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Schooling and education are not only about attending schools regularly and following the given syllabus but also about having an all-around education to understand the various aspects of life. Most schools take this idea of extra-curricular and grass-root learning very seriously and have thus made it a point to indulge students in every other way possible other than just preparing lessons and appearing for the test. For this, they have various clubs in the schools like the drama club, gardening club, language, reading, calligraphy, and the number keeps increasing with new interests coming up now and then. let’s get to know about Camp Counselor Interview Questions.

Camp Counselor Interview Questions

Apart from the daily curriculum and the clubs that these students are indulged in, there are several other ways of teaching survival skills to children. This idea is fulfilled by the camps organized by schools and sometimes by other recreational institutions and they invite various schools to associate and participate in these camps. 

There are various types of camps nowadays, previously it was only a summer camp, but now you have science camps, history camps, camps for the Earth lovers, camps for the geographers, so on and so forth. No matter whichever camp you see, the objective of the camp organizers is same-learning and sharing. In a camp, several elements are designed to provide an insight into a child’s mental, physical, emotional, and social development. In a camp, they are made to live together with other children who are equally interested to learn and have the same level of energy and inquisitiveness. makes the idea of camp even more interesting.

Camps are run by organizing houses, volunteers, educators, skill-based trainers, and last but not the least camp counselors. The success of a camp depends on when all the officials and the students who participated coordinate with each other and help make it a progressive learning platform.

To understand what the roles of a camp counselor are and how they are going to be interviewed, we must understand the basics of this job.

Who Is A Camp Counselor?

A camp counselor is a post in a student-based camp, mostly a summer camp, to entertain and educate children and help them create innovative ideas that lead to learning. They also organize educative games and also games for fun to maintain the importance of the 

objective of the camp. Along with that, they are also trained to handle health emergencies as and when required. They even handle the emotional and mental breakdowns of the children. They have more work to perform than what their name suggests.

What Is The Role Of A Camp Counselor?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a camp counselor curates all types of games, educational and recreational activities like solving riddles, hiking, setting a campfire, cooking with minimum resources, setting a tent, cleaning the water bodies, learning new skills like rock climbing, pottery, art and crafts, and even survival skills in times of severe adversity. These activities not only keep the children engaged but help them understand how they can handle tough situations independently and confidently. The counselor also keeps track of how mentally, physically, and emotionally stable you are and if there is any type of harassment, misconduct, or a dispute among the students, the way she/he reacts will also be noted down. In a nutshell, he organizes and supervises these activities and is also held responsible and accountable if there is any mishap that takes place.

All in all, it is creative yet a very responsible job to maintain. The way a counselor looks after and supervises all these things is also the final verdict. For eg: he/she takes care of all the equipment for the physical training, checks if the rope is well knotted, the nails are firmly protruding against the wait, all the screws are nicely tightened, etc. Even though it is underrated, he/she also takes care about the diet and the amount of nutrition the children should be consuming, therefore he makes the diet chart for the children and the staff too.

Who Can Apply For This Job?

Since this is a job that involves taking care of children’s entertainment and their mental and physical development, well-qualified and trained personnel are required to undertake all these activities.

To get a job as a camp counselor, one has to:

  • Have a high school degree
  • Must have experience with children either while teaching them at school or even volunteering at a camp. Minimum 1 year of experience is required.
  • Must be medically certified by the authorities in the field of providing first aid and CPR
  • Should be physically, mentally, and emotionally sound enough to take up this task

These were some requirements that are to be checked in the form of official formalities, however, as a camp counselor, one has to have a holistic approach towards this job, to make it fun for both the trainers as well as the students.

