Trending Apple UVM Interview Questions to Prepare

Apple UVM Interview Questions

UVM, or Universal Verification Methodology, is a certain technology used to verify hardware via simulation. It was created in 2001 by Accellera, deriving itself from a broader section of OVM, or Open Verification Methodology. UVM uses the system and codes of SystemVerilog, which is an extension of Verilog, based on the hardware description and language verification tools offered by SystemVerilog under the IEEE standards.  The main requirement for UVM is to replace the traditional Chip Design and effectively verify the hardware designs with efficiency to save the cost and time involved. In this article, we will discuss the Apple UVM Interview Questions over here with sample answers.

What Kind Of Jobs Are Available?

As a UVM specialist or UVM engineer, it is important to know about the fields open before applying for a job in any company. A UVM engineer specializes in areas of SOC, FPGA, and ASIC. For example, the jobs available in companies like Apple are Design Verification Engineer, SOC Design Verification Engineer, Performance Verification Engineer, Staff Verification Engineer, Digital Verification Engineer, Cellular 5G/4G Firmware Development, and Verification.

Stages of Selection

There are about 4-5 stages of selection. The first stage involves the applications of candidates and shortlisting from those. The second stage incorporates telephonic interviews where some technical questions are fired at the candidate. The third stage indulges in phone screen interviews with the recruitment team and pertains to the technical topics for interviews. The fourth stage comprises online interviews and a coding challenge to conquer. The final fifth stage has onsite interviews that last more than a couple of hours because several teams take at least 5 rounds of interviews where applicants have to tackle various questions on coding, algorithm design, and other data structures. The selection process can be called strict, provided the reputation of Apple. 

Apple UVM Interview Questions

Possible Interview Questions

Apple is one of the exciting yet difficult places to work. Therefore, grabbing a job opportunity at Apple is no cakewalk. Their question ranges from the seemingly simple ones to intricately threaded tricky tasks to test the candidates.  

The Normal Questions

These questions are mostly the obvious and frequent ones most recruiters ask at the initial stages. These might sound insignificant yet play a pivotal role in the hiring process because the recruiters will be able to see through your core and know if you are keenly interested in the job or not. 

  1. Describe Yourself: Strength and Weaknesses
  2. Why should we hire you?
  3. The most challenging project you had ever taken in the past job. 
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  5. Situation based questions

The Technical Questions

These include those questions that relate to the position applied for, i.e., the UVM prospective job. These are to evaluate your knowledge and expertise in the field. 

  1. UVM based questions and their applications
  2. A design might be given and a specific question can be asked to evaluate the candidate
  3. Drawing a program or questions can be asked in programming languages like C, C++, SystemVerilog, Verilog, Python, Java, etc. 
  4. The experience of the candidate also plays an important role as the toughness of the technical questions shall also be based on the level of expertise. 
  5. Candidates will also be asked questions based on logic gates, state machines, sequential circuits, etc. 
  6. Questions can also be asked along with tests for memory designs, logical-mathematical questions, and flip flop designs. 
Some of the examples are: 
  1. Questions regarding traversing through a 3D matrix 
  2. Rotating the 2D matrix
  3. Fork Join and disabling the fork
  4. Swapping a set of elements in Verilog
  5. Assembling the mux 4×1 with mux 2×1
  6. Multidimensional array, like creating an array with 0 to size 1 without any duplication
  7. Working on an SRAM
  8. Reversing a string
  9. Printing a 2D Matrix in spiral formation from the center 

There can also be codes and virtual tests based on the OOPS principle and BOOM game. 

Conclusive Facts and Figures

Apple is one of the biggest job-creating giants in the USA, with around 2 million jobs across 50 states. In 2020, Apple had reported having 147,000 employees, which is a huge jump from the 137,000 employees in 2019. In 2018, the employee composition of Apple had 38% women. In addition, 36% of new hires in the same year had been women, too, according to Compare Camp. Around 45% of under-30 women and 17% of invisible groups or minorities also contribute to the employee composition at Apple and the leading positions at the company. About 53% of newly hired employees either belong to underrepresented or minority groups. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Apple take a long time to give the final verdict for hiring?

In a way, yes. The interviewing process is comparatively long, and the precision of Apple is mandatory. Averagely, the entire procedure where the final verdict is drawn for a candidate takes about 1-2 months, including all the proceedings of interviews, whether in person or online. Apple does follow a long procedure and is strict regarding its process. Apple is secretive regarding its function, and even though employees are paid well, there are tiring working hours. Henceforth, the ideal candidate does have to cross hurdles to manage a job at Apple. 

  • What is the salary of a UVM engineer at Apple?

UVM proficiency opens up various job prospects, as discussed above. Therefore, every job position has different requirements based on higher studies and experience. Salaries will also differ based on this and possibly because of the place at which the company’s branch is. For example, Apple is now looking for a Design Verification Engineer with an average salary range of $111,000-$163,000 per year. 

There are no such criteria of preference if you satisfy the strata Apple has given for a particular job. To look for jobs at Apple and get a notification, go to the job site, Jobs at Apple (IN), where Apple regularly updates any new job vacancies. According to most of the employees at Apple and also based on the criteria Apple provides for jobs, it has been noted that those belonging from an electrical background have an advantage. 

Trending Apple UVM Interview Questions to Prepare

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