Yahoo Headquarters & Office Locations

The Yahoo Company is a subsidiary corporate company working since 1994. The company offers some services and supplies, mainly internet networking and entertainment. The main office, which is the headquarters of Yahoo, is in the United States. Sunnyvale, California, holds Yahoo’s centres to serve as the main branch or office for the entire company. Let’s know more about Yahoo Headquarters & Office Locations.

Yahoo Headquarters & Office Locations

Yahoo is a company for internet sharing by everyone. Numerous offices around other places play an essential role in serving their clients and other customers. Therefore, to know more about the headquarters and other locations for Yahoo, this document gets it all covered and in detail.  


When dealing with the web, Yahoo has its technology around that part. Yahoo’s products include website services and other internet applications such as;

Financial news

Application software’s

Enterprise software’s

Media and entertainment

IT services 


Search engine

Technical support

Currency converter

Mail services and other internet services are available 

Over the years, Yahoo Technology Company has shown its usefulness and working power. So if one has problems with any of the above services, then communicating to Yahoo for a query or help is possible. Moreover, visiting the nearest station or office would be a better problem-solving process.

The following are the locations and the main headquarters office area to consider visiting for any assistance or help from Yahoo.


In the United States, Yahoo took their start and set its headquarters around California, in Sunnyvale. The city holds Yahoo’s headquarters. So, those with more significant issues concerning internet usage might want to visit the headquarters for more information.

Also, other companies such as the news would prefer working in hand with Yahoo for such services. Not forgetting the entertainment field, the Yahoo Company provides their client with such, so getting to the headquarters for such matters is nothing to wonder.

While Yahoo has its most offices around the US, there are other locations where one could approach for in-person assistance or help. Other US areas where one could find an office for Yahoo include; Atlanta, Baltimore, Champaign, Dulles, and Hillsboro.

The following are the other areas where Yahoo has its branched offices. 


In Toronto, Yahoo sets its office location with the need to aid the people around that place for such services as problem support and other in-person services. Toronto in Canada has many people who go to Yahoo’s offices to seek attention on Yahoos services. 

So, if one has concerns regarding services from the Yahoo company, then those in Toronto do not have to go that far to find such help. The people in Toronto requiring entertainment and other services such as news would get it in full either online or visit the office.


In India, Yahoo has a location for its office set in the area around Bengaluru to help dedicate their help to the people around that place. When an Indian requires help with technical problems and other matters dealing with the web that needs physical assistance, travelling to Bengaluru seeking help is achievable and suitable.

The location of Yahoo’s office in India serves to distribute the works and services that the Yahoo Company offers to its beloved customers and users. 


Auckland in New Zealand gives the area of residence for one of the many office branches for Yahoo. Being an internet server technology company worldwide, the Yahoo Company always required a branch for most continents and areas worldwide. So, it decided to set up an office which could serve the physical issues and concerns of the people of New Zealand.

Therefore, the primary importance of such an office is that those who would need to face in-person assistance would not have to travel to the Headquarters of the Yahoo Company. So, going to Auckland is the crucial answer for those who need to visit the company for help while in New Zealand.


London city in the United Kingdom is one of the most advanced areas globally. Yahoo could not have anything to set there and made a branch office in London. People from London could access Yahoo services directly from the company’s office there.

The location of the Yahoo office inland creates a very organized service issue in the city since most people around cities use such internet resources every time. Also, Yahoo’s services as news and entertainment come in handy to such people in London. Therefore, it is essential Yahoo Company had to set up an office location in London, UK. 


The Taiwanese also have Yahoo direct services. An office for Yahoo services is in Taiwan for the people around that to get help and such needs with concern to internet resources as emailing. 

In Taiwan, the people would receive help whenever Yahoo needed it by following its nearest office in Taiwan. 


Singapore has a location for Yahoo’s office. Like other areas where Yahoo has set its offices, the people from Singapore also have Yahoo services. So, to help with technical issues and problems, Yahoo set up an office in Singapore to provide physical bits of help to the people near the area and others around that place. 


In conclusion, the Yahoo technology company comes in handy in the internet and communication. The resources the company provides to its users serve as a principal globally. Entertainment, email services, news and many other service supplies are what the big company of Yahoo provides for its customers. Therefore the offices in the earlier areas serve much help in those communities.


Does Yahoo Company have many branches?

The Sunnyvale area in California, US, has the Yahoo Company headquarters. There are other 22 locations for the other offices in about 12 countries globally.

Is the Yahoo Technology Company a good one to work for usually?

Yahoo holds a 4.0/5 from a review of about 5,410 reviewers in terms of rating. It would depend on how many employees in the company would recommend one for the same positions in Yahoo Company.

What does Yahoo offer as an internet servicing company?

If someone needs to use the internet for such resourceful service supplies as emails and entertainment, Yahoo helps. So Yahoo serves most internet resources like news, technical issues, email services, as an internet search engine, and many more.

Yahoo Headquarters & Office Locations

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