Dietetic internship interview questions-With answers

Dietetic internship interview questions

Here are the top Dietetic internship interview questions and with answers.


FOOD AND NUTRITION are essential for maintaining physiological state and to stop malady. Although food occupies the primary position within the stratified wants of man, the cognitive content of the many basic facts relating to food and nutrition continues to be widespread. Consequently, numerous organic process disorders that there are easy remedies like vision defects caused by fat-soluble vitamin deficiency. sensible nutrition could be a function of each social science and education. In our country, the foremost serious kind of organic process disorder is undernutrition arising from inadequate buying power. 

However, even once buying power is adequate to access balanced nutrition, numerous varieties of imbalance in dietary intake occur thanks to a lack of knowledge.

The food we tend to eat includes an important impact on our health, in keeping with many scientific studies. Changes in diet will facilitate forestall or management of several health issues, as well as fleshiness, diabetes, and bound risk factors for cancer and heart condition.

The sphere of life science includes robust stress on public health and a commitment to educating all Americans regarding the importance of creating correct dietary selections. 

Dietitian nutritionists use nutrition and food science to assist folks to improve their health. Nutrition and fare technicians work with specializer nutritionists to supply care and consultation to patients. Each specializer nutritionist and nutrition and fare technicians can also offer general nutrition education. Each area unit nationwide documented Associate in Nursing area units as an integral part of healthcare and foodservice management groups.

Dietetic Internship Interview questions

1.  Mention what the diet of Associate in Nursing adults ought to be composed of on one day?

Ans- on one day, the diet of an Associate in Nursing adult ought to comprise fifty grams of the macromolecule, seventy grams of fat, 310 grams of saccharide, ninety grams of sugar, 2.3 grams of sodium of dietary fiber, twenty-four grams of saturated fatty acids. 8700 kilojoules total energy per day.

2.  As for meal preparation, what’s the role of a dietitian?

Ans- whereas dietitians don’t sometimes handle an actual change of state duties, they will offer important data to food preparation staff concerning a change of state like what quantity of salt to use and what kind of bread a consumer ought to be uptake. In some facilities, dietitians facilitate the actual change of state additionally.

3.  However, does one gauge your clients’ progress?

 Ans- gauging a client’s progress is extremely vital if you wish to achieve your goals. However, your consumer is feeling it slow when beginning the diet, his or her physical look, and important signs, and blood reports sometimes e facilitate to {determine} however they’re progressing and determine what the following steps are going to be.

4.  As consumer education worries, wherever do you have to place it on a scale of one to 10? Why?

 Ans- if one is that the lowest, I’d place client education at ten. shoppers should apprehend what specifically they’re getting in once they come back for a consultation. Also, they have to grasp the advantages of a decent diet so that they will continue it.

5.  Speaking of immunity, have you ever worked with shoppers? Does the United Nations agency have response diseases?

Ans- yes. I actually have many consumers United Nations agencies come back to ME to assist them to handle their symptoms through a correct diet. I actually have worked with shoppers United Nations agencies are diagnosed with SLE-RA, MS, MG, and skin disorder.

6.  Does one assume that a person’s diet may be a nice thing about keeping diseases at bay?

Ans- evidently. A healthy diet mechanically interprets into a powerful system.

7.  What square measures the number of the most duties of a dietitian?

Ans- dietitians check that clients’ health and diet desires square measure managed through well-balanced diet plans. They assess client’s health necessities and current diets, peruse their medical histories, produce and implement diet plans to fulfill every client’s specific necessity and make sure that any e required changes are incorporated into their diets.

8.  once dietary supplements will be harmful to Associate in Nursing individuals?

 Ans- dietary supplements will be harmful within the following conditions:

●  Using a supplement with medications

●  Substituting with supplement to the prescribed medication while not taking recommendation from a doctor.

●  Taking excess vitamins like A, D or minerals like iron.

