Cracker Barrel Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

Cracker Barrel Hiring Age

Cracker Barrel works as one of the leading restaurant chains serving country and traditional food. With more than 663 locations, Carter Barrel offers various job opportunities on a part-time and full-time basis. Candidates can work either at a restaurant or at a general store operated inside the restaurant. If you are interested in working in this laid-back restaurant chain, you must attain Cracker Barrel hiring age.

If you want to become a part of a relaxed and laid-back restaurant or grocery store, you can apply for a job position at Cracker Barrel. It offers part-time and full-time jobs as per the potential and interest of applicants. Cracker Barrel usually hires candidates fulfilling the minimum hiring age of 16 years. The minimum hiring age can vary depending on the position and requirements. 

Read further to know more about Cracker Barrel’s hiring age, job positions, salary, and employee benefits. 

What is Cracker Barrel Hiring Age? 

Cracker Barrel hires candidates with a minimum hiring age of 16 years. It includes entry-level positions offered with little to no experience and other specific requirements. 

Some popular job positions comprise host, sales associate, server, kitchen help, busser, etc. For full-time and managerial positions, the candidates need to be at least 18 years and hold High School Diploma and field-related experience.

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What are the Job Positions offered at Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel employees work to provide a home-like experience to the guests. More than 70,000 employees work every day to fulfill the restaurant chain’s mission of pleasing people. All the restaurants keep on recruiting employees at various locations. 

Interested Candidates can apply for the jobs by vising the nearby location and filling the application form. The restaurant chain also provides an online application option that you can access on the Cracker Barrel career page. 

Cracker Barrel offers entry-level jobs on a part-time basis. Employment at entry-level roles comes with competitive pay, flexible scheduling, advancement opportunities, and paid training. While candidates applying for experienced positions can assure further benefits and a fixed salary package.

Job Positions offered at Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel hires employees to provide a homely and relaxed experience. It includes a career in store, restaurant, distribution, and management jobs. Job seekers applying for entry-level positions should attain a Cracker Barrel minimum hiring age criteria of 16 years. 

Here is the list of common job positions offered at Cracker Barrel:-


If you want to apply for a part-time position, you can become a server at Cracker Barrel. It acts as the commonly available role offered by restaurant chains. 

Essential Duties of Server at Cracker Barrel: 

  • They help with taking drink and food order 
  • They serve food menus 
  • They provide a friendly environment by engaging with the customers 
  • They refill drinks whenever required 
  • They help with ringing up sales 
  • They help with serving the food and drink orders 
  • They help the customers regarding the menu items 

Requirements for Cracker Barrel Server position: 

  • If you are interested in a Server position, you must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 
  • Physical ability and strength help to spend long hours on foot and carry food orders to a designated table. 
  • Maintaining a determined and self-motivated attitude ensures the perfect completion of assigned duties. 
  • Possessing basic math skills will help with remembering menu listing and food orders. 


The Host serves as the customer’s first point of contact at the restaurant. Cracker Barrel recruits hosts to maintain a positive attitude in the restaurant. 

Essential Duties of Host at Cracker Barrel: 

  • They assist with greeting customers upon entering the restaurant 
  • They help with seating guests 
  • They assist customers by making reservations 
  • They sometimes help with Assisting with food orders 

Requirements for Cracker Barrel Host position

  • If you want to get hired for the Cracker Barrel host position, you must professionally present yourself. 
  • It’s best to maintain a well-manicured and clean-cut appearance for getting an edge over other applicants for the host role. 
  • A positive and friendly attitude will help to engage customers and create a positive aura.
  • Multi-tasking ability will help in completing tasks and getting higher pay. 

Sales Associate 

Cracker Barrel recruits Sales Associates to help in the retail business. It is a part-time position available with flexible scheduling. 

Essential Duties of Sales Associates:

  • They assist by maintaining the cash register 
  • They help the customers in making purchases 
  • They help in the prevention of thefts from the store 
  • They assist with organizing displays attractively 
  • They assist with maintaining the stock and restocking merchandise whenever necessary 

Requirements for Cracker Barrel Sales Associate position:

  • If you want to get recruited for the Sales Associate role, you must possess excellent communications skills. It will help to communicate effectively with customers. 
  • Possessing physical strength helps you to spend long hours standing, bending, and lifting minor weights. 

Kitchen Help 

Kitchen Help includes the Job of Prep Cook and Grill Cook. The job comes with both part-time and full-time roles. 

