experience

Anyone who wants to become a professional knows how important it is to have the experience to have that dream job or a job that pays a decent salary. Most often questions such as what do you hope to gain from this experience question are asked in an internship opportunity or an entry-level job or for volunteering purposes. This is a simple question yet your answer will speak volumes to the interviewer. It will tell your interviewer how committed you are to learning by the way you expound your answer. It shows how eager and zealous you are to dig in your heels to the daily task and get the most out of it. See answer for How to answer ‘What do you hope to gain from this Experience?’

What does the interviewer mean?

  • When an interviewer uses the word ‘gain’ in a question, they expect to find a hard worker ready to learn everything that the role offers.
  • They are looking for serious and dedicated individuals who are bold and not afraid to take challenges.
  • This question holds great value for the interviewer as they expect to take those candidates who would not waste the opportunity. 

This question can open a lot more than the eye can see and make the interviewer aware of what type of person he/she is interviewing. The answer to this question will make the hiring process easier.

Why do they ask this question?

For those people of less experience like students looking for a summer job or those fresh out of college, the interviewer knows that he/she needs to select the one who has the enthusiasm to learn and work for them wholeheartedly. An interviewer is also a human who is cautious about making a costly decision. They ask this type of question because they don’t want to waste their Time hiring some lazy and apathetic person.

This type of person would care less about gaining any experience. They are here just for the rewards that the company has to offer them. Therefore, Your terrific answer can land you into that role you are hoping to get into. So, how to answer this question is crucial for anyone to earn that role among a thousand others who will apply.

Some techniques on how to answer

  • Your answer must be sincere and genuine with a dash of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. What happens when you answer it that way? It gives a glimpse of hope to the interviewer and keeps him/her hopeful of getting the right candidate.
  • Any role you may be applying for, be it an interim role, an internship or maybe it’s volunteer work, your answer should give the feeling of wanting more growth and knowledge or skills added to you. 
  • When you answer this question, it must reflect your passion and love for the role you applied for. 
  • Your answer should show your desire to support the vision of the organization. Show them that you are here to use your present skills to further the cause of the company that you have applied for. 
  • This will leave a great impression of you. In a world full of takers at least they will be refreshed to meet a giver.
  • Above all, remain true to yourself and shine through the interview by letting them know how grateful you will be if they give you an opportunity in their organization and assure them that you can’t wait to start the role if selected.
  • Maintain a positive demeanor throughout the interview by letting them know about how inspired you are because of their impact on society and let them know that you have researched and done your homework by speaking about it.
  • A little praise won’t hurt anyone so give genuine compliments if the vision that they follow has resonated with you and has inspired you to follow suit. 
  • While doing that, you end up encouraging them in the process. They will remember you fondly for that and this may even land you in that role. 
  • Take this opportunity to answer as a genuine person looking to study and sharpen their skills while giving their hundred percent to the company. This will let them know that you know what you want.
  • Even though you may be a fresher or a person looking to change careers, your answer should reflect confidence and exuberate self-worth. Yes, you may have minimal experience but make a good brand image of you as an individual. 

Sample answers to the question

Sample Answer 1

Well, I always wanted to be a protector and a guardian of child rights and if allowed to volunteer in your reputed organization, I intend to gain as much knowledge as I can in these three months of intensive volunteering. The experiences that I hope to gain go beyond technical knowledge. I also want to learn as many soft skills as possible. I know that your organization has people of different nationalities and religions working here. I hope to learn to have more respect and understanding with them while working here. I am already excited thinking about it. I hope to be a part of this thriving robust organization.

Sample Answer 2

My love for sustainable development has seeped into my everyday living. I have a profound love for farming and I always wanted to learn sustainable farming since I was in school. If given this opportunity to take the nine monthly training courses in Japan, I will be the most grateful one. I have personally interviewed some people who had taken this training and their testimonials are worth noting.

They have learned the technique of farming by collaborating with nature. The vast pool of knowledge I will learn from this training will be beneficial to my countrymen. I believe in giving back to society and for that, I will give my all in learning all those valuable knowledge if I am allowed to train there. I also love to learn about new cultures so needless to say, training in Japan will allow me to do that. 

Sample Answer 3

When I saw this opportunity to intern for such a renowned publishing house, I immediately applied for it as I know that this is an opportunity for a lifetime. I hope to learn the craft from the best in the world. This will give me an edge over other writers and help me to land a permanent fulfilling job, if possible in this organization but I would be most grateful if I get the opportunity to intern only also because I know nothing will be a waste of time in your esteemed company.

I desire to dedicate my time and effort to learn all the nitty-gritty details of the work and take a step towards being an expert in this industry. I hope to gain skills including people’s skills or analytical skills etc on the job. If given an opportunity, I hope to bring the best out of me and broaden my horizon to learn things from the people here so that I gain a better perspective while dealing with various situations and learn to chart a proper career path for myself. I believe your esteemed publishing house will help me to realize this goal of mine. 

Sample Answer 4

As you can see from my CV, my experiences and this present opportunity are completely different. This interim position will allow me to delve into a new career, the career I love and am passionate about. I hope to learn about photography and what it takes to be a successful one in this course of internship but I also wish to use my talent and gifts to help out the company in whichever way they want to. I hope to gain experience in the business part of this art as well.

Sample Answer 5

I hope to gain experience from experts in your organization. This internship will help me polish my skills and to work under such seasoned people. It will help me to plan my career better. I hope to give my best and comply with the rules and regulations of the internship to get the best experience out of it. It is not just the successful completion of the internship that I am hoping for. To be honest, I want to land a full-time job in this thriving organization. I am willing to grow professionally in this place if given an opportunity.

Sample Answer 6

As a student in the university, I hope to learn as much as I can and gain a good footing in the field of my studies. I know this internship will prepare me ahead for the real world. The industry that I longed to work in is a competitive one so I have applied for the internship role in this field. Your organization is no doubt the best and if given an opportunity here, I hope to gain the expertise required for my field, and not only that, I hope to serve the needs of those around me while in my internship tenure. I believe that serving is one way of gaining experience and knowledge. Your organization provides all those tools needed to thrive in this area. I would be most delighted to serve in such an organization.


The more you elaborate on your interests, hopes, and aspirations, the more you gain the attention and admiration of your interviewer. Have the best attitude while facing the interview. An interviewee must have a good attitude as well. while stating the facts, don’t forget to tell them that you are in for the long haul if they present an opportunity to make your position permanent. The company gives their time and trains those kinds of candidates so the least you can do is assure them that they will get the full value of their investment in you.

You make the best candidates for hire when you are genuinely longing to learn and grow in the art and trade or support them in fighting for a cause. They love to hire passionate people because these are the ones who do it mostly for their pleasure and salary and other remunerations hold little or no value to them. They know that such people will stick to the cause or job even when it gets tough or sticky at times. Emotional maturity along with passion is a good recipe to make an ideal candidate. Remember to be all that and you will ace it.

How to answer ‘What do you hope to gain from this Experience?’

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