9.  What square measures the advantages of spices in food?

Ans- spices do not solely add style to our food however conjointly offer nutritionary price.

●  Rosemary contains essential volatile oils and is wealthy in minerals and water-soluble vitamins. it’s used for the drug disorder to cure flatulence and to treat hurting pain etc.

●  Cummins contains phytonutrients, oil, and antioxidants.

●  Bay leaf may be an excellent supply of many vitamins like vitamin B, pyridoxine, pantothenic, etc.

●  Cinnamon has the best quantity of antioxidants than the other supply found in nature. it’s used as an Associate in Nursing antiseptic for teeth and gum.

●  Mustard seeds also are wealthy in nutrients, antioxidants, and B complex vitamins.

●  Coriander seeds square measure wealthy in minerals like copper, metallic element metal, etc.

●  Saffron conjointly contains inhibitor and medicament properties.

●  Fenugreek seeds square measure a chic supply of minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. except for that, they’re conjointly a chic supply of dietary fiber and it’s want to cure biological process issues scale back sterol and respiratory disorder.

●  Cardamom contains essential oil and is rich in minerals. It’s used as an Associate in Nursing inhibitor.

●  Cloves Earth is taken into account with a decent supply of vitamins like an Associate in Nursing carotene however this could be consumed in an exceedingly little proportion because it could cause acidity and burning sensation if taken in excess it acts as a medicinal agent and reduces glucose levels in diabetics.

10.  List out a number of the sources of antioxidants?

Ans- inhibitor components poisonous substance gifts in our body. a number of the wealthy sources of antioxidants square measure

●  Berries

●  Broccoli

●  Garlic

●  Tomatoes

●  Green tea.


Good nutritional habits and a diet are not developed someday, nor are they destroyed in one unbalanced meal. Healthful ingestion suggests a way of life of constructing selections and selections, planning, and knowing a way to build fast and wise selections after you haven’t planned.

It is a challenge that ought to not be taken gently. The nutritionary habits you develop currently are troublesome to vary within the coming years once your body stops growing and your lifestyle might become inactive. Learning to create wise selections from a confusing array of choices isn’t simple, however, the rewards are nice. Ingestion of alimentary and healthful food whereas maintaining your correct weight can contribute to a more robust performance within the room, in the gym, and on the flooring. you may feel and appear your best.

In distinction, a poor diet will cause insidious health issues which will interfere successfully in the tutorial and social performance and will eventually mean coping with a significant long unwellness, like a heart condition or polygenic disease. Knowing what quantity and what to eat is vital information.


How may even be a specialist whole totally different|completely different} from different specialists like naturopaths, personal trainers, and nutritionists?

Ans. A specialist has had a minimum of 4 years of accredited university employment specifically around nutrition science and is eligible for membership of the dietitian’s Association of Australia. Dietitians think about whole foods to boot as individual micronutrients to make healthy body process plans for individual conditions – we tend to use food quite as we’d ever use supplements. Our recommendations unit of measurement is supported by analysis instead of the most recent trends in diet and body process.

A specialist can also call themselves an expert however an expert cannot call themselves a specialist.

Who can see a dietitian?

Ans- Anyone can see a specialist if they need a requirement or need to spice up or modify their diet, body process habits, or meal planning; either permanently healthy or due to a medical condition.

Would I like a referral from my medico to see a dietitian?

Ans- No, you will be able to refer to yourself or an addict otherwise you’re typically referred by your medico or totally different grownup.

How long units of measurement are the sessions?

Ans- An initial assessment takes one hour. This allows the specialist to urge all the relevant details and issues and supply a thought-about to prepare for you.

A review session at each can also take up to a unit of time as we tend to follow knowledgeable your progress, offer further knowledge, and discuss resultant steps.

What is the worth of the sessions?

Ans- The cost for a session will depend upon your gain level, this can be mentioned once you call our service access team. Low gain and health card holders- fee is $10.00. The medium gain fee is $15.00.

Dietetic internship interview questions-With answers

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