Florida Police Department Hiring-Let’s Know More

National security is the foundation of a country’s economic stability and prosperity. In a world of uncertainty and danger, a government can only assure its residents by establishing a body to oversee the country’s security and safety. The police are the law enforcement agency in charge of reducing crime and maintaining order. Let’s know more about Florida Police Department Hiring

Florida Police Department Hiring

There will be no peace in the country until the law is enforced by the police, as crime will rise and citizens’ lives will be jeopardised. As a result, the police department is sensitive in a country, and officer recruitment is a serious business.

In the city of Florida, being a police officer requires more than just passing interviews and submitting certifications. Although some criteria must be met before being considered for a position in the police department, there are also skills to look for when applying. Because this arduous duty necessitates training outside of society’s norms, there is a law enforcement academy in Florida that teaches candidates for this post for 22 weeks. 

This institution will intellectually and physically prepare students for the task ahead.

The job of a Police officer 

The job of a police officer is demanding, but it can also be highly gratifying. Evil would be the norm of the day and heavily encouraged in a city where crime is overlooked and nothing is done. The police’s job is to apprehend anyone who breaks the law. This act alone has a psychological impact on the citizens; no criminal would be let off the hook. As a result, the police’s job is to prevent crime by upholding the law.

The police also patrol the area to verify that everything is in order. It is the role of police officers to keep an eye on what is going on around them.

Hardly would you see a scene that demands urgent attention without the presence of the police. Whether it be a fire outbreak, a fight scene, or a reported threat, the police are always around the corner doing their job.

Another role of a police officer is to give directions to road users to help prevent traffic. They also ensure that road safety rules are strictly adhered to.

Basic Steps To Becoming a Police officer in Florida

1) Pass the Background Check

One’s history is very crucial in becoming a police. Because of the sensitivity of the role, one’s background has to be clean, that is, no history of past criminal activities or an allegation of drugs.

2) Have the basic Requirements

You must have some requirements before being considered to become a police officer. They are:

– Be of age.

The minimum age is 18 years. This is because the age at which one is liable for one’s action is 18.

– Possess a primary degree.

To be a police officer in Florida, one fundamental thing considered is at least a high school certificate.

– Citizenship

3) Get an Affidavit for application

Having an affidavit is very crucial. It is a legal document, usually in writing, presented in court as evidence. Using an affidavit means that every document provided is valid.

4) Physical Requirements.

There are specific physical requirements an intending police officer must-have. Most of these requirements would be checked by medical personnel, and tests would be taken for accurate results.


There’s a minimum height required for a police officer. An intending police officer must have a minimum height of 5’8″ for males (5’7″may be accepted) and 5’2″ for females. The maximum height is 6’5″.

– Weight

Weight is also a requirement. One who is lesser or above the required weight might be asked to forfeit the post.

– Hearing

Health-wise, you must be fit. In addition, because the position of police requires one to be alert, the hearing must be apt.

– Vision

How can one catch a criminal on the run when the sight is terrible? A police officer must have very sharp eyesight.

-Ability to Run

Most times, Police officers are always on the chase. Therefore, this skill is highly needed.

5) BAT Test

The basic Abilities Test is the exam one must do before proceeding to the academy exams. Among places this test can be taken, the Commission Certified Centre is another place where the BAT Test can be taken.

6) Police Academy

After taking and passing the Basic Abilities Test, the next to enroll in is the police academy.

This academy is like a school where candidates are educated about the role, do’s, and don’ts of the position. This takes a minimum of 22 weeks to complete.

7) Get certified (SOCE)

To get certified for the position of police in Florida, you’ll have to take an exam. This is the SOCE exam. It has a total of 200 questions. The pass mark for this exam is nothing less than 80%.

8) Submit an Application letter to a local police station.

Now that you have passed all the requirements move to the next level. Find a local police station and apply there. Submit credentials and wait for approval. This process might include a series of interviews.

Police Rules

Amongst other rules, below are the rules a police officer must adhere strictly to.

1) No Tattoos

Tattoos are not allowed in the police department of Florida. Although, in rare situations, officers who have tattoos are instructed not to reveal them. The police uniform can cover this.

2) Jewellery

Pieces of jewelry are allowed for females; however, a dot earring is permitted. For males, earrings are not allowed.

3) Attendance in class

Missing classes is highly punishable except permitted by the one in charge (training coordinator)

4) Smoking

Smoking is not permitted at all in the police department. Officers who are found smoking would be punished.

Disadvantages of being a Police

1) Increased life risk

It’s almost impossible to go after criminals and not be their target. Sometimes, criminals go after the loved ones of the police officer.

2) Unplanned day

Most times, police officers don’t get to know what the day has in store for them. Instead, they are trained to be ready at all times.

3) Emotional imbalance

Having to deal with criminals and ensure there’s peace in the vicinity can cause unstable emotions.


Wisdom is to have detailed information about what you desire to venture into. This article provides you with simple and detailed information on all you need to know about being a police in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can police in Florida have long hair?

For females, while it’s possible to have long hair, you must pack your hair while on duty.

Men are not allowed to keep long hair.

2) Can I be a police officer in Florida without being a citizen?

It’s almost impossible to.

Although, other states like California accept candidates who are not citizens.

Florida Police Department Hiring-Let’s Know More

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