Xoriant Office Locations & Headquarters – Know More


Xoriant is a Product Consulting Services and Product Development and Engineering business, which gives sufficient life-term software development and engineering assistance to technology organizations, product execution, and integration assistance to the users of our technology customers from its universal delivery centers.This article will help you to know about the information of Xoriant office locations and Headquarters of this office, findout its location by reading this article.

Xoriant Office Locations & Headquarters

Xoriant’s Product Development and Engineering services give our customers a seamless expansion to their Research and Development groups and help to decrease the time to market and improve the overall productivity and the effectiveness of cost.

On this page, you will see the different locations and headquarters of Xoriant company, how the Xoriant office’s location and headquarters are developed, the operations they perform as an organization, how to contact Xoriant company, and, its working hours

Xoriant’s office locations and its headquarters

Xoriant office Headquarters is tracked down at 1248 Reamwood Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. Its office is placed in North America. Here is the name of different branches of office in different areas :

North american

  • New Jersey

 343 Suite 720 Edison, NJ 08837 Thornall Street.

  • Troy

6915, Suite 300 Troy, MI 48085 Rochester Road

  • Seattle

2703 152nd Ave NE STE 6N Redmond, WA 98052

  • Orlando

5323 Lakes Millenia Blvd. Orlando FL 32839, Suite 300 

  • Mexico

Chihuahua, Mexico 32300, Thomas Edison 1510-201 Ciudad Juárez.

  • Canada

55, Suite 401 Toronto, ON, Canada M5J 1R7 York Street

  • Edison

343 Thornall St #720, United States 

  • Hingham

4 Hollyhock Ln, United States 

  • Redmond

2703 152nd Ave NE #6, United States 

Xoriant was established in 1990 and its new CEO and founder is Girish Gaitonde. Xoriant contributes to product development, engineering, and discussion aids for technology layouts and mid-size to big companies.

Xoriant is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, the USA. Xoriant has an office in the United Kingdom.

How Xoriant office locations and headquarters are developed?

Xoriant office locations and headquarters were established in 1990 with the help of Girish Gaitonde the CEO and Founder of the company. It’s a private institution that has over 2000 employees. 

Xoriant company was founded in 1990 by a team of 3-person businesses, Xoriant company has organized an undisputed dignity as a manager, selected technology supporter, and one of the Good Workplaces by Great Place to Work.

How to contact Xoriant company for complain, suggestions or business?

To contact Xoriant Company, you can reach them in their above offices that suites your locations or login into their website at www. Xoriant company.com to fill a contact form and make sure you provide all the requested information in the form like your names, your business email address, and your phone number.

You can also send a mail to [email protected] or call this number Tell: +1 408 743 4477. Your request will be attended you as soon as possible.  All complaints and suggestions can also be sent to the above email address.

Xoriant’s operations in its office locations and headquarters 

In Xoriant Office Locations and Headquarters, they provide product growth, engineering, and consulting services for technology startups and mid-size to all big companies.

Xoriant Corporation is a product development and reviewing Aids company, that gives full life cycle software improvement and engineering aids to technology companies and product execution, and integration aids to the users of our technology customers from its universal delivery centers.

Xoriant’s technology users include independent software brokers, network companies, net corporations with social networking and social media, and mobile requisitions associations. 

In Xoriant company national delivery centers, Xoriant’s Product Improvement services give our customers a zero seem expansion to their Research and Improvement committees and assist in decreasing the period to demand and strengthening the overall productivity and cost-effectiveness.

We aid end-to-end holding and exceptional outcomes. So when difficulties appear, we admit the problems, take full obligation, and go on to rectify the problem. We admit that doing just enough is insufficient. 

In our aim distinction, we are devoted to achieving what we say. We are hopeful and creative in the face of problems. We use pieces of equipment and aids that facilitate us to continuously increase and analyze our principles of attainment and products.

Xoriant company working hours

In Xoriant office locations and headquarters, they work from Monday till Friday for 7.5 hours, and it is rated 98 percent.

 Xoriant company partner approach in their office locations and headquarters 

The elevated technology world is consolidating into products, equipment, and initiative relationships, where impressions and cooperation are propelling new business chances. 

Three decades ago, Xoriant formulated a powerful technology partner ecosystem that involves world-leading technology developers. These connections have enabled them to influence the recent technology modes and motivate our clients for the subsequent technology disturbance with proven solutions and services.

Xoriant Corporation is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. That has been employed in technology partnership with various customers, assisting them with conversions that securely scale on AWS. 

Its outcomes contain cloud local applications, multi-occupancy at scale, dashboards and news, automatic deployments and improvements, and Developments with discharge automation. They give Safety Incident and Event Administration with Network Segregation, Information Safety and Retention,  Occurrence Detection, and Monitoring and Alerting. 

Xoriant Cloud migration remedies cover varieties of upgrades and changes, phased shifting from one premise to AWS cloud, and new on-cloud application architectures employing AWS services. 

Our customers across industries cover FinTech, Healthcare, AdTech, Mortgage, Loyalty and Customer Engagement, Startups, and more.


If you could examine the above article, you will know the number of Xoriant off locations on, Xoriant Headquarters, and you will be enlightened on how Xoriant company was developed, the operations performed by Xoriant company, how to contact Xoriant company, send complaints and suggestions, and its working hours

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1.Is Xoriant a Good Company to Work For?

Yes, Xoriant is a good company that allows inquiring more about your investments and has had a good Work-life balance with lots of benefits for employees and the society.

2.How Many Branches or Offices Does Xoriant Company As?

19 offices, 3867 employees, and 30 million dollars in total funding.

3. Who financed the Xoriant company?

Xoriant company was funded by Silver Lake

Xoriant Office Locations & Headquarters – Know More

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