Google Interview Preparation Four Weeks Study Plan

Google is one of the big tech companies in the world and it is little wonder its interview is one of the most challenging. Thorough and well-planned preparation coupled with consistency is, therefore, germane to ace the interview and get the job. A four-weeks study plan is delineated in this article to help you prepare adequately for the interview. But before we delve into that, let’s consider Google as a company. Let us know ‘Google Interview Preparation Four Weeks Study Plan’.

Google Interview Preparation Four Weeks Study Plan

Google LLC is an American-based multinational technology which was established on September 4, 1998. It focuses primarily on artificial intelligence, search engine, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics.

It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were then Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California, and has its Headquarters at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, U.S.

By its market prominence, data gathering, and technological advantages, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, it is termed the most valuable brand in the world. Also, the most visited websites worldwide are google and YouTube, with Facebook and Twitter following them. In addition to Google search, Google’s rapid and enormous advancement has brought about many other market-leading products and services.

Google Interview

Typically, the interview process tests the coding and design abilities of candidates. Additionally, it also assesses the behavioral attributes and responses in the workplace of candidates, as well as their professional experience scope. 

Essentially, the interview process comprises about three rounds. The initial phone screen with a recruiter begins the process, and this is followed by the technical phone screen which is conducted remotely, and lastly the on-site interview.  

The on-site interview usually includes a coding, design, and behavioral round, which are tailored towards testing your programming capabilities and how competent you are for the role. 

While preparing for the Google interview there are some topics to be covered, to put you in an advantageous position. There are three major parts and they are:

The Coding Aspect – Here, your proficiency in core DSA is assessed. The recruiter will typically give you a problem or two to solve during the technical phone screen and onsite interviews. The aim is to test your attitude to the problem and how the ideal solution is gotten. To prepare for this aspect, you will do well to cover the following topics: Arrays, Strings, Linked Lists, Sorting Algorithms, Recursion, Trees, Graphs, Dynamic Programming, and Hash Tables.

The Design Aspect – This is usually during the onsite interview, and your overall design proficiency is evaluated.  Note that this aspect is of greater importance for senior roles. For this aspect, the following topics should be given due attention during preparation: Network Protocols and Proxies, Sharding Techniques, Caching, Database Management Systems, Latency, Availability, and Throughput, Load Balancing, Polling, SSE, and Websocket, and Queues and Pub-sub.

The Behavioral Aspect – This is the assessment of your attitude, conduct, and the knowledge you have garnered from your past experiences and projects. Questions here are around the following areas: Google’s company culture, Workplace-related situations, Relationships with coworkers and superiors, past projects, and experiences.

Google Interview Preparation Four Weeks Study Plan

Now, let’s dive into the four-week study plan for Google interview preparation:

Week 1

Visit google com/careers to get information on how Google recruits. Go online to watch videos online on what interviewers in Google check-in interview, and watch a sample interview that features real Google engineers.

Revise data structures and algorithms, while covering topics in Arrays, Linked Lists, Strings, and Sorting Algorithms. Practice with and solve not less than three questions daily, to get familiar with the concepts. To help you understand how best to tackle google interviews, you can attend a technical interview webinar. 

Week 2

Visit and do justice to topics in Dynamic Programming, Trees, Recursion, Graphs, and Graph Algorithms. 

Go on with the solving of 3 problems daily, which you starred in week 1. By now, you should be able to point out inherent patterns in problems; begin applying the patterns to tackle new problems.

Week 3

Spillover from weeks 1 and 2 should be finished here. However, it is highly recommended to devote this week to the preparation of your systems design interview. Keep at working out 3 problems daily, while practicing coding on a whiteboard.

Furthermore, it is wise to train with industry experts on attempting mock interviews. You can utilize the various online materials to make the most of your training.

Week 4

Revision on concepts of programming language. Practice responses for the behavioral interview, arranging your answers using the STAR format. A good job portfolio creation is also important here.

The following tips can be injected while studying to make the most of your preparation:

  • Break your studying into sessions and ensure to observe periodic breaks, to avoid undue exhaustion.
  • Be familiar and get trained on whiteboard coding as this is necessary during the interview. 
  • Do away with any form of distraction while preparing for your interview. Give yourself fully to the preparation process.
  • Solve at least 2 to 3 problems daily to get you accustomed to the interview process.
  • Observe patterns in problems and apply them in solving new problems.
  • Polish your interview capacities by practicing mock interviews with hiring managers.


To practice for Google interview, you need to have about two years of experience in coding, Pencil and paper, and an algorithms book. You can be sure to ace the interview and land your dream job by following the study plan discussed in this article.


  • How tough is Google interview?

The questions are tough and cover a wide range of topics. However, the right preparation is a game-changer for anyone who takes up the challenge.

  • How many parts are there in Google interview?

The recruitment process comprises five parts.

  • Which is more important at Google interview- coding rounds or design rounds?

Coding rounds and design rounds are more important for junior software and senior developer/managerial positions respectively. In addition to design rounds, the behavioral round also carries weight for senior developer/managerial roles. 

Google Interview Preparation Four Weeks Study Plan

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