Google Coding Interview Questions – Know More

Just like every field of study, Coding or programming have its technical knowledge which any individual in the field ought to know. Anyone can claim to be specializing in any field but the ability to answer questions and have some demanding skills of the industry is what makes one a part of the industry. We will outline many coding interview questions that you are likely to see when applying for a programming job position from a beginner to an expert level. Let us know ‘Google Coding Interview Questions’.

Google Coding Interview Questions

Google Coding Interview Questions

The questions get more technical as the level increases but every level is expected to have a conceptual understanding of what coding is all about while the deeper programming understanding will be expected in proportion to the level of the programming position in question.

Below are the google coding interview questions in different levels


  1. How do you read two numbers, add them and display their sum?

You are expected in the above question, to show how to write some codes of the two numbers specifically.

  1. What does it mean if an array is sorted?

In the above question, you are expected to explain what a sorted array is. You can also add when it is used and its usefulness.

  1. Describe the tournament winner algorithm?

Always remember that every word in the questions that you are asked is tilting to coding and not any other field even when the word seems so strange to be in the field. In the above question, you are expected to highlight the key points and steps in coding the tournament winner algorithm.

  1. What is the depth of a node?

This question can appear in different ways, either you’re asked about the depth of a node or you are asked about the height.

Sometimes, you can be asked the difference between them both.

  1. How do you perform a binary search?

Here, you are required to discuss briefly the implementation of binary search in regards to the programming language that you’re familiar with or going to use for your job position.

  1.  What is burble sort in data structure?

You will have to shortly explain what burble sort is and why computer programmers use burble sort. Also, try to give a picture of what burble sort entails and quickly outline other sorting algorithms besides burble sort. Sometimes, it could be these other sorting algorithms like selection sort, insertion sort, merge sort, quick sort etc that would be asked.

  1. How do you check if a number is a palindrome?

Here, you are expected to show with algorithms, how to check if a number is a palindrome or not.

  1. Which encryption does Caesar use?

This is a very self-explanatory question and every serious beginner in coding would be familiar with that.

  1. What is Run-length encoding used for?

In the above question, you’re expected to explain what Run-length encoding means and its benefits which are the same as its usefulness.

  1. How do you generate code documentation?

This question is often a way of finding out if you are the kind of programmer who evades code documentation or if you do generate one.

The question seeks the answer to how you document your codes after writing.

We will list out in the subsequent levels the possible interview questions you will encounter when applying for coding positions. These lists will not be associated with a brief explanation as we have done for the entry-level. However, you should note that questions can be spun and reframed, so you have to be attentive to the point and try to understand the question first before answering.

Intermediate level

1.  How do you solve a three number sum problem?

2. What is a monotonic array?

3. How do you traverse a matrix in spiral order?

4. Write a function that returns the length of the longest peak in the array?

5. How do you find the product of array elements?

6. How do you find the first duplicate value in the array?

7. What is BST construction?

8.  How do you validate BST?

9. Can you use Kandane’s algorithm? If yes, show me

10. Can you group anagrams together from a list of words?

Professional level

1.  Write a code on four elements that sum to a given value?

2. How do you find the range of an array?

3. Explain zigzag transversal?

4.  Validate three nodes?

5.  Show the maximum path sum in binary?

6. Explain the water area?

7. Write a code using Dijkstra’s algorithm

8. Write a code on the topological sort

9. Find the continuous median if an array

10. Solve Sudoku

Expert level

1. Write a code and solve an apartment hunting problem

2. Is it important to use try-catch in coding

3.  What are the waterfall streams

4. Write a code online through points

5. Explain flattening the binary tree

6.  How do you compare leaf Traversal

7. Write a program that displays numbers 1 to 10 and their squares

8. Write pseudocode to calculate the sum of squares input of numbers

9.  What are codes for airport

10.  Explain the N Queen problem.

In conclusion

Coding interviews are primarily aimed at your coding acumen. It is usually less of your business soft skills and business ethics. You hardly or won’t hear something like “why are you the best candidate for this position?”, “How good are your communication skills?”, Etc.

It is aimed at figuring out your coding abilities and how well your level in it will suit the job position. Therefore, in preparation for a job interview, you should hone your coding skills greatly, and practice consistently and frequently to get better at what you do. Try coding on a whiteboard or paper because interviewers most likely are going to provide you with one for the coding interview and if you have relied so much on a code editor for your debugging and error finding, you will not scale through that moment.

It is also essential for a coder to be familiar with the coding jargon and quirks. Learn them, understand the concept behind them and use them frequently because your interviewers will usually converse technically and expect you to respond to them in the required way. Above all, don’t panic. Always remember that practice is the key, and as a coder, you won’t need to prove anything else except your coding skills.


  • Is coding interview hard?

In the real sense of it, a coding interview is quite difficult; not because it is in its nature to be difficult but because the interviewers are usually programmers themselves who do seek advanced coders. Their tendency to choose the best candidate always resorts to them asking some rarely used questions even if such capability will remain unused in the job position.

Google Coding Interview Questions – Know More

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