Barnes And Noble Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

Barnes And Noble Interview Questions

Barnes and Noble is a bookselling company based in the United States of America. It is part of the Fortune 1000 companies, and it is well-known for its extensive chain of outlets across, U.S.A. Barnes and Noble sell products such as fiction books, non-fiction books, magazines, e-readers, and graphic novels. Many people aspire to get a job at Barnes and Noble. However, it is not easy to get a job at Barnes and Noble because job applicants need to do well in their interviews besides having the necessary educational qualifications for the job. Here, let’s know some Barnes And Noble Interview Questions.

Barnes And Noble Interview Questions & Answers

There are several types of questions that interviewers can ask during an interview for a job at Barnes and Noble. Some of these questions are explained and the answers to these questions are provided below.

• What motivates you to work in the content retail industry?

The interviewer wants to find out your level of interest in the content retail industry which Barnes and Noble specialize. You need to carefully think about why you have chosen this field. In your answer, you must convey your passion for the field and give specific reasons why you chose it. This will show the interviewer that you are invested in building a career in this field instead of just looking for a high-paying job in any field.

Some things you might want to mention for this question are:

  • The things you enjoyed during your internship related to the content retail industry sparked an interest in you to pursue this field.
  • A family member or a teacher who is your role model and has created an interest in you for this field.

•What are your weaknesses?

This is a tricky question that is commonly asked during interviews. The interviewer wants to see if you can assess your shortcomings and whether you are actively trying to improve on them. As such, you must reply honestly about your weaknesses instead of trying to present strength in the disguise of a weakness. 

However, you should pick weaknesses that don’t affect your ability to do well in the role you are applying for. For example, mentioning weaknesses such as poor communication skills or lack of an important computer skill such as Microsoft Excel will hurt your chances of getting the job. Instead, you should mention weaknesses that are unrelated to your desired role such as overanalyzing small details and the need for improvement in your leadership skills. 

You must ensure that you do not present your weakness in a negative light. You must use positive words and explain how you have put an effort into improving this weakness. This will make your application stronger.

• ‘Why do you feel that you are a good fit for this job?’ / ‘Why should you be offered the job over the other candidates?’

This question is an excellent opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from other applicants. You should explain how your unique experiences during your work experience in a similar role will enable you to contribute effectively to Barnes and Noble’s growth. On top of that, you should explain your passion for this field which will differentiate you from applicants who are randomly applying for jobs. Additionally, you should explain how your personality will allow you to fit in well with Barnes and Noble’s culture.

• Describe to me two of your strengths.

Though you may have multiple strengths, you must pick two strengths that are highly relevant to the role you are applying for. For example, if you want to apply for the position of Sales Representative at a Barnes and Noble store, then you should talk about strengths such as effective negotiation skills and time management skills. For each strength, elaborate on your level of proficiency in it and support your explanation with examples of instances where you have successfully displayed these strengths.

• What is one challenge you foresee while working at Barnes and Noble?

This is a tricky question which tests your understanding of your job and your capabilities. You must ensure that you do not talk about a critical component of your job as a challenge as that might make your interviewer see you as incompetent in your job. You should talk about a challenge in a minor aspect of your job. For instance, you are applying for a sales representative position, one challenge you can talk about is handling angry customers who are irritated by something that is not in your control, such as late delivery of an item.

• Describe a conflict you have experienced in your work and explain how you have solved it.

In this question, the interviewer wants to determine whether you have good conflict management techniques. Firstly, you need to pick a conflict that you have solved during your work, preferably something related to your desired job position. Then you need to explain the situation to the interviewer. After that, you need to explain the strategies you used to solve the problem. For, you may have used conflict management techniques such as compromising and negotiation techniques. You need to explain how you used these strategies in detail to solve the issue to prove that you have good conflict management skills.

• Why do you want to work at Barnes and Noble? 

In this question, the interviewer is trying to assess if you are a good fit for Barnes and Noble. To answer this question well, you need to research Barnes and Noble in advance of the interview. While answering, you need to state the specific aspects of the role offered by Barnes and Noble that interest you. On top of that, you should talk about the culture at Barnes and Noble and how you like it and feel that you would fit in the culture well due to your personality.  

According to online reviews by employees at Barnes and Noble, the culture there is relaxed. The work attire at Barnes and Noble is lenient and employees are given sufficient breaks during work to energize. Often Managers are supportive of their employees and there are several opportunities for growth for the employees. 

