What Age does The Old Navy Hire?

Many people around the world know this brand as GAP Inc. Old Navy and GAP Inc are not the same company. They are both different companies when it comes to business. Both of these companies sell varieties of clothing products to customers in the market. Old Navy and GAP Inc collaborated in 2019 but, some news says they are going to split in the coming future.  Here we will see about What age does the old navy hire?

The young people in the country desperately want to work for any clothing company in the country. Interestingly, such retail companies in the country actively hire young people from the public. The minimum age they hire to work at Old Navy is 16-year-old. Now, people below that age will strictly not be allowed to work in Old Navy. 

 Old Navy is highly famous for promoting and selling the best and latest fashion accessories to the people. This American clothing and accessories retail company has been in the market since 1994 and has been running successfully ever since. The current Chief Executive Officer of Old Navy is none other than Sonia Syngal. 

What Age does The Old Navy Hire?

Requirements to Join at Old Navy

Anyone willing to join this fashion retail company just cannot join as per their choice. The company has its requirements, terms, and conditions to be fulfilled. The first condition is its age criteria. The age limit should be met if it does not fit the terms and conditions then the candidate will strictly not be allowed. 

But, other than age requirements few other requirements are expected from the candidate from the company. Any individual willing to work at any Old Navy clothing and other accessories store must fulfill these requirements before applying for the job role at their store. 

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The requirements from Old Navy are the following:-

  • Must be 16-year-old and above.
  • Sometimes prefers workers over 14 years old. 
  • Background experience for the job role will highly be appreciated. 
  • The age limitations in some locations will differ. 
  • Must be sound-minded and have a good background education. 

These are the basic requirements that are expected from the company’s point of view. The candidates willing to work at any Old Navy store must be eligible for these requirements before applying for the position. The requirements are not very strict so many individuals in the country will surely fit to work at any Old Navy store in the country. 

Job Positions at Old Navy

The age requirement required by Old Navy may vary as per the job position of the company. The clothing and other accessories company open up various job positions for the public in the country. Interestingly, they actively hire from the parent country itself. 

Various entry-level positions are hired by Old Navy’s management department. The age requirement for entry-level job positions is the same. But, the age requirement for the management positions or the corporate department will not be the same. The age requirement for candidates willing to work in the corporate department will be much higher compared to entry-level job positions. 

Some of the job positions where the minimum age limit for the public is 16-year-old are the following:-

  • Brand Associate 
  • Stock Associate 
  • Clerks 
  • Receptionist
  • Salesman

These are some of the job positions that the American clothing accessory company hires quite actively. The salary given at these positions is quite attractive even though being an entry-level position. An individual candidate willing to work at this American clothing retail company must be dedicated to the work they are asked to do. 

Benefits of Working at Old Navy

Working at any retail company in the country is always highly beneficial. The workers including the employees are given a long list of benefits for their retention. Additionally, working for various food companies is quite beneficial as well. 

Now, some of the benefits that are offered to the employees and other workers at Old Navy are the following:-

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Tooth coverage 
  • Vision coverage
  • Supplemental life insurance
  • 401 (k) retirement plans

Paid vacations to higher-level employees

These are quite attractive benefits that are offered to the workers at Old Navy. Now, with such benefits offered it is quite obvious many people or suitable candidates will be attracted to the job offers published by the American clothing retail company. 


Old Navy along with GAP Inc. has been quite successful ever since they collaborated. The clothing and other accessories sold at these companies are no doubt of the best quality. Additionally, the pay rate even for entry-level jobs at Old Navy is highly attractive along with their terms and conditions. Anyone willing to work at Old Navy stores that have all the conditions fulfilled must apply for any job position that they are willing to work.   Through this article we would learned about the hire age of old navy

What Age does The Old Navy Hire?

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