Atlassian Interview Questions – Know More

Atlassian Corporation plc, found in the year 2002, is an Australian company that specializes in developing products for software developers, and other software management teams, in general. Currently headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company had been begun by Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar with the help of a $10,000 debt from a credit card company. Atlassian has grown remarkably over the past 2 decades and generated an estimated revenue of around $2 billion in FY2021. At present, Atlassian has as many as 9 offices in 6 countries and plans to open a few more over the next decade. Let us know ‘Atlassian Interview Questions’.

Atlassian Interview Questions

Atlassian Interview Questions 

The Atlassian interview process usually consists of multiple rounds in which different aspects of the candidate are tested. For the engineering positions, appropriate coding questions are asked. The product manager interview usually has questions related to management skills and aptitude. All of the interviews consist of behavioral questions where the attitude of the candidates is tested.  

In this article, we shall be taking a look at a few of the most common questions which one is expected to be asked in an interview with Atlassian. 

1. Coding Rounds: The coding rounds at an Atlassian interview is different from most of the other interviews – which are conducted in the professional field. Here, the candidates have the freedom of choosing from any one of the popular coding languages to answer the asked questions. The focus is not on expertise over languages but the logic being used for problem-solving, and clarity of code. 

Questions are usually asked on Data Structure and Algorithms or web development depending on the role one is interviewing for. Depending on the position one is applying for, the questions asked may vary between front-end development and back-end development problems. One needs to be sure of what he/she is writing because they may be required to explain their logic later on in the interview process. 

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Questions asked in the coding rounds: A few of the coding questions are:

  1. Explain sorting algorithms to me. How would you implement merge sort in a problem?
  2. What do you mean by a trade-off between iterations and recursions?
  3. Design a database system and: 

i. Add tags.

ii. Remove tags.

iii. Return the most popular tags.

  1. Design a routing class.

Tips to perform well in the coding rounds: In order to perform well in the coding rounds, one is advised to code regularly. Regularity is one of the most important aspects of someone becoming a successful coder. Platforms like Leetcode and Hackerrank can be used. The interview preparation section in Leetcode has valuable questions which can be asked not only at Atlassian but in all the interviews around the world. 

2. Behavioral Questions: Whatever be the position one is applying for, the candidate needs to face some behavioral questions that help the interviewer to get more of an idea about the former. Let us take a look at some of these questions.

Mention your strength and weaknesses.

This question requires one to present an honest overview of oneself. You need to give a brief description of yourself and how you like to approach your work. The strengths can be based on your merit or your behavior, and even better, a combination of both. It would also be smart of you to explain how you think any particular quality of you would help in a certain aspect of the job, and how you plan to utilize your skills.

While mentioning the weaknesses, the interviewer wants you to be honest and admit to anything which you consider is a negative point about you. It is also mandatory to explain how you are working on your weaknesses, and how you plan to be improving on them. At the end of the answer, the interviewer should opine that you are very sincere concerning your attitude as a whole.

Why do you want to work for us? 

This question is expected to be asked in any interview worldwide. The interviewer wants to know your knowledge about the company, and what are your expectations from the job. It is suggested to take a look at the details of Atlassian before walking in for the interview. You might also point out how an ongoing project attracts you, and how you think you can make a difference while working at the company. This is also a good opportunity to showcase your previous projects and explain to the interviewer how the skills learned by you during that project would help in this particular project. The answer should be precise and to the point. At the end of the answer, the interviewer should be convinced that you are the best person for the job!

What is a mistake you had made at your previous job? What did you learn from it?

This might seem to be a negative question at first, but is the best question that you can hope to be asked at an interview. This is because this gives you an opportunity, to be honest, and own up any mistake you had previously made. What the interviewer wants to know is how you had rectified your mistakes back in the time and how you have never let the same mistake creep into your work ever again. It may not be a serious mistake but might be a minor mix-up when you had just been starting as a professional in the industry. The gravity of the mistake hardly matters in this scenario.

Another thing to be kept in mind is not to try and act over smart, by saying something like – “My mistake is I strive for perfection every time.” This puts unrealistic expectations on you, and in most cases, the interviewer is experienced enough to identify these gimmicks. 

Are there any questions you have for us?

This is an important part of the interview and you shouldn’t shy away from asking any important questions. The questions you ask help to show the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the job and have done a fair bit of research before walking in for the interview. It is recommended that you ask a minimum of two and a maximum of four questions to the interviewer. Exceeding four questions, however, may not be a good idea. The questions asked can be about your new role, the work culture at the company, or any other aspects of the role. 

Other questions: A few other questions which may be asked in the interview process include:

  1. What are your hobbies?
  2. Mention your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. How would you ensure the accountability of yourself and your colleagues?
  4. Tell us about a time when you had to make a decision and it didn’t go well. How did you manage the situation?


In this article, we have seen the most common questions which one might face in an Atlassian interview. The interview process is quite an extensive one and a candidate needs to be well prepared to stand a chance of being selected for the job. One needs to keep a calm attitude while giving for the interview. It is a must to have proper sleep on the day before and also, to dress well. With all set and done, you are all ready to get the job! Here’s wishing you all the best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We looked at the most asked questions on the internet about Atlassian and its interview process. In this section, we have compiled some of the most common questions along with the appropriate answers. 

How long does it take to get feedback from Atlassian?

The company usually replies within a week or two to those candidates whose profile suits their requirements. Contact is made usually via phone or email. And the candidates are asked to appear for the next round of the hiring process. It is recommended that one should move on and apply for other jobs if it has been two months since the submission of the documents.

What is the vision of Atlassian?

The employees of Atlassian work in teams, and on their website, Atlassian claims that their vision is to help each of the teams achieve their true potential. The company firmly believes that teamwork lays the foundation for success in any field. Atlassian is determined to bring about a positive change in the world with the proper and intelligent use of technology. 

How well does Atlassian pay its employees?

Atlassian offers packages and benefits to its employees which are quite high. They are prepared to pay handsome salaries to an employee if they find potential in the latter. The average salary of a Software Engineer at Atlassian is around $140000 annually while a manager earns around $130000 each year. The salaries offered by the company are at least 30% high than the average salaries offered for the same position across the US. Almost 90% of the employees at the company are satisfied with what they earn.

Atlassian Interview Questions – Know More

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