McDonalds History and Hiring Age


Food is something that always brings a smile to everybody’s face. Food is the one requirement which can never be ignored. McDonald’s is a fast food chain company which has been ruling the entire world without any doubt. Let us know the information of McDonalds history and hiring age and also the idea behind McDonald’s are given in this article.

Mcdonalds History and Hiring Age

McDonalds history and hiring age

The following will give you the information of Let us know the information of Mcdonalds history and hiring age, read ahead to know about it.

McDonald’s was founded by two brothers,Maurice and Richard McDonald’s. Their vision was to sell quantitative food at lower prices. The first ever McDonald’s store was opened in 1940 in California,but with years they thought of renovating the shop. So in 1948 the store was re-established and they decided to have limited food options in the beginning.

The menu included hamburgers, drinks, potato chips which was later renamed as fries,and pie. In the early stage to avoid late services they started a counter called self service counter wherein the customers could order their food without the indulgence of any waiter or waitress. This feature was invented to save time and the customer could get their food without any disturbances. 

Success received by McDonald’s

From a single store to opening millions of stores is a commendable thought and work the brothers have put forth inorder to become a big company. From a small menu to a big menu is like fulfilling a dream. McDonald’s has never failed to satisfy his customers. In 1961 they opened a hamburger University inorder to train the franchisees with the techniques and technologies. In 1975, in Arizona McDonald’s started the drive through window concept. This feature of taking orders through the drive through has become the best way to sell the food. Earlier French fries was one of the top selling item from the McDonald’s menu but later when McDonald’s came up with the Big mac which they added in their national menu in the 1968 gained favor from the people they enjoyed the taste of hamburgers and the recipe behind big mac was the best that is the reason why people loved it. The logo of McDonald’s was recognised all over the world and is one of the most famous logos in the world. In the early 21st century McDonald’s had expanded in more than 115 countries and had 34,000 outlets. McDonald’s became a restaurant for families to eat fabulous food. 

Then with years McDonald’s started adding items in it’s menu which has received a lot of favor. They had introduced  filet-o-fish sandwiches in 1965,egg muffins in 1975, happy meals in 1979, and chicken nuggets in 1983.

Criticism faced by McDonald’s

With success comes criticism, McDonald’s was at its peak where people opposed it and raised fingers at it that it causes obesity and health problems,which led to a tremendous downfall and various laws were imposed on McDonald’s in 2000. Even after facing this obligation and downfall McDonald’s did not stop but it added a healthy option for people to try,they launched a vegan hamburger. The recipe was quite simple and it had healthy ingredients in it. McDonald’s fought with all the odds and gained its position back. McDonald’s has never feared to face the odds and negative reviews about the company but McDonald’s faced it without any fear and it eventually gained favor from all the sides. 

Idea behind McDonald’s

The idea behind McDonald’s was to provide people with ready to eat food which saves time and provides efficient stomach filling food for the people. McDonald’s is a fast food company which means that the food should be cooked fast and should be given to the customers without any delay. The idea was to extend its territory and it has been successful in expanding its territories into unknown countries and serving them with their top notch quality food. Its franchisees have been expanding daily and people love what McDonald’s offers. They love the food and like to eat it without any complaints. Making ready to cook foods available to people has received a splendid amount of profit. It is better to work on the flaws rather than raise questions. Many people came to put McDonald’s down but the level of faith McDonald’s has on its employees and its work has given them confidence to never stop but to go on. McDonald’s even after reaching heights has never boosted but is still working hard to make people happy. 

The importance of adding new items in the menu

Always experimenting with the menu opens a way of challenges. Making a name in the market is easy but sustaining in the market is tough. And how can a company sustain in the market? Is by adding new things in the menu. Receiving love and hate about a particular item is another thing but showing an effort to the customers that the company is trying to launch new thing’s is a great method to evolve its state. Giving variety to people is important, it makes them try each and every thing in the item. 

Success through employees

Employees play a very critical role in pleasing the customers. McDonald’s employees have always been the best. Qualities that McDonald’s employees should have is to be friendly, help customers choose what is best, show them a greeting nature, and after taking their order tell them to wait patiently and at the end tell them to have a great day ahead. All these gestures can make the customers happy and can give them a personal touch. This will show a caring side towards the customers. Through its employees it has reached this level of success.

Hiring age of employees for McDonald

They like to give an opportunity to young people so that they are not dependent on their parents but they become independent at a very young age and prosperous. Hiring age of McDonald’s is 14 years old. This age is very good to start a job and find experience. 


McDonald’s has gained the favor of its customers and has faced all the hardships and reached that level of success through its hard work. Facing each competition and thriving each problem has helped McDonald’s to prosper 

McDonalds History and Hiring Age

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