Auntie Anne’s Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

Auntie Annes Hiring Age

Auntie Anne’s is an American chain of shops founded in 1988 by a couple Anne F. Beiler and Jonas. The headquarters of the company is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and has various stores spread throughout the United States and Canada. The company deals with products like pretzels, beverages, and other homemade mixtures. Here, let’s know about Auntie Anne’s Hiring Age.

Many candidates aim to get a job at Auntie Anne’s because of their love for the brand. But, there has been conflicting information regarding the hiring age. Some say, Auntie Anne’s hires only 18 plus candidates and some say they hire even 16 plus candidates. Here in this article, we will clear this doubt with much other information regarding the job at Auntie Anne’s. 

General Requirements: 

To apply for a job at Auntie Anne’s, you need to clear the basic requirement criteria. Many things come under the requirement criteria, these are given below: 

Age: You must be above 16 years to get a job at the retail store in Auntie Anne’s and for the corporate position you must be above 18 years. 


  • You should possess communication skills for effective understanding and delivery of products. 
  • Your leadership skills and ability to build a customer-employee relationship would be beneficial for the organization. 
  • As an employee of Auntie Anne’s, you should be aware of the products and services of the company, to help the customers effectively. 
  • You should be good at problem-solving and must be ready to help out the customers. 
  • As a candidate focusing on getting a job at Auntie Anne’s, you must be good at decision-making skills and have the ability to listen to others’ queries. 

Job Description:

Every year multiple job roles are provided by Auntie Anne’s. As there are various stores of the brand. for effective growth, they offer job roles at different positions. These job opportunities are mentioned below: 

Retail Store Position: 

  • Brand Promoter: As a Brand Promoter, your main function is to spread the love for the brand in different communities. Everything related to the opening of a new store and launching of a new product, you need to share with the community. For effective functioning, you need to coordinate with the sales and marketing departments. 
  • Crew Member: Being a crew member at Auntie Anne’s means you need to check and maintain the products at the store. Also, you need to ensure that everything is in right place and the customers need not struggle much to find a product. You will have other responsibilities too, including customer satisfaction and effective store management. As a crew member, you need to keep the data of everything and help the customers and other co-workers in every way. 
  • Shift Manager: As a shift manager, you need to make sure that everyone is following the rules of the company. Also, as a shift manager, you will be responsible for many things taking place in your shift, so you must ensure that each employee works effectively. You need to ensure that your shift is beneficial as the growth of the store takes place. 

Corporate Level Positions: 

  • Content Creator: A content creator at Auntie Anne’s has to develop and create new content for the products, store, and other items. You need to make sure that the content you deliver to the audience must be well-structured and clear with each point effectively. This position holds great responsibility and must function by coordinating with the social media marketing team. 
  • Franchise Business Consultant: As a franchise business consultant, you have to focus on the success and growth of the brand in different regions. Along with that, you need to oversee the launch of a new store and policies related to the opening of a store in a particular region. The financial and operational growth of the brand is in your hands, so make decisions wisely about promoting the store in a particular area. 
  • HR Senior System Administrator: Being a senior HR of the brand, you have to look after day-to-day maintenance and functioning in the HR department. You need to collaborate with different departments to check the availability of new candidates. Also, you should ensure that the testing activities of the user are according to the company’s policy. As an HR you have the authority to maintain the security system of the brand. 

How to apply for a job at Auntie Anne’s?

Many candidates wish to apply for a job role at Auntie Anne’s to get a better lifestyle and reputation in society. So, for those aspiring candidates, the job application procedure is given below. Though you can apply offline as well, it is always preferred to go for the online application procedure as it is less tiring and easy. You can follow these easy steps to get hired at Auntie Anne’s: 

Step 1: Visit the official website of Auntie Anne’s Career.

Step 2: On the webpage, you will find options either you can apply for a retail store job or a corporate position. 

Step 3: Once you select your preference then you can proceed with the application process. The list of job openings will appear, find a suitable job for you. 

Step 4: You can choose the best post available for you, and click on the apply button. 

Step 5: For filling the application form and effective communication afterward you need to create an account at the company’s website. After that, you can apply for the job.


Auntie Anne’s is a famous chain of stores dealing with pretzels, juice, and other such products. The brand was originally formed in 1988 and has expanded to various parts of the United States and Canada. The stores of Auntie Anne’s at different locations tend to hire talented and passionate candidates for their store. If you want to become part of Auntie Anne’s, then you need to fulfill basic criteria. 

You can become a part of Auntie Anne’s if you are above 16 years old but you will get a job at Auntie Anne’s retail store. To get a role at the corporate position the age requirement would be a minimum of 18 years. If you want to become part of Auntie Anne’s, then grab the opportunities. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Ques. 1: What is the minimum age to get hired at Auntie Anne’s?

Ans. 1: You can become a part of Auntie Anne’s at the age of 16 years. But, if you want to be a part of the corporate team of Auntie Anne’s then you need to be above 18 years. So, you need to check the hiring age and then apply for the job at Auntie Anne’s. 

Ques. 2: What skills are needed to join Auntie Anne’s?

Ans. 2: To apply for any job position at Auntie Anne’s, you must have basic skills. The set of basic skills include communication skills, decision-making skills, leadership qualities, problem-solving skills, and much more such skills. Also, your age becomes important when applying for a job at Auntie Anne’s, as you should be above 16 years. 

Ques. 3: How much do employees get paid at Auntie Anne’s?

Ans. 3: All the employees are paid a good amount. The average salary ranges from $8 per hour to $16.49 per hour. Initially, you can expect to receive $10 per hour. The employees are paid every week, every Friday.  

Auntie Anne’s Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

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