Is Boston Scientific a good company to work for?

Is Boston Scientific a good company to work for?

What is Boston Scientific?

Boston Scientific, as the name suggests is a company that specializes in making surgical instruments that are exclusively required for interventional medical works such as radiology which is mostly based on imaging, cardiology which is based on catheters, and other subsidiary surgical works which are performed either prior or later to an operation or is the immediate need before the patient is operated. See Is Boston Scientific a good company to work for?

The company is known because of its discovery of the DES, which is a special type of stent. This device once inserted slowly releases a type of drug into the artery or the inserted area and this further prevents internal inflammation of the affected part. It also helps in the stoppage of the clogging mechanism of the veins. Under the complete support from several other notable medical brands, in 2012, the company became immensely popular for providing a small ICD. This device controls the heartbeat and protects the BPM. A company that has been there for more than 40 years, has always been on the dream list for many students. Lets’ see why.

Business Sectors of Boston Scientific

The company mostly focuses on the development of medical and surgical instruments. These types of equipment are mostly sent to the greater nations. There are certain hospitals and medical centers in India which too receive their products. There are various sectors both for students from the medical field and also for students from a technical background. However, the majority of the work is done by technical students. The researchers and scholars come with theories that are later worked on and tested by the engineers.

Work Culture of Boston Scientific

The company is quite backed up by its own workers. The notable factor which puts this name a position above in the list is its importance to women empowerment. There are more than 50% seats reserved for women and not just the lower positions but the managerial and directorial positions are also held by them. This doesn’t mean that the company is biased towards women, there are a large number of male employees as well. End of the day, it’s the practical knowledge that alone decides whether someone will be able to become a part of this name or not. We’ll discuss this in detail later in this section.

Coming to its recognitions and awards, Boston Scientific has won a number of prestigious awards, including The Best WorkPlace Award in the year 2019. In a list of 100 brands, this company ranks as number 23 and is rated 4.5/5 by not just the internal members but also its client organizations. The annual turnover is also quite high and is in the range of top corporate companies.

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Coming back to its employee culture, apart from women and men, there are seats reserved for the black community, the physically disabled, and the people from the LGBTQ community. Not only this, there was a steep increase in the ratio of blacks having managerial positions with the increase in their accommodation in the US in the year 2018. Thus we see, there’s no such community that doesn’t get a fair chance to be a part of this respected name. BS undoubtedly pays high attention to the betterment of its members.

Now we will hear what some of the employees have to say about their individual experiences, how much they like the work and what they feel are the pros and cons of working in the company.

Employees’ Reviews

Employee 1 (Former Employee, Gurgaon Office)

An extraordinary company with a beautiful and technologically advanced environment. If it had not been for my personal reasons, I’d have continued to serve for BS. However if given an opportunity again, I will definitely try my shot.

Employee 2

The work culture, the ability to explore the way one wants to are the biggest pros of the company. There is no superior-subordinate relationship and one feels like he/she is in a family. The co-workers are extremely supportive and cooperative and will welcome anybody with open arms and will always stand together as a team.

Employee 3

The atmosphere is quite enjoyable and friendly. There’s always a fair balance that one can maintain between their private life and professional life. There’s no burden of working in a pen-paper mode, everything happens in a digital manner in online mode. The workers are too good and supportive.

Employee 4

The company does a lot for its workers and never fails to make them feel at home. However, the targets and teams are to be more emphasized than the company itself. Overall, it’s a great place to start your career be it as a fresher or an experienced senior.

Employee 5

Each day at BS is like a day full of learning and a whole lot of exploration. The employees are just the topping to the cake. No one can feel out of place on this campus and when they leave they’re a better individual than they were before.

How to Prepare for Boston Scientific?

Coming to engineers, BS mostly looks for consultants among the freshers and the experienced lot can be given the position of tech leads and managers. This company, unlike many other companies, doesn’t focus on one’s usual data structures and algorithm skills but tests much more deeply one’s knowledge about artificial intelligence and IoT. They also put great importance on projects and check thoroughly your knowledge in development and testing.

For students studying medicine, they recruit microbiology specialists and surgery residents who are capable of testing models in real-life scenarios.


There are very few companies that provide an equal opportunity to students from the two biggest fields. Going a bit more inside, there’s also a justified division among the workers, and reasonable seats are reserved for people belonging to all communities from all around the globe. Having the best work culture and the friendliest co-workers also is a boon that is hard to find. Another point is that being an MNC, there’s scope for improvement and a good chance to be able to move abroad. All in all, it is a complete package, and students and job seekers should definitely try and give it a shot if they get the scope.

That brings us to the end of this article, I hope it was informative enough and that it’ll help you to analyze yourself in a better way.

Is Boston Scientific a good company to work for?

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