Here are some of those requirements:

  • Patience: Any teacher, volunteer, and even a camp counselor would need this to sustain and survive and to make rational and unbiased decisions, and also maintain law and order in the camp.
  • Problem-solving attitude: Since the camp counselor is considered to be heading most of the games and activities, which makes him/her the most important person in the camp. This important position will attract complaints and praises not only from the student but also probably from the teachers, authorities, and even parents. It is therefore not only important to have patience but also to handle tough situations calmly and always remain alert and ready with an answer or an explanation.
  • Team Spirit: These organizations cannot be run single handed and so working and communicating as a team is a must. Even though the camp counselor is well versed in many areas, he/she would require the help of various team members performing various duties accordingly.
  • Innovation and creativity: Creativity over here is not only to craft new games and recreational opportunities but also to inspire children to do well for a better future, to communicate with them effectively, and to understand their shortcomings and lift their spirits high.
  • Kind and Positive: The idea of camps were designed to lighten up the strict classroom teaching scenario and to bring it to nature with educational games and activities but if the same code of conduct is to be followed in a camp too, children would not enjoy and also end up getting bored and disheartened. To avoid such situations to arise, the counselor is supposed to always keep a positive attitude towards the camp atmosphere and to boost the morale of children. This is also a reason why a kind person who is also selfless and has warm behavior towards everyone is required.
  • Strong communicator: To supervise such a huge event, communication is the strongest weapon for its success. It is required not only for the students but also for the staff and the organizing authorities.
  • Confidence and passion about his/her job: If this job is viewed more as a duty and not as an opportunity, then the counselor won’t be able to open up with the children and other staff members and celebrate their time in the camp. The passion, love, and respect for one’s job will eventually build confidence in a person and that will lead the way ahead.

After providing a brief about the job description, it is time to cover the main aspect of the article i.e., the camp counselor interview questions.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions:

  • Why do you want to join as a camp counselor?

You can formulate your answer by including that you are very fond of adventurous sports and games and that you enjoy spending time with children. Try to keep your answer as simple as possible.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

You can include where you are from, what your parents do as jobholders, your educational status, and qualifications. Your skills, sporty or not, physically fit, or not, what are your expectations and demands from this job, and how your presence can create changes in the work scenario for this post.

  • How do you prove to be different from other candidates? What makes you stand out in the crowd?

This is a basic question in almost all types of job interviews and is quite expected as the interviewers want to examine the personality of the person. Since this is a responsible job, one is required to act and answer sensibly. You can explain your reasons to get these jobs like you are highly skilled in a certain sport, game, activity, or believe in a certain educational ideology where children require all-round teaching and learning. These were some common examples to answer but you can frame your answer whichever way you feel like. Just make sure it sounds authentic and not made up!

  • How many years or how long have you experienced interacting with students and children? Have you ever had an experience as a camp counselor?

For this job, it is a must that you have had a license and some experience; so, you can tell your trivial anecdotes from your previous job. Just keep it short and subtle. If not a counselor, you can tell them about even a brief time spent with children.

  • What are you skilled in that can be benefited in the camp? Do you require any extra training on any type of skill that might be required in the camp?

Even though your skills would be provided in the CV, they still ask you to understand more about your areas of interest and also would like to know in any areas if you are lacking something.

  • In case of any disputes and differences among the children, how are you going to handle them?

A common question asked to teachers and school counselors. The answer is according to the situation given to you without any bias. Think and do what would be right for the children and their safety.

  • What do you like most about camps? Which is your favorite activity?

These are one-word answers, usually with a single sentence to explain why you like something.

  • Have you actively participated in sports and other adventurous activities?

Physical fitness is a must, so, questions like these are quite normal. Feel free to answer according to your choice of sports.

  • What attracted you to our organization to take up this post?

You can include answers like you love fun games and sports, children, and sometimes outdoor activities too.

  • What ideas can you come up with to include students, teachers, and also their parents? How do you think you can work for better interaction between parents and teachers and try to maintain transparency?

Answers like these can be tricky but you can say that there should be a session especially for the adults where they can enjoy and interact. This way there will be no room for misconception and misunderstandings.

  • Have you ever encountered any casualty of any type at the campsite? How was it handled? Were you involved in the helping process?

The answer and the possibility for this to happen are very common. You can share any experience you have had like this in your previous job.

  • What do you think about working as a team? According to you, how should a team function?

Teamwork is a must to maintain, no matter whichever job you hold. The team helps you execute all the work smoothly. Share your idea of teamwork like how it should function and how important is every team member for the organization.


These jobs mostly like to hire people who are sporty, adventurous, healthy, compassionate about their job, and can take the responsibility of such a huge organization. Questions asked most are about how present minded you are to look after crisis management.

Camp Counselor Interview Questions -Know More

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