Tillys Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

What is the hiring age at Plato's Closet?

Tillys, a retail clothing company

Tillys is one of the trending cloth companies in America. Tillys was founded in 1982, yet it thrives with the same passion for serving its customers. The headquarters of Tillys located in Irvine, California, United States. Tillys sells various products such as footwear, casual clothing, sports accessories for surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and athletics. Tillys also has an extraordinary taste for street-style clothing and accessories for both men and women. Keep reading the job opportunities, Tillys Hiring Age, salary details, and interview process in Tillys.

Tillys hiring age

Tillys hiring age begins from 16 years old. There are a lot of high school students who have great opportunities to do part-time at Tillys. Mostly the positions for Sales Associates and Seasonal Sales Associates are covered by 16-year-olds, the high school students. For any management role, a person has to be 18 years old. It is better to have work experience in management to get hired for any management position.

How much does a person earn at Tillys?

A person with a full-time job makes satisfying money a year. The salary may vary for different job roles. The retail clothing company benefits its employees by offering them generous perks. Tillys gives job opportunities for both full-time and part-time seekers. The perks may not be the same for full-time workers and part-time workers. The full-time employees may get more benefits of perks than the part-timers. 

Tillys employees have the perk of health insurance (dental insurance, vision insurance, and long-term disability). The employers also get paid vacation based on their experienced years and with good work records. The employees get discounts for Tillys’ products and a 401 K retirement plan.

Job opportunities

Store manager

The store manager will be responsible for any business that happens in the store. The manager will be training the new employees. They will have to schedule the tasks for the part-time working and full-time working. The manager must know the management field. The manager will be earning around $ 40,000 – $ 60,000 a year. You will eventually get a raise in the years you work there and with fantastic management skills.


The cashier will be responsible for monetary transactions in the store. At the end of each day, the cashier will have to tally the amount, clear the check on the cash counter, and avoid any miscalculation on the cash records. The cashier will have more work on answering customers sometimes. A cashier must also have a friendly attitude as they will be dealing with every customer in the store. A cashier will be earning around $ 9.00 to $ 11.00 an hour.

Assistant manager

The manager will be helping the manager with their work. The assistant manager will have to keep the store clean and check whether all the products are put in order. The assistant managers will be earning around $ 12.00 – $ 15.00 an hour. 

Sales associate

The sales associate will be helping out the customers. The associates will have to know about the products well and answer the buyer’s questions. For a sales associate, you must have the physical strength to lift packages. You will be standing for long hours on busy days. If there is customer flow in the store in a day, the sales associates could have a hard day, they will be assisting the customer in their needs throughout the day. The sales associates will be earning around $ 8.00 an hour.

Sales Lead

The sales lead helps and train the sales associates. Sales leads will have to ensure the customer’s needs are satisfied. This job is more suited for people who have a good choice of fashion accessories and clothes. The leads must also be friendly with customers and try to consider their opinion. The sales lead will be earning around $ 8.50 to $ 10.00 an hour.

Social media manager

The social media manager will be promoting the Tillys product on online platforms. The manager will handle the Tillys website, and they will be engaging with the customers on social media. Tillys’ social media manager is posting the advent of new products and designs in the store and trying to reach more customers. Tillys hire social media managers who have experience, it might not be possible for a person with no experience to get the job. The Social media manager will be earning around $ 14.00 to $ 15.00 an hour

Store visual merchandiser

The visual merchandiser will have to keep up with the fashion trends. The person’s job will be to look after the store and maintain it every day. The person will be responsible for arranging the furniture, changing the display windows, setting up mannequins, and making sure the store is always clean. A person who is interested in fashion trends and styling the person will be suitable for this job. The visual merchandisers will be earning around $ 10.00 – $ 14.00 an hour.

Application process

Tillys issue their applications online. However, the candidates will be applying to the store. Once you visit the Tillys website, you cannot directly apply for the job. You will have to take a printout of the application. You can fill in all the required details asked in the application, and then you can give in the application in the store. 

Before turning over the application, make sure you have filled every question and attached the document that was asked. Fill your application with no errors. Though you will be the perfect fit for the job, the application gives the first impression to the employers. So double-check the application to avoid denial for the job. After the application submission, they will take around two weeks to call you back. If you have not heard from them for a long time, you can call the store and ask about your job updates.

Tillys’ interview and dress choice in the interview

Dressing style is the one thing that catches people’s eye. The best you make your dressing style will create a positive impression on the employer. As you will be working in a fashion retail store it would be better if you are fond of clothes and sports accessories. 

Prepare some basic kind of stuff related to the fashion industry, trending clothes, and accessories. Mostly, the question will be on your personality, hobbies, and your opinions on fashion trends. Answer the questions with confidence and be more yourself while answering instead of giving a speech you memorized.

Possible interview questions

· Why do you want to work at Tillys?

· Describe your interest in Tillys’ products?

· What do you think about the current Tillys trend?

· What is your common interest?

· How would you describe yourself?

· How do you handle an arguing customer without leading to a mess?

Frequently asked questions

Does Tillys take drug tests?

Tillys do not do drug tests for their employees. They might be asking you to have a drug test result of your own. So have your drug test with no illegal ways. There are possibilities if you were suspected of drug use, you could get fired.

What is the minimum age to work at Tillys?

If you are 16 years old, you can get a job at Tillys. Any entry-level positions are open for 16 years old. But for any management role, you will have to be 18 years old or above.

What is Tillys dress code?

You can wear a casual dress, just jeans, and a comfortable top would be nice. The employees mostly wear Tillys clothes and sneakers.

Tillys Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

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