Discount Tire Hiring Age

Discount Tire Hiring Age

Discount Tire operates as the world’s largest tire and wheel retailer. With more than 900 stores throughout the United States, it offers various product choices, skilled staff, reasonable pricing, and personalized customer service. If you want to become a part of America’s largest pit crew, you must fulfill the Discount Tire hiring age.

Discount Tire provides job opportunities in retail stores and corporate fields. It includes both part-time and full-time job positions. If you are interested in working at Discount Tire,  you must reach the minimum hiring age criteria of 16 years. The hiring age can vary as per state law and the location of Discount Tire stores. 

Read further to know more about Discount Tire Hiring Age, Job Opportunities, and Employee Benefits. 

What is the Discount Tire Hiring Age? 

Discount Tire offers both part-time and full-time positions to talented candidates. If you are interested in a job position, you must fulfill Discount Tire’s minimum hiring age of 16 years. It includes both corporate and retail level positions. 

Some popular entry-level positions consist of store associate at the retail level, administrative assistant, customer service position at the corporate level.

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Employment Opportunities Offered at Discount Tire

Discount Tire provides one of the best work experiences to thousand of cooperate or retail workers. Being a part of Discount Tire, you not just get the chance to work with America’s largest pit crew but become a part of one of the trusted tire and wheel retailers. With more than 900 stores throughout the United States, it provides personalized and friendly treatment to the customers. 

Once you start working with Discount Tire, you will be assured of guaranteed success. The company satisfies employees by offering advancement opportunities in retail and corporate business. With the employee’s knowledge, dedication, friendliness, integrity, and honesty, Discount Tire evolved as America’s most trusted tire and wheel retailer.

 Discount Tire prefers employees who reflect honestly, knowledge, and friendship in their attitude. Possessing skills like a positive attitude and customer service skills help to get recruited with the company. 

The job openings at the corporate level require individuals to manage specific activities, while the retail jobs at stores need candidates to deal directly with the customers. Most Direct Tire stores hire 16-year-olds, but the minimum hiring age can vary as per the location.

For technical jobs, the company hires dedicated individuals who can work as per the company’s strict safety guidelines and policies. It will assure the safety of both customers as well as coworkers. 

What are the Job positions offered at Discount Tire? 

Discount Tire provides entry-level, part-time, and full-time job positions to talented candidates. Interested individuals can find job positions in categories such as corporate level and retail level. 

Eligible candidates can apply for entry-level positions at Discount Tire after fulfilling the minimum hiring age of 16 years. Some of the popular job positions offered at Discount Tire include: 

Tire Service Technician

The Tire Service Technician serves as the backbone of Discount Tire. It is an entry-level position that can act as the first step in your Discount Tire career. The candidates get promoted as per the experience and interest depicted in the service technician work. 

Responsibilities of Discount Tire’s Tire Service Technician:

  • Need to install new wheels and tires on assigned vehicle 
  • Ensuring maintenance of tires and wheels through repairs, rotations, and balancing 
  • Providing friendly, responsive, and helpful customer service 
  • Need to participate in the necessary training 
  • Obeying the company’s policies, job duties, and safety standards 
  • Ensuring the essential maintenance and cleaning 

Requirements of Discount Tire’s Tire Service Technician position: 

  • Discount Tire offers a Tire Service Technician position as an entry-level job, so you don’t need any specific experience for it. 
  • You need to maintain a positive, friendly, and energetic attitude.
  • You can enjoy and work effectively with the team.
  • You need to possess the physical ability to work for long hours in a physically challenging work environment.
  • A dedicated and reliable attitude will help to become a trustworthy employee. 

Perks offered to Tire Service Technician: 

  • Advancement Opportunities 
  • Weekly Paychecks
  • Discount on Products
  • 401(K) Retirement Plans with Company Match,
  • Tuition Assistance

Customer Engagement Representative 

If you possess good communication and want to get recruited at Discount Tire, you can apply for the Customer Engagement Representative position. It acts as the crucial element to engage customers and create good relationships. 