Essential Duties of Kitchen Help at Cracker Barrel: 

  • They need to follow Cracker Barrel recipes and preparation method 
  • They help with satisfying employees by preparing food items at high standards 
  • They need to work as per the restaurant’s standards of safety and quality 
  • They ensure complete hospitality and cleanliness to provide the best treatment and food quality to guests 
  • They prepare the ordered food items for customers 
  • Prep cook need to operate stovetops, oven, and microwave 
  • Grill Cook need to handle the large and commercial grills for preparing food
  • They must monitor inventory to restock something whenever required 

Requirements for Cracker Barrel Kirchen Help position:

  • If you want to take the prep or grill cook duty, you must reach the age criteria of 18 years. 
  • You must acquire prior experience before working as a cook. 
  • You must possess a personal interest in cooking and culinary art.
  • You need the physical ability to spend long hours on foot and perform physical works like loading and lifting weight around 40 pounds. 
  • Good listening skills help in understanding and following the instructions. 
  • Multi-tasking Skills will ensure proper management of multiple works such as pleasing guests and following instructions. 

What is the Hourly Pay/Salary of Cracker Barrel Employees?

The Hourly pay or salary of Cracker Barrel employees varies depending on the location, position, experience, and duties assigned to workers. 

Let’s look at the Hourly Pay/Salary of Cracker Barrel employees as per 

Server: Cracker Barrel pays the server an average wage of $6 per hour. The average salary of a server varies between $1-$165 per hour.

Host/Hostess: A host or hostess at Cracker Barrel earns an average salary of $10 per hour. The average hourly pay lies between $1-$17.

Sales Associate: Cracker Barrel pays Sales Associate with an average salary of $10 per hour. The average hourly pay lies between $4-$14. 

Grill Cook: A Grill Cook at Cracker Barrel earns around $12 per hour. The hourly pay varies from $8-$17. 

Prep Cook: Cracker Barrel pays Prep Cook an average salary of $14 per hour. The average hourly pay range from $10-$16.

What are the Perks or Benefits of working at Cracker Barrel? 

Employment at Cracker Barrel not only offers a relaxed and friendly environment but provides various perks or benefits to employees. 

Perks/Benefits of Working at Cracker Barrel:

  • Advancement Opportunities 
  • Weekly Paycheck 
  • 401(K) Retirement Plans to hourly associates 
  • Dental, Medical, and Vision Insurance 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Flexible Schedules 
  • Discount on merchandise and meals 
  • 50% Discount on Meals during shifts 
  • Complimentary Uniforms 
  • Stock Purchase Plans 
  • Employees Assitance Programs 
  • Bonus Rewards 
  • Referral benefits 

Additional Perks to Managerial Roles:

  • Paid Vacation 
  • Paid Holiday 
  • Biweekly Salary 
  • Advancement Opportunities in the company’s office

What are the tips for applying at Cracker Barrel? 

If you are interested in a job position offered at Cracker Barrel, you can apply by submitting a filled form offline or visiting the company’s website career section.

Whenever you submit or go for an interview, you can follow the following tips: 

  1. Always provide the most accurate information in the job application form. 
  2. Submit the updated CV or Resume with skills and experience that match the applying position. 
  3. Always show openness and dedication to perform all the assigned tasks during the interview process. 
  4. Present a professional and team-oriented attitude during the interview. 
  5. Share the essential information about prior experience to get an edge over other candidates. 
  6. You can follow up about the submitted application to show interest in the applied position. 
  7. Wait for at least 2-3 days before following up as it may bother the hiring personnel. 


Cracker Barrel has established itself as a restaurant serving a homely and relaxing dining experience. With its traditional and country dishes, Cracker Barrel ensures the best customer experience throughout 663 stores in 45 states of the United States. 

Employment at Cracker Barrel comes with competitive pay and other perks. If you want to become a part of this American Restaurant and Gift store chain, you must fulfill the Cracker Barrel minimum hiring age criteria of 16 years. It includes entry-level jobs that require less to no specific requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

 Q: What is the minimum hiring age to work at Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel hires employees who fulfill the minimum hiring age criteria of 16 years. It includes entry-level and part-time jobs requiring less to no specific experience. 

Q: What are the entry-level potions offered by Cracker Barrel to 16-Year-Olds? 

Cracker Barrel hires 16-year-olds on entry-level or part-time positions. Some familiar roles include host/hostess, sales associate, server, dishwasher, kitchen help, busser, etc.

Cracker Barrel Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

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