​​How Long Is Orientation At Panera Bread?

​​How Long is Orientation At Panera Bread?

Panera Bread is an American bakery cafe that owns a chain of stores in over 2,000 locations in two countries namely Canada and America. Panera was founded in 1987 in a humble community at that sign the bakery was known as St. Louis Missouri Bread Company. The founders who go by Ronald M. Saich and Louis Kane had a dream of putting a loaf of bread in every arm. ​​How Long Is Orientation At Panera Bread?

Panera Bread is known for its iconic sourdough bread and the bakers’ ability to bake fresh bread every day. The bakers bake fresh bread every day. The menu consists of delicious freshly-made pastries, Cookies, bagels, classic baguettes, and a variety of bread from focaccia.

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How long is an orientation at Panera bread?

According to indeed.com orientation at Panera is between 1 to 6 hours. For some employees orientation lasted around 1 hour, for others it lasted around 3 hours and the longest orientation lasted for 6 hours. This shows that the orientation depends on the job position and location of the store.

You will get introduced to the store, learn the role of the company and what the job will entail. You will also be required to fill out your tax forms, sign company policies, and watch some videos about Panera standards.

Most of the former employees found orientation to be thorough, engaging, and fun.

What we will be discussing further

  1. What to wear on orientation day?
  2.  Next steps after  orientation 
  3. The application process at Panera Bread
  4.  5 most common jobs at Panera
  5.  frequently asked questions

What to wear on orientation day?

You can wear a smart casual outfit. After orientation the uniform is usually a black shirt and jeans, you can also wear a black polo shirt with khaki pants. 

Associates are however required to wear professional business attire during orientation.

Next Steps After Orientation 

The Next step is the training process. Training will take approximately 3 days. The training is Cara. It starts with online training, planet bread training then on-site training, and then the manager will monitor your progress as you do your tasks.

The application tips on how to get a job at Panera Bread?

Panera has dedicated team members regularly. The eatery mostly hires employees to work at the store level but its coffee shop chain offers jobs in support centers and manufacturing. Panera Bread, therefore, sticks to the standard interview process to find the right employees.

The interview process would approximately take one month. It will include an online interview, a phone call, an in-store interview, and then a final phone call. Keep in mind the interview process may be shorter depending on the urgency of the position.

What interview questions should you expect?

For entry-level jobs, it will be a brief one-on-one interview session. This is typically conducted at hiring events or an open house. The interview will be conducted by your manager or your shift leader and it will be friendly or casual.

Your recruiter will ask his standard questions on your strengths, education qualification, availability, and transportation. The interview questions may also include situational questions on customer service scenarios.

The recruitment team will ensure that the interview is straightforward for all applicants.

Finally, the recruiters will ask you questions on company satisfaction. This is because employee satisfaction is core to the company. It includes:

  •  What are your Salary expectations are
  •  Your interest in growth at Panera Bread
  •  And your preferred working hours

What to expect for a Managerial Interview?

Applicants aiming for managerial roles undertake many interview stages. You are expected to have restaurant and supervisory experience. Some interview questions may include:

  • What will you offer the team if you are chosen as a manager at Panera Bread?
  • How do you handle an angry customer?

The interview may also include panel reviews, drug tests, Personality tests, and a background screening.

How Do You Stand Out From Other Applicants?

You need to be a hard worker who can constantly adapt To a fast-paced work environment. Attend the job interview on time with the right dress code which should be a smart casual outfit or a professional outfit. If you have previous customer service experience is an added advantage.

Lastly and sure you show your passion for providing quality food And Express your motivation for working with Panera Bread.


Panera Bread is a good company with a variety of job opportunities. Click their careers page to explore their job opportunities. 

Also, remember to be yourself and answer the questions with all honesty. The recruiters are interested in knowing you as a person. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the minimum age requirement at burger king?

You have to be 16 years and older. You are also required to have a work permit.

2) Can you keep Nails At Panera?

No, you can’t. Panera does not allow bold nail polish or any Acrylic nails. Ladies keep your nails short and neat. 

3) How do I Quote my Salary Expectation at Panera?

You can respond by choosing a salary range. For instance, if you want to earn $80,000 a year you can quote between $78,000 and $85,000.

If they’re not specific, the other option is to ask the recruiter to pay you a package that would suit someone with your experience. Show them you trust their company.

4) Does Panera Offer Dental Insurance?

No, it does not. It also does not offer health care.

​​How Long Is Orientation At Panera Bread?

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