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Aldi is an established brand in the discount supermarket chain industry.  Customers can purchase the required groceries at reasonable prices by shopping with Aldi. Aldi serves its customers through 10,000 stores operating in 20 countries around the world. Aldi offers a wide variety of items at special discounted prices to its customers. In the year 2018, Aldi was named as the retailer of the year by Supermarket news. This article throws light on the job application status at Aldi.

Aldi Job Application Status

The Hiring Process At Aldi

Aldi aims to employ the best workers in its workforce to ensure that a smooth customer experience can be delivered to the customers shopping at Aldi. The hiring process at Aldi involves simple steps in a properly constructed sequence.

The primary steps involved in the hiring process employed by Aldi are discussed below –

  • Identifying job opportunities – Firstly, an individual who wishes to work for Aldi needs to locate the job opening at Aldi. This can be done by visiting the Aldi store or by browsing the career section at the official website of Aldi.
  • Online job application – After the individual has identified the job opportunity, the job application needs to be submitted by the individual at Aldi’s website by creating an application account.
  • Evaluation of application – After the job applicant has successfully submitted the online application, it is scrutinized by the concerned officials at Aldi. If the application satisfies the officials, the individual will be called for an interview, which may be conducted as an online interview or In-person interview depending on the importance of the job in question. 
  • Job interview – The candidates after their job application has been accepted will appear for the interview. The interview assesses the suitability of the candidate for the job. If the individual successfully clears the interview, he or she will secure a job at Aldi. After the successful completion of the interview, the onboarding process of the candidate starts and the candidate officially becomes part of the organization and joins their official duties related to the job.

Checking Job Application Status At Aldi

After applying for a job opportunity, individuals may find it challenging to track the status of their application and know about their chances to be selected for the job. The tracking of the job application is a significant step as it helps the candidate to know at what stage their job application is at currently. This can help to save crucial time for both the organization and the candidate.

Job applicants can perform the use the following information to track the status of their job application – 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

  • After the submission of the Aldi job application, the applicant shall keep track of their mailbox associated with the Email provided by the applicant in their application.
  • The candidates applying for a job position at Aldi shall expect a response from the organization within two weeks of the submission of the job application.
  • After the candidate has received the confirmation email for the job application, the applicant can track the progress of the application by logging onto his or her application account. 
  • Candidates can check their application status from their respective login accounts. In case the applicant sees that his or her job application is listed as In progress, it means that the application is under review and will be evaluated. 
  • Candidates can also edit their job applications through their application account login. This is beneficial for the candidates as timely rectification of job applications can increase their chances of being selected. 
  • Individuals aspiring to work for Aldi can sign up for the job alert notifications provided by the organization. This can help the job aspirants to gain important information about job vacancies at Aldi.


The tracking of job applications plays an important role for any job applicant. The effective job application tracking system facilitates the elimination of ambiguity around the status of job applications and allows the applicants to assess their chances of getting selected for the job. Aldi provides comprehensive tracking of job applications to help the applicants know the status of their job applications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Do the candidates receive any confirmation after submitting an online job application at Aldi?

Answer 1. When the candidate successfully submits the online job application, Aldi sends a confirmation email to the job applicant. This confirmation signifies that Aldi has received the job application of the candidate and the application will be evaluated and the result of the evaluation will be conveyed to the applicant.

Question 2. What shall a job applicant do if he or she receives a job offer from two organizations at the same time?

Answer 2. In case an individual receives a job offer from two companies, the individual should carefully scrutinize both the job offers and select the job offer which suits his or her needs and preferences. The candidate should make sure that the other job offer should be declined professionally.

Aldi Job Application Status -Know More

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