What is the Boeing Interview Process?

Boeing Interview Process
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Boeing is an American-based multinational company that manufactures and sells defence and aerospace equipment such as airplanes, satellites, rockets, missiles, etc. It also offers product support services and leases. Over a century, Boeing has become the world’s largest aerospace company with numerous industries globally. The company holds contracts with the government in 150 allied companies along with the United States. In this article, we will see the Boeing Interview Process.


  •  Aerospace
  •  Defence


  • Commercial aircraft 
  • Satellites
  • Space Vehicles and launchers
  • Military aircrafts


  • Leasing
  • Support solutions

Revenue: US$58.16 billion (2020)

Number of employees: 141,014 (january2021)

As we know, Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company, is one of the best companies for making a career in the aerospace industry. Many applicants must be trying to get a job at Boeing. 

Through this article, you will get to know about the whole interview process. If you are preparing for a job interview, then you do not need to run anywhere. We offer you the interview process in a proper format, and the time is taken for being hired at Boeing. 

Boeing Interview Process

There are various stages of the interview process at Boeing. The interview process includes:

  • Job application process
  • Online aptitude test
  • Phone interview
  • Assessment test
  • Final interview
  • Drug testing
  • Orientation 

Job application process

Search for the official website and fill the form by going to the company’s career page. There are six major career areas at Boeing. They are Business, information technology, cybersecurity, engineering, manufacturing, and data science & analytics. The company also offers internship and rotational programs for interested applicants to apply. 

Apply to any of the departments of your choice. The company offers both online options to fill the form. 


  • Step 1: Upload your CV/resume and cover letter
  • Step2: Submit your personal information
  • Step 3: Submit the questions related to your prior working experience
  • Step 4: Answer some questions related to your interest and potential. 
  • Step 5: On this page, answer some of the questions specific to the position you are applying for at Boeing.
  • Step 6: In this stage, they ask for personal data (part 1). They ask you to submit your gender confirmation, ethnicity, and veteran status. 
  • Step 7: In stage is a personal data statement (part 2). Here you need to submit your primary language and disabilities(if any)
  • Step 8: It is the last process. Once go through the complete form and submit it to end the process. 

Online Aptitude test

The next step in the hiring process is an online aptitude test. The aptitude test consist of three sections: 

  1. Situational judgemental test: This test is conducted on the applicants to test their ability. Through this, they see how appropriate applicants could take action in some situations in the workplace. In simple words, this test access how you can handle problems in the workplace. 
  2. Numeric reasoning test: This test is done to test the candidates based on calculation. For each question, the candidates have only one minute to answer. 
  3. Technical test: Through this test, the company checks the practical knowledge and skills of the applicants. Different departments go through different types of tests such as mechanical, crucial, etc. 

Phone interview

The third stage of the hiring process of Boeing includes the phone interview process. It is a panel interview as the recruiters and HR team members are available to take the interview.  

This round consists of the interview focused on your personal information, CV, and other submitted documents. 

The candidates should showcase their passion, interest, and potential skills. The applicants must review their resumes and create scenarios to exhibit their knowledge and skills as ideal employees. 

Assessment test

The assessment test of Boeing is a screening exercise. Applicants go through this test only if they pass the phone interview. The company asks you to come to the assessment canter to conduct the test. 

There are two exercises within the assessment test:

  1. Group exercise: This assessment test is being conducted in groups to check the ability of the applicants to work as a team. In this group exercise, they encounter a problem closely and analyse it, creates the idea as a team. 
  2. Presentation exercise: This exercise is conducted on the applicants to check their communication skills. In this test, the interviewers observe the body language, personality, approaching manner, and way to do the presentation. 

While presenting, candidates should follow some rules:

  • Frequently make eye contact with your audience
  • Be confident
  • Polite but power-packed way of speaking
  • Stand straight
  • Never rush or speak fast

Final interview

After the assessment test, if the hiring team of the company contacts that means you are participating in the last stage of the interview process. It is an in-person interview conducted by the HR manager and the senior personnel. 

The interview timing differs between each department, but the average timing taken is approximately 1 hour. 

Tips before going for a final interview

  • The applicants encounter questions regarding the skills required for the particular job and some personal questions. 
  • Dress accordingly during the interview may increase your chance of getting hired. 

Drug test

The applicants go through a drug test before any commitment is offered to them. For the applicants, it is necessary to clear the round. Only after this the applications is either being selected or rejected. 


Orientation is a process for the applicants to successfully pass all the interview processes of the company. Orientation is a training ground that informs the new employees about:

  • What is the work?
  •  What is the process?
  •  How to do it?
  •  What are the roles and principles of the company?

Some of the departments require long-term training which lasts for a long week. 

How much time it takes to get hired at the Boeing?

Once all the processes get completed, the company takes few weeks before calling you. They take time in selecting the best candidate from many applicants for their company. 


This multinational aerospace company offers numerous job roles to thousands of professionals to make their careers in a renowned company. They also provide flexible working hours for their employees with good pay and benefits. This reason makes it the best company for working. 

Getting hired by Boeing could be easier if you follow all these above-given interview processes. 

What is the Boeing Interview Process?

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