Is John Deere a Good Company to Work for?

Is John Deere a Good Company to Work for?

John Deere is an American company that manufactures agricultural equipment, engines, forestry machinery, and other heavy machinery. The company was founded in 1837 by John Deere and was headquartered in Moline, Illinois, US. The company is famously serving all across the world. There are multiple locations where the company operates and has employed around 69,600 employees working for John Deere. Here, let’s know ‘Is John Deere a Good Company to Work for?’

All the employees working for John Deere feel comfortable and lucky because of multiple reasons. These reasons combine and become the benefits provided by the company for the betterment and encouragement of its employees. In this article, all the reasons that make the company good for working are highlighted. 

Why is John Deere a good company to work for?

As per the reviews by current and former employees, the company is an ideal brand to work for. There are multiple reasons which lead to the company being an ideal location that is given below: 

Global recognition: Since the company is serving worldwide, so the products and the company is recognized in the world. The company has its recognition because of the quality product produced by John Deere. Working at John Deere will allow the employees to get good exposure because of the worldwide presence of the company. The global workplace at John Deere 

Engaging Culture: John Deere has a positive and engaging culture that boosts the morale of employees. Every employee appreciates the positive and healthy culture encouraged by the company. The company believes in building the best products and following the tradition and culture set by the company. 

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Workplace’s atmosphere: Every employee is comfortable while working at John Deere. The atmosphere created by the staff and other company members is positive and engaging. This allows the employees to work efficiently for the company. 

Flexible Working Hours: John Deere respects the privacy and personal life of an employee. Also, the company understands the need for a break in between stressful and tiring work. So the company allows its employees to take an appropriate break from work and build up their energy level and get back to work. 

Benefits: All the employees are provided various benefits that encourage them to work hard. There are several benefits available for the part-time and full-time workers at John Deere. The list of these benefits are given below: 

  1. Comprehensive compensation: John Deere allows the employees to receive pay. Usually, they get Base Pay and Variable Pay according to their performance. 
  2. Wellness and Health Care: The health and wellness of the employees become important for the company. So, John Deere provides multiple benefits related to the health care of employees. The list of health care benefits are: 
  • Drugs Prescription
  • Vision and hearing assistance
  • Preventive services covered at 100%
  • Emergency care
  • Doctor and hospital visits, which include maternity and baby care. 
  1. Paid Time off: All the employees consider themselves lucky because of the time off they get. The company understands that an employee has personal life too, so for those reasons they get required time off from the work. 
  2. Associate Discounts: All the employees are eligible to receive a certain discount while working at John Deere. Not only on the company’s product but also various things like mobile phones, computer hardware, and software products. 
  3. Parental Support: This helps the employees to grow and support their families. As a parent, you get 100% pay for eight weeks. 
  4.  Financial Investment and Savings: The company allows you to save on a pre-tax and after-tax basis. There are various investment plans introduced by the company for employees. Also, there are opportunities to get a retirement plan too. 

Salary: The employees working at John Deere are eligible to receive a competitive salary. The average salary at the company is $133,858 per year or $64 per hour. According to location and job role, the pay at John Deere differs, but employees consider the salary fair and equal to their cost of living. As per the data, the salary of employees according to different job roles are given below: 

Different job position at John DeereAverage Salary
Senior Software Engineer$119,386 per year
Assembly Technician$13.15 per hour
Business Development Manager$169,257 per annum
Business Process Analyst$95,813 per year
Business System Analyst$93,218 per annum
Administration Manager$30,000 per annum
Product Engineer $69,944 per year
Software Engineer$75,701 per year
Forklift Operator$35,606 per annum
Fulfillment Associate$49,928 per annum
Software Engineer$76,978 per annum


John Deere is the famous name or brand name for Deere and Company. The company was first established in 1837 and is serving around the world. The company is serving many locations in different parts of different countries. Over 69,000 employees are working at John Deere and find the atmosphere great. 

The employees consider John Deere as an ideal company to work with as they receive multiple benefits and a great working environment. In the article above are mentioned the reasons for being a great place to work for employees. 

Frequently Asked Question: 

Ques. 1: What makes John Deere a great company?

Ans. 1: There are a lot of reasons behind the success of John Deere, a few of them are global exposure, working culture, and a healthy environment. Also, the employees working at John Deere consider that the amount of salary they receive is amazing and fair. 

Ques. 2: What all discounts do employees working at John Deere get?

Ans. 2: Other than getting discounts on the company’s products. They receive discounts on various other things like mobile phones, computer software and hardware, personal travel, personal vehicles, and much more. You are also eligible to receive discounts on office products. 

Ques. 3: Is it hard to get hired at John Deere?

Ans. 3: If you are planning to apply for a job at John Deere, then you must have relevant skills and experience in the area in which you wish to apply. It is not hard to get hired at John Deere but you must have proper qualifications, skills, and experience then only you can get hired at John Deere. Apart from that, clearing all hiring steps becomes crucial for a candidate. 

Is John Deere a Good Company to Work for?

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