Additionally, you need to explain how you think that Barnes and Noble will be a great place for you to achieve your career goals. For instance, if Barnes and Noble are offering training or mentorship and easy promotions for your job position, you can mention your interest in that and explain how it will benefit your career.

• Are you familiar with Barnes and Noble’s values and mission?

Barnes and Noble’s main values include working harmoniously, being truthful, taking ownership of one’s work, empathy, and engaging customers effectively. Its mission is to become the most successful business in the U.S.A. in the content retail industry.

• Why did you leave your previous job? 

If you had previous work experience, then this question will be asked at some point in the interview because the hiring manager wants to know what made you leave and the chances of you leaving this company if you get the job.

Some good reasons to provide are that you were not satisfied with the career growth opportunities in your previous company, and you feel that this company has the opportunities that you want. On top of that, you might also be motivated to work in this company because some aspects of the role or the products at Barnes and Noble greatly interest you.

While answering this question, you should ensure that you do not speak negatively about your co-workers and boss from your previous company or talk badly about the company itself. Talking negatively and gossiping is a bad trait and hiring managers are put off by it. Additionally, the interviewer may feel that you quit your previous job because you are unable to deal with difficult co-workers or the workload. This shows incompetency and the interviewer may feel that you might also quit this job soon if it was offered to you. As such, don’t talk much about your previous company. Even while speaking about the reasons why you are transferring jobs, you should use positive words which show your aspiration to seek better opportunities and growth.

• What is your career plan for the next 2 to 3 years?

In this question, the interviewer wants to know if you are serious about pursuing a career at Barnes and Noble. To answer this question well, you must provide clear goals you want to achieve in your role in the next 2 to 3 years. This shows the interviewer that you have thought about your career carefully and you have a clear direction to follow.

Some examples of career goals you can talk about in the interview are moving up from an entry-level sales representative to a Sales Manager position which is a leadership position. If you are currently working as a freelance sales associate, perhaps you want to move towards becoming a sales consultant with Barnes and Noble.

Steps To Prepare Well for an Interview for a job at Barnes and Noble:

To prepare well for a data analyst interview, you need to do the following.

• Familiarize yourself with the commonly asked interview questions and practice saying your answers aloud.

• Research about the problems that Barnes and Noble are currently facing or the new products it is working on. Think about how you can use your skills and work experience to help the company. Talking about this in the interview will help you to impress the interviewers and create a long-lasting impression on them, which might help you secure the job.

• Familiarize yourself with the specifications of the products that Barnes and Noble sell so that you would come across as a strong candidate during the interview.

• Reach out to your friends and family who are working in the content retail industry and ask them about their work experience and any tips they may have for the interview and any insider information they have about Barnes and Noble. Alternatively, you can reach out to your contacts or the friends of your contacts on networking sites such as LinkedIn. If you manage to get into contact with someone working at Barnes and Noble, then they can tell you about the workload, the culture at a specific outlet, and the style of the interview.

• If you can afford it, you can consider purchasing mock interview sessions from an interview preparation site. Alternatively, you can get your friends or family members to interview you and assess you.


In a nutshell, the content retail industry is expanding significantly in today’s job market, creating many job and growth opportunities for job seekers. A career at Barnes and Noble is fulfilling and meaningful that requires a range of technical and interpersonal skills. Job applicants need to prepare well for their interview by studying the interview questions and answering techniques described above so that they can impress their interviewers and increase their chances of becoming employees at Barnes and Noble.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the interview process like at Barnes and Noble?

Usually, the first interview is conducted online or by phone interviews. If candidates successfully pass the first round, then they need to attend a physical interview in the second round with different managers, probably including the store manager, in the next week. If candidates manage to clear the second round, then background checks are conducted on them. 

  1. What is it like working at Barnes and Noble?

According to online reviews by employees, low-level and part-time jobs at Barnes and Noble are relaxed and repetitive.  Additionally, they mentioned that there are ample opportunities during their job to learn about how the content retail industry operates. However, full-time jobs such as sales representatives and managerial positions can be very stressful, and many employees feel that they are being overworked.

  1. What perks do employees at Barnes and Noble receive?

Some perks employees at Barnes and Noble stores get are the big discounts in cafes and Starbucks near the store. All employees also get employee discounts in the stores such as 40% off books. Full-time employees get a good amount of sick leave and vaccination leave based on their job positions and years of service.

Barnes And Noble Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

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