Facebook Phone Interview Question- Know More

Facebook is connecting the people in all around the globe. Company selects the best candidate and phone interviews are the one of the initial steps in selection procedure, so it is necessary to prepare well. Lets know about Facebook Phone Interview Question.

Facebook Phone Interview Question

It might be looking an easy step to cross the entry border in company, but people who have faced it don’t agree. Proper preparation and command over subject are well needed. We will discuss here few techniques to conquer the all questions.

Techniques/Tips to crack the Facebook phone interview round successfully

  • Tip 1- Stay confident with comfort- No doubt telephonic interviews keep candidate in their comfort zone, but sometime over comfort can cause harm. Person should be confident but not take it easy and specially should not show it to interviewer. 
  • Tip-2- Telephonic interviewer never ask tricky or calculative question, so no need to worry. Detail analysis and depth of subject knowledge is not required immediately. But don’t trap in those tricky explanations which can cause trouble in future steps of selection or job after selection.
  • Tip-3- Presence of mind and problem-solving approach is must. Use headphone and hear in first time only. Don’t ask to repeat something. Stay transparent through your voice and information.
  • Tip-4 – Manipulation is good but it doesn’t run for so long. So first think then speak. Voice should be in normal frequency, neither loud nor muffled.
  • Tip5- Time management to solve the problem is necessary, so take appropriate break to answer. It should not so long, neither you should try to answer immediately.

What recruiter ask in telephonic interview??

There are lists of question available on internet to prepare. you must check it first. Better to be prepared for talking and presenting skills, because it is not face to face interview where you can caught be easily. Facebook recruitment section is divided into Facebook engineering, Facebook AR VR and Facebook AI, so prepare yourself according your job role.

Though you need to keep it in mind that you are not first one who is going to deal with interviewer with manipulative way.  

Here we can discuss about type of question ask in Facebook phone interview and approach to deal it thoroughly. Given below are the major segments of the question which can be asked in interview


Firstly you have to talk about yourself in precise words. This is the only starting of the evaluation, so don’t go in rush to talk about self in a moment. Take your time, give them some time to say. Strictly avoid long self-appraising and ornamental words but show enthusiasm for the job responsibilities.

Questions from resume

As you have given so much time and energy to prepare resume so you should be capable enough to justify it. 

Question from your field

Now according to the responsibilities questions may be divided into two parts, questions for engineering technical role and non-engineering technical role.

  1. Non-engineering technical role– Here you may be face behavioural questions, technical and system design questions.
  2. For engineering technical role- If you are applying for this role than you will face coding, design and behavioural interview. 

Some major key points are given below to face Facebook telephonic interview for engineering technical role.

  • Programming languages– When you cross the initial stage of interview conversation and move ahead to subject part language becomes the first junction. No need to say you should have standard language knowledge like Java, C++, Python, Ruby and Perl. Your small mistake can cause big issue for you, so stay alert all time.
  • Coding Segment– Here Company check your presence of mind as well as time management with algorithm knowledge So on call give some brief about your knowledge and prepare well for the Array complexity, Tress, string segmentation, Dynamic programming, Backtracking and desirialize binary tree, sorting and searching etc important topics. You should be pro in coding using different tools.

Behavioural Questions

For the both role you have to face these kinds of questions. Basics you can prepare from your past job experiences, but to crack it with sharp knife you can take expert help or inner voice. Here inner voice is significant spontaneously, not for preparation.

Skill show-off

Once you convinced them with their questions, run fast to your power. Use all weapons you have, reasoning ability to taking hints instantly. Never miss a chance to show your confidence for your skills.

Mistakes to avoid

Major ones can be avoided by being confident enough, but you have to work on minor flaws.

  • Don’t perform with attitude and fallacy. Keep notes in hand and pen down whenever something needed, so you don’t skip any important segment. 
  • Don’t share your past or current job experiences in negative manner. 
  • If you have any question then take permission to ask. No matter how friendly and open conversation is flowing, don’t forget that you are giving interview not taking.
  • You have peaceful setup and everything arranged well but you need to handle it perfectly. So be ready to handle any last-minute technical issues or noise problem. Remove all problems right away and meanwhile stay humble and apologetic on call.

How can you crack the telephonic interview?

You need to follow the above tips and use brain on right time with right answers. Simplest way to approach the success is honesty, face whatever comes at front of you because only by this way you stand out in the tough competition.


Facebook check the potential and approach of the candidate, so you need to focus on this only. Platform to show your knowledge and Detail analysis skill will be provided by Facebook after selection.

Frequently asked Question
  1. How to face Facebook interview question on phone??

Answer- Keep positive approach and study well 

  1. How to prepare for Facebook interview?

Answer- Try some mock interviews with friends and experts. Study all the questions previously asked and crack it.

  1. What happens on Facebook phone interview?

Answer- Normally recruiter gives idea about the job and your responsibilities. They may ask about your current status of employment and some subject related questions.

  1. Which topic I should prepare to crack the Facebook interview?

Answer- You need to prepare that segment for which you have applied and mentioned in your resume.

Facebook Phone Interview Question- Know More

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