ALDI Hiring Age – What Age does ALDI Hire?


Aldi is a chain of discounted grocery stores running across 20 countries in the world.

Age Requirements for ALDI

One has to be an 18 year old to attain a position at Aldi.

Educational Requirement

General Educational Development (GED), high school diploma or an early graduation degree is a must for some specific positions. 

Hiring Process
  • Both online and pen and paper mode of applying can be availed. For offline mode, you must visit the nearest Aldi store, request an application form, fill in all the required details, and submit it. For the online mode, you must create an account at the company’s website and then fill in the application for the required position of your choice. Once the application has been submitted, be patient enough to wait for a response. If your application fulfills all their desire, you shall be contacted for an assessment.
  • You can also download the submitting form from the online website and then submit it at the store physically for better consideration. 
  • The assessment is added in the process to make sure you are competent enough for the position you are seeking. It may be reasoning, logical, numerical, or diametrical. A limited time and a fixed number of questions shall be provided. Thus one must take care of the time spent on one particular question, not to lack time completing the entire test as you shall not be given a second chance to prove your worth for the job. 
  • Once you have passed the assessment, you shall be eligible to participate in the interview process.
  • They run around four interviews before hiring an applicant. On phone screen or audio, another of them could be a one-o-one in-person interview. Others could be group interviews or interviews with more than one hiring manager. The questions are not usually tricky to leave you numb, so relax your brain and think straight. The answer shall always be in front of you. 
  • If you pass all stages of the interview, you shall be called in for the orientation and training program, after which you are a hired employee of the company store.
  • A drug test and background check could also be a consideration at some stores.
  • It usually takes around a month as the minimum duration for the completion of the hiring process. 
Dress Code

Shirt with name tags are provided by the company while you are expected to wear black slacks or casual pants or un-ripped jeans with steel toed boots.

Working Shifts

Work shifts can be anywhere between 8 to 10 hours. The store’s timings from Monday to Saturday are from 5 am to 10 pm while on Sunday (10 am 4 pm) timings are a little different.40 hours a week is the time for full-time consideration.


The average pay her hour of various employees are mentioned below. Payments are made every second Friday.

  • Cashier $13 ranging from $10 to $17
  • Store manager $18 ranging from $13 to $25
  • Sales associate $13 ranging from $10 to $19
  • Supervisor $17 ranging from $13 to $22

Responsibilities of ALDI

  • The cashier is primarily responsible for greeting customers, making the customers’ bills, receiving payments, being courteous, resolving their queries on product prices, dealing with an exchange, refunds, and returns fairly and soundly.
  • The manager has the duty to manage all the store’s activities, including both the employees and the customers. Multitasking is one of managers’ needed abilities, guiding and rectifying the employee’s mistakes, ensuring the store’s smooth functioning with zero complaints. Pushing all employees to work harder and meet their daily requirements.

Perks and Benefits 

  • They provide a 10% bonus on Christmas without considering whether you are a temporary worker or permanent. 
  • Once you have worked for 40 hours in a week, any additional hour of service that you contribute shall be eligible for one and a half times the rate of the employee’s regular pay as overtime pay.
  • However, there are no employee discounts available for the employees at the working stores.
  • At the end of each year, wages are raised with an announcement of the same being made. They are not different for any position based work and remain the same for all.
  • Paid holidays and group health coverage is provided to an employee who has served the company for around 5 years, along with the sick leave being paid based on 20 days for the entire year. 
  • For others, it may begin with ten paid leaves a year and then gradually increase with time.


Stores are closed on New Year’s Day, Easter Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas while operating for limited hours on Independence Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day.

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ALDI Hiring Age – What Age does ALDI Hire?

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