Social Security Office Locations & Headquarters

Introduction Paragraph – In the US, Social Security refers to the federal insurance program available for support to aged individuals and survivors. Social Security Administration administers state support programs. The program came into being through the establishment of the Social Security Act in 1935 but had been amended afterward before the current form came into being. The funding for the program comes from Self Employed Contributions Act Tax (SECA). This is a type of payroll tax. In 2019, it was reported that the average monthly Social Security benefit for December stood at around $ 1,382. Keep reading to know Social Security Office Locations & Headquarters.

Social Security Office Locations & Headquarters

To ensure a swift provision of social security for oneself, one first has to access a social security office. The offices are scattered all over the country but the headquarter is in Woodlawn, Maryland. 

Access To Social Security Offices

As per the official website of the United States Government concerning the Social Security Matters, the local offices (dispersed all over the vast swathes of the landmass of the U.S) will undergo a restoration of in-person services. Such resumption will also involve people visiting without any prior appointment. The restoration of the mentioned services will occur from April 7, 2022, onwards. It is pivotal to be able to easily access the vicinity of any social security office as these offices are the source through which information on relevant state support provisions can be attained and applied for. Local offices are easy points of contact with the authority on social security in your respective area. It is better to be well aware of the provision instead of being ignorant about a significant source of support provided by the federal government. Though there are measures a visitor shall always keep in mind before visiting a local office and the measures are as follow: 

1). Phone appointments can bring a great deal of assistance in saving a trip to the local office when it’s a busy day. Therefore, it is imperative to schedule appointments instead of visiting the desired office without any prior notice to the office personnel. 

2). Emergency page of the office can be checked before planning to make any visit to the office. Through the page, the concerned citizen will be informed on time of the status of the office whether it is open or closed. 

3). Plan visits to the office in timings when there is no immense workload on the personnel present while simultaneously ensuring that the office environment is not as busy as it is during the peak working hours. 

4). Observe COVID-19 safety precautions while visiting as the viral and contagious diseases have a higher possibility of transmission at busiest public offices. 

What To Know Before Making Visit To Office?

There are things a visitor should be mindful of before paying a visit to any local office. The important considerations before the visit are as follow: 

1). Completion of self-assessment checklist to ensure one’s safety before entering the office premises. 

2). Avoid coming into the company of other individuals but rather come alone. 

3). If help is required, only one adult may join. Children are also allowed inside. 

4). Usual busiest time slots are Mondays, the first week of the month, the day after the official and formal end to a holiday of federal type. 

5). Avoid visiting the premises of an office if you have been diagnosed with COVID positive. 

6). Avoid paying a visit to the Social Security office if someone in your house has been diagnosed COVID positive and you have also experienced mild symptoms. 

Why Social Security Offices Were Closed? 

Due to the damaging and lethal consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic, the social security offices throughout the USA had to be closed. To ensure the protection and safety of each citizen, it was thought of as a must-act to prevent a citywide, statewide, and nationwide increase in already growing numbers of COVID positive cases. Social Security personnel attaches immense importance to precautionary measures and advises the same to everyone including the citizens concerned with its provisions. According to official records, the processing of Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare claims has not been hampered by the office closure. However, benefit awards for Supplemental Security Income and disability insurance fell dramatically in 2020.

Impact Of Pandemic Closure Of Offices:

1). Grievances of many people have remained unaddressed. 

2). Despite being vaccinated, all staff and visitors to Social Security facilities are required to wear masks under the new agreement between the union and the agency. 

3). Visitors who stated that they had been vaccinated would have been allowed to skip the masks under the agency’s original plan. Negotiations between workforce and the agency over the reopening plan are also part of the agreement.

Current Functions