Office Birthday Parties – Know More!


Birthday and office must sound like two contradictory words as office and work on a birthday can ruin one’s mood and enjoyment. But it won’t sound that bad if we can celebrate the birthday party and attend the office at the same time. It would be a different experience, unlike the house parties or the restaurant and club parties. But our office colleagues are one of the closest parts of our like. So, celebrating our special day with them is not a bad idea at all. Let us know the information about Office birthday parties and planning for the birthday party in this article.

Office Birthday Parties

Office Birthday Parties

In this article, I will be giving ideas about celebrating birthday parties at the office from two perspectives. One from the perspective of the birthday boy/girl and another from the other colleagues’ perspective. There can be several kinds of arrangements done as surprises by the office colleagues which I will talk about elaborately further. But the mindset and reaction of the birthday boy/girl are important as well as he/she is already in an off mood for attending office on their day. They might have plans as well. So, I’ll tell here about the tricks to celebrate him/her birthday without clashing with other plans of them as well.

Planning for the office birthday parties

if it is your co-worker’s birthday on a weekday when coming to the office is mandatory, it is the duty of the office colleagues to celebrate the day at the office and make him/her feel special. The first step towards it is successful planning. You should start planning the day at least 7-10 days before the main date. To make it a secret from the birthday boy/girl, you may form a group on any social media. It would be best if you guys give them a surprise after him/her hectic day at the office. It is important to make a full proof plan with all the arrangements perfectly. You should plan for the decoration first and arrange the decoration goods. If you want to order online it may take 10-15 days to deliver, so be careful. The celebration venue should be such a place where the birthday boy/girl goes the least. It may be the café, the canteen or any empty room available at the office. 

Try to involve almost everyone in the planning to make it the most successful and happening. If possible, try to involve your seniors as well. Divide the work between colleagues into small parts so that no one feels it is a burden. It would be best if you can arrange for a home-baked cake but if not possible, go for the bakery shop’s one. It is important to know the choice of the birthday boy/girl. Choose the cake theme according to his/her choices and ask the baker for perfect customization. If you are planning to give him/her gifts, the same goes for that as well. Be thoughtful while selecting the gifts. 

Avoid clashing with the birthday boy/girl’s plan

when it comes to birthday parties, people may have plans after office. To make a perfect surprise birthday party the arranger should know about this and plan it accordingly to avoid time clashing. It would be best if someone in the office, who is most close to him /her ask for the plans in detail and try to know them in detail in an indirect and tricky manner. One should allow him/her to maintain privacy but it is important to know about him/her plans to fix the timing for the office party. 

On the day

As said previously, the planning must be done priorly according to the choice and time of the birthday boy/girl. To enhance the surprise vibe, people may wish him/her but they must avoid showing any kind of excitement. Everyone should wait for the work to get finished and then may use a blindfold to take him/her to the party venue and then wish together with the birthday song. Make sure, every colleague must present there to make him/her feel like the most special person of that evening unless someone has some emergency.

The party can be more colourful by playing appropriate music and dancing after the cake-cutting ceremony. Interesting interactive games like truth and dare, musical chairs, passing the parcel etc. can make the party more happening and cheerful. 

The games

To make the party less boring, you may include some interactive and interesting indoor games as well. I will be providing some game ideas like picking the chit and doing whatever is written there. It may include dancing, singing or any other fun activity. 

Passing the parcel is another good option where a group of people keep passing a parcel with a piece of music. To whomever the music stops, he/she has to do some fun activity.

Truth and dare is another interesting game where people have to pick a cheat with truth or dare. Then other people should ask him or her to do fun activities or answer the fun question according to the chit he/she picked up.

many such games can be planned and played but the most important thing is that you wish the birthday boy/girl warmly and wholeheartedly to make him/her day more special.

From the birthday boy/girl’s perspective

Though we believe that excitement for birthdays gets reduced with growing up, still I think it is one of the toughest jobs to go to the office on your birthday. Still, I will suggest you be cheerful. If your colleagues give you a surprise party, please let them know how special you are feeling to have such beautiful colleagues and co-workers. If they are giving you the extended family feeling, you should show them your acceptance and gratefulness as well.

If they are arranging a party for you, you may give them a treat as well on the day or later to appreciate their hard work. You don’t have to go beyond your capacity but doing it full of your heart is important. You may invite them to your place to serve some delicious homecooked food. You may Arrange a small house party for them. Or you may give them a treat at the office canteen or a nearby restaurant or café as well. You must be thoughtful about them as they were at celebrating your day. These appreciations would make them even happier.


It is hard to attend the office on your birthday but if you have an extended family in the office, you should worry less about your day being ruined because they would not let it happen just like your own family. Similarly, its your duty too to make your other colleagues’ day special as well by doing some of the upper mentioned activities. It’s up to us that how we make others feel special on their special day. 

Office Birthday Parties – Know More!

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