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Coffee Shop Interview (Question ANSWER) Session

Coffee Shop Interview Question 2021

Coffee Shop Interview Question By The Interviewer To The Applicant


Q1. What is the name of the applicant? Give a brief introduction about yourself.

PURPOSE of Q1.To know basic details about the applicant and the skills he possesses, he would include the introduction.

Answer: My name is Tanisha (sample name). I am from Lucknow, India. I have completed my undergraduate degree in Hospitality from SRM University, India, with a CGPA of 9.0. I have applied for the position of manager in Mundane Mugs Café (sample name). Before this, I have worked in “Y” café as a customer care executive for 9 months and in “Z” café as an assistant manager for 1.5 years. The skills I have mastered in Hospitality include teamwork, communication skills, and service skills. I have also been awarded as the employee of the year in my last company.

Q2. Why did the applicant choose Hospitality as his major? Was it accidental?

PURPOSE OF Q2.To know whether the candidate is passionate about his field

Answer: No, I chose hospitality as my Major because serving people was always my calling. I felt passionate and happy while doing so. With time I realized that it’s also my strength. My ability to empathize with people in diverse situations made my communication and active listening skills very strong, and with these facts in mind, I chose hospitality as my future.

Q3. Why did the applicant choose this company? What are his expectations from this company?

PURPOSE OF Q3.To get an insight on whether the applicant is interested in working for this company or just fascinated by the paycheck or just seeing this company as a stepping stone.

Answer: Well, in the arena of café’s, your company has been listed as number 1 many times by very prestigious magazines and food critiques. Many of your ex-employees have talked about their fruitful experience with this company online, stating that working here brought them immense professional growth, so when I saw the vacancy for a manager’s post in this company, I applied immediately. This company stands for hundred percent transparency with customers and treating them with the utmost respect, and these are some principles completely in line with my vision.

One of my friends working in the finance department of this company told me that the CEO himself does inspect the different branches of the company all around the city himself on weekends which clearly shows that dedication to work is practiced by everyone here.

I would feel very proud to work for a company with such professional ethics. Working here would bring me exemplary growth. I could make use of my leadership skill to bring benefit to the company.

Q4. Mention some skills you have which would be suitable for our company. Also state some of you of your weaknesses (if any).

PURPOSE Of Q4.To know the applicant’s strengths and how he would judge himself for this job.

Answer: Well, I applied for the manager’s post in this company because my personality and skillset fit well with your company’s structure. In my college and even in my previous jobs, I have always been praised for my team spirit, one of the major attributes you were looking for in your next manager, as mentioned on your website. My leadership quality and being a team player go hand in hand. It serves as my biggest merit as well. I could lead a group of people under peer pressure and empower them to give their best in a difficult situation. I stay motivated and always greet my customers positively to make them very comfortable with our surroundings. I am trustworthy, and that is due to my communication skills. I have always been a coherent learner who keeps me enthusiastic for my work 365 days of the year.

Since hospitality has always been my passion and driving force, I don’t have any such weakness in this field. I am not boastful, but honestly, my work is the most interesting part of my day.

Q5. Have you ever had a bad customer service experience?

PURPOSE OF Q5.Objective question to check what kind of customer service the applicant believes in.

Answer: No, in my 3 years of experience, approximately, in the hospitality business, I never had a bad customer experience. There were times when the customer was not in the best spirits, but I never let such situations go out of hand.

Q6. Can you share any incident in which you were in a tough spot due to any customer? How did you manage that situation?

PURPOSE OF Q6.To know how the applicant deals with such customers.

Answer: Yes, in my previous company, such an incident did take place. We used to open our café a bit late in the winter months as there was no morning rush. Still, once there was a group who were on a road trip and stopped at our café for beverages, but in winters our staff joins us late, so we were understaffed, and also basic preparations for our menu was not done. The people started getting grumpier since their orders were getting delayed. But we did not want to lose our customers, so I sent two staff to talk to them and engage in a friendly conversation with the whole group while I called all the other members and even asked them to bring some help. Luckily within the next 20 minutes, we were up and running and delivered their orders. We even gave each one of them our house special latte as a complimentary drink, and they all were quite satisfied with our service and food. Our executive head praised even our efforts.

Q7. What would you do if you or your team have made any mistake regarding any customer or if one of your staff gets into a dispute with any customer?

PURPOSE OF Q7.To know whether the applicant can manage such a dire situation.

Answer: If any of my staff or even me would come face to face with such a tense situation, then, first of all, we would try to pacify the customer and clear the miscommunication between both ends. Secondly, we would ask the customer about his problem and listen to him calmly. We would put ourselves in the customer’s shoes so that we could eradicate his problem. We would ask for a sincere apology from our side as I do believe in the motto that “the customer is always right.”  We would succeed in keeping our customer’s faith in our company, which is essential as trust build-up leads to customer loyalty.

Q8. If your sales were going down or some items on your menu is not receiving good reviews from people or professional critiques, then what would you do? Explain your strategy for this problem.

PURPOSE OF Q8.To evaluate the actions taken by the applicant under peer pressure and his strategy forming skills.

Answer: If some items on our menu are not being taken well by our customers, we would first remove those items or stop their sales for the time being. Next, we would personally ask our most loyal and old customers about the items they find best on our menu. Based on this survey, we would develop a new menu in which our loyal customers’ most rated items would come under the category of star items and be reflected on the menu’s first page. Also, we would make our menu short and precise for the time being so that customers do not get confused while placing their orders. We would then include a few new popular items among people and in the market and make them super presentable and keep a small discount or seasonal offer on them. With this strategy, people would give our best sellers attention and keep themselves engaged in our café, thus outsourcing our reach.

Q9. If any conflict takes place between your co-workers or teammates then how would you solve it?

PURPOSE OF Q9.To see the applicant’s team player ethics and how diligently he solves this problem.

Answer: If such a situation arises among any team members, we will solve the problem diligently without involving the non-concerned team members. Firstly, the cause of the dispute would be heard and then we would try to reach a conclusion. communication would play a major role as through that only we would clear the misunderstandings between the members. They would be made aware that their conflicts would affect the whole team’s motivation and spirits and affect our performance as a team. They should be made to realize that these conflicts would affect them emotionally and affect their professional graph. Finally, they should be sternly reminded that breaking the working protocols is not acceptable. Also, such behavior would not be tolerated again and again to understand its severity.

Q10. If given a chance what would be the one thing you want to change about our company?

PURPOSE OF Q10.To get an insight into his future aspirations regarding the company.

Answer: Well, I applied to this company because I stand with all the company’s values, and even my core values learned in the hospitality arena could be put to use if I work in this company. Not only that this company is ever-evolving and growing at a very fast pace which serves as a perfect environment for professional as well as emotional growth as a human being and due to all these reasons, but I also would not suggest any change in the company for now, instead, I would feel proud to be a part of this company and work under its guidance.

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Latest Coffee Shop Interview Question Answer Session

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