Responsibilities of Customer Engagement Representative at Discount Tire: 

  • Providing friendly, helpful, and responsive customer service 
  • Replying to phone calls and emails with complete enthusiasm, energy, and excitement 
  • Scheduling appointments for repairs, tires, balancing, and rotations 

Requirements for Discount Tire Customer Engagement Representative position:

  • Discount Tire offers the Customer Engagement Representative position on a part-time and full-time basis. The job requires no prior experience. You only need to fulfill the essential skills like communication skills. 
  • You must carry a Can-do behavior and enjoy working with the team. 
  • A dedicated and reliable personality will help you to get into the company.  

Perks offered to Customer Engagement Representative at Discount Tire: 

  • 401(K) Retirement Plans as per company match 
  • Tuition Assistance 
  • Weekly Paychecks 
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Discount on Products 

Service Management Trainee 

Discount Tire hire candidates at the Service Management Tire position who can lead the future of the company. 

Responsibilities of Service Management Trainee at Discount Tire:

  • Handling the inventory management 
  • Ensuring the complete service or sales customer satisfaction  
  • Providing the guidance and training to Tire Service Technician 
  • Educating the customers with product knowledge 
  • Managing maintenance and installation of tires or wheels, balancing, rotation, and repairs 

Requirements for Discount Tire Service Management Trainee position: 

  • To get into this management position, you need to acquire essential management experience. 
  • Excellent communication skills help with effective communication with the customers and coworkers. 
  • Physical Strength and ability will help in working for long hours and spending more time on foot. 
  • An optimistic, friendly, energetic, and team-centric attitude will help you excel and advance to better positions. 
  • A reliable and dedicated attitude will ensure better sales and strong relationships with customers. 

Perks offered to Service Management Trainee: 

  • Medical, Vision, and Dental Insurance
  • Advancement Opportunities 
  • 401(K) Retirement Plan as per company match 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Disability Insurance 
  • Tuition Assistance 
  • Paid Time Off
  • Legal Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Medical/Dependent Care Reimbursement
  • Discount on Products 
  • Weekly Paychecks 

What is the Hourly Pay or Salary of Discount Tire Employees? 

Discount Tire pays the employees in hourly wages or fixed salaries. It depends on the position, experience, and location. 

Let’s look at some of the hourly pay/salary of employees at Discount Tire: 

Tire Service Technician: Discount Tire pays Tire Sevice Technician with an average salary of $13 per hour. The hourly wage varies from $10 – $16.

Customer Engagement Representative: Discount Tire pays Customer Service Representative an average salary of $12.31 per hour.

Service Management Trainee: Discount Tire pays Service Management Trainee an average salary of $133,984 per year. The pay is negotiable and can vary between $15.25-$23.64 per hour. 

What are the tips for applying at Discount Tire? 

You can apply for job positions at Discount Tire by filling out the application form at their store or by visiting the Discount Tire website’s career section. Either you go for an online or offline medium, you should follow some essential tips. 

  • Whenever you submit the filled form to the store, ask to speak with a manager. It will help in getting instant feedback. 
  • If you submit the form online, always check all the details and apply according to your interest area. 
  • Always submit an updated CV or Resume that goes with the current applied position. 
  • When called for an interview, dress professionally and make sure to arrive early. 


Discount Tire works as the world’s largest and trusted wheel and tire retailer. With a team of trusted and friendly workers, Discount Tire provides thousands of jobs at the corporate and retail levels. 

If you want to become a part of the world’s largest pit crew, you can apply for entry-level, part-time, and full-time roles at Discount Tire. Most store hires individuals fulfilling the Discount Tire minimum hiring age of 16 years. The candidates don’t need any specific experience for the entry-level role because of the on-the-job training facility. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How old do you have to be to work at Discount Tire? 

Discount Tire hires candidates with a minimum age of 16 years. It mainly includes an entry-level position offered with no prior experience. 

Q: What are the steps of the Discount Tire selection process? 

Discount Tire believes in hiring and training the best candidates. For their competitive positions, the selection process includes:

  • Online or offline application submission, 
  • Interviews, 
  • Post-selection drug tests, 
  •  Background checks. 
Discount Tire Hiring Age

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