Desjardins Salary Levels-Know More

A financial institution is a competitive industry where the main motive would be to get paid fair and well. At Desjardins, you as an employee are guaranteed to be compensated and the salary depends on the level you are placed at. Lets know about Desjardins Salary Levels .

Desjardins Salary Levels

At the Desjardins, the salary of the employees is calculated and classified based on the various levels of placement. The level depends on the severity and essentiality of the work that an employee is assigned. The average pay scale and the range of the employees at Desjardins depend on the assignment or role given. A more detailed analysis of the salary levels at Desjardins is given below:

Desjardins Pay Scale:

There are approximately 53,783 employees at Desjardins which are managed by almost 2,817 Board of Directors. An average of C$ 67,808 is paid to the employees of Desjardins every year. The average salary of a manager at Desjardins is $116,911 per year. All the employees are treated fairly and there are no classifications or discrepancies based on gender or class. 

Both men and women are entitled to equal compensation for the work they have done. These employees in their entirety are classified according to the work assigned to them. There are three main categories into which all the employees are compartmentalized:

  • Consulting
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Management

The employees belong to each of these categories and the work that is assigned to them classifies under these roles. But sometimes the salaries are based on the skills and experience of an employee, for example, there are high chances of the employee receiving an increment for the work well done or a deduction in the salary for poor performance. The average pay range of a Desjardins employee for an hour ranges from $ 17.49 per hour for Consultants and $ 27.95 approximately per hour for Accounting staff. Let’s study them in detail.


A consultant in financial cooperation plays an important role as the employee acts as an advisor to the client regarding any decisions related to any financial activity like budgeting, investing, etc. Some of the roles regarding Consulting at Desjardins include;

  • Principal Consultant
  • .Net Consultant 
  • Investment Consultant etc.

The Principal Consultant at Desjardins in the USA has an average of $209,000 per year as a salary which is $100 per hour. The average salary of all Principal Consultants in America is $111, 000 approximately. The average salary earned by .Net Consultants at Desjardins is $125,000 per year which is $60 per hour. Whereas the average salary given to .Net consultants at the national level is $81,000 per year. An average salary approximately for an Investment Consultant at Desjardins is $45, 817 per year. 


Accounting is the most essential role while running a business as it makes sure that the expenditures and all the company’s transactions including various financial activities are in check and are being administered by way of recording. At Desjardins, which is a financial cooperative, accounting plays a very vital role as it forms the basis of the company. Accounting at Desjardins carries various roles and works assigned to employees, such as:

  • Credit Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Staff Accountant etc.

A credit analyst is paid an average of $25.38 per hour at Desjardins. In the Desjardins at the USA, an average salary credit analyst makes is $58,240 per year. Whereas other Financial Cooperation like Phaidon International which pays its Credit Analyst $113, 524 per year, and Selly Jennings which pays $109, 336 per year on average. But the Desjardins in Canada, pays its Credit Analyst an average of $37, 050 per hour. 

Customer Service:

Financial customer service is a way in which all discrepancies from the side of the members/customers are managed by the company through its employees who are assigned to specific roles related to that. At Desjardins, there are various roles assigned to employees regarding customer services. They are:

  • Customer Service Advisor
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Client Service Agent
  • Customer Financial Services etc.

A financial advisor is paid an average of C$53, 521 per year at Desjardins, but a financial advisor at the National Bank of Canada is paid $50, 607 per year on average. Customer Service Representative is paid C$40, 546 per year on average. So an average salary paid to a Customer Service employee is $22.90 an hour on average. For this, the bonus range varies from the lowest which is 10 to the highest, which is 90. 


Management is the core of financial cooperation and at Desjardins, various roles of management are given to employees in each specific field. Such as:

  • Account Manager
  • Section Manager
  • Market Development Manager
  • Member services and sales support Manager etc.

The average salary of an account manager at Desjardins is $51, 648 – $108, 967 per year. The basic Section Manager salary at Desjardins is $68,829 – $101,394 per year. 

How Is The Salary Scale At Desjardins Different From Other Financial Cooperation? 

Desjardins Group is financial cooperation in a competitive industry with other equal, higher, or lesser companies. Most of these companies in the same industry usually have more than 10,000 employees. Each of the employees’ salaries varies from each company. For example, Desjardins in the USA pays their Credit Analysts $58, 240 on an average in a year. But Phaidon International pays its Credit Analysts an average of $113, 524 per year. At the same time, Desjardins pays their Principal Consultants and .Net consultants an average salary that is much higher than other national average salaries given to these Consultants in a Financial Cooperation. A senior analyst at the National Bank of Canada is paid an average salary of $71, 845 per year, but an analyst at Desjardins is paid an average salary of $67, 160 per year. 

What Is The Highest And Lowest-Paying Job At Desjardins Usa?

The highest paying job is the Principal Consultant’s as the employee earns an average of $209,000 per year and the lowest paying job is that of the Auditing Manager at Desjardins who is paid an average of $24,000 per year. 


Desjardins at the USA is leading financial cooperation whose main motive is to create a network of secure and profitable financial services that will be both owned and administered by its members. The employees at Desjardins are paid a fair salary according to the levels of their placement in the company. The Desjardins in the USA is not much different from the Desjardins in Canada and the pay scale does not vary significantly as well. As mentioned in detail above, the salaries of the employees at Desjardins are classified based on level of placement, skills, and experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much does an employee make at Desjardins at an average per hour?

The employees at Desjardin earn an average of $24 per hour.

  1. What is the average salary of a senior Software Developer at Desjardins annually?

The average salary of a senior Software Developer at Desjardins is US$113, 782 per year.

  1. What is the salary difference between Software Engineer and Software Developer at Desjardins at an average per year?

The average salary of a Software Engineer at Desjardins is $66,000 per year and the salary of a Software Developer at Desjardins is $65,000 per year on average.  

Desjardins Salary Levels-Know More

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