How Do You Handle Stress?- Read More About It

To cope with it, you need to pop out of it. Many jobs are stressful, and a common question asked during an interview is, ‘how well do you handle stress?’. Let’s learn about ‘How Do You Handle Stress?’.

How Do You Handle Stress?

How Do You Handle Stress?

Managing stress shows how well-balance your focus is. Convince yourself that they’re not villains. Having a positive attitude creates confidence. Now, the question is why? By finding the reason, you can easily get a step closer to the question. 

Why is the question ‘how to handle stress’ being asked in the interview? 

Excessive pressure is a health hazard, but healthy pressure activates the mind. By asking questions, they know how well employees can manage stress during various projects. A healthy mind creates quality content work. You should highlight your skills by replying to the interviewer, who wants to know if you’re the right candidate for the position and the company. Some bullet points to add to your response: 

1. Present your soft skills

It is a favorable way to mention your soft skills to show how you manage your productivity. It represents your interpersonal skills. By means, it shows how active your mind is. 

• Adaptability 

• Time management 

• Communication skills 

• Problem-solving 

• Leadership 

On the other hand, employees who know their reactions to stress and handle it calmly are an asset to the company. Attention to details is what they mark during the interview. Also, communicating better with colleagues and managers will be impressive as they appreciate 

2. Add context to the skills you learned under pressure

Share the past experiences that you positively managed. Avoid using negative words such as I took many projects which I struggled to deal with or too hard to handle. It shows a lack of enthusiasm. A positive mind approach progress better. 

3. Share your strategies 

Share your ideas of how you balance your stress during work. Explain methods and keyways to work on under pressure. Mention the shortcuts you use in your plan and make it smart. Put the context in your strategy so they know how determine you are. It’s all about mindset. This way you represent your mind management. 

4. Modify your proper answer 

“It is necessary to take 10 minutes break during pressurized work. Drinking tea or coffee is the best way to loosen up your mind.” This answer will show that you are not a robot. Moreover, mention your goals. Use positive words to show positive approach towards your career. Share your positive point of perspective. The way you describe yourself is how you represent and express yourself. 

Effective communication shows confidence. Interviewers appreciate the confidence. This way they trust the candidate’s capability and it takes them less time to second thoughts of you.

5. Avoid saying no stress at all 

Saying you haven’t experienced stress the interviewer won’t buy it. If you can’t recall it then focus on how you manage everyday stress. Focus on your daily activities or emotions, and ask yourself do you practice mindfulness? Or do you force yourself to leave your desk over lunchtime? This information acknowledges them to envision who you are and how you perform inside and outside of the job area. 

Examples 1 

By working under pressure, it challenges me to be productive. Previously I face the challenge to complete 3 projects within a week. I took a few moments to plan by managing time and organizing it accordingly. It was either do it or don’t. But I never gave up. I continually share my progress with the manager so they can keep up with it. I was able to complete my project on time. 

Example 2 

“Deadlines strike me to be conscious. Once I was about to achieve my target at the last minute a client wasn’t satisfied with the product. Instead of panicking, I proactively communicate with them. I go to the root to understand the problem. Finally found the common issue and seal the deal. 

Example 3 

“As a team leader, I work by leading my team with ease. I don’t turn my stress into anger which creates a bad environment for my team. When the pressure is too much I breathe and think of the solution rather than being put my aggression on everyone. I handle it with planning and execution. I am part of my team so I should focus on my goal rather than my emotions.” 

Final example “Create challenges in work. Being a workaholic I offered two projects that claim to be complete within a week. I set my soul on fire by working on those projects. In between, I felt stuck. It was either running away or finding the way. I challenge my conscience to stay active rather than get emotional. That’s how I completed my projects on time, and the client was thrilled.” 

Avoid mistakes by answering ‘how do you handle stress’ 

Common questions have common mistakes too. Here are some tools to avoid it: 

Avoid Over sharing

Sometimes talking about how we handle the stress we share excessive information which is troublesome to get the job. Avoid sharing more information than they should know. 

For instance, do not talk about how you procrastinated or being lazy till the deadline strikes. Instead, focus on how you manage your work to avoid distraction. 

Avoid mentioning negative words

Negative sentences lead negative impression. Using words such as it is what it is, I don’t care, stress is not my thing, etc avoid it. It is okay if you can’t explain it. Mention your daily aspects of how you handle stress with your problem-solving skills. 

do not try to add up job duties as stressors

Stay delicate to your work shows how responsible you are. 

For example, if the job described multitasking projects and you mention that you juggle with panic attacks makes a really bad impression. 

Final thoughts: 

Everyone has different ways of handling stress. A good employee doesn’t mean not having any stress. It means to work efficiently and be focused on growth. 

Use this answer to your advantage to show your dedication to getting the job done by your abilities.

How Do You Handle Stress?- Read More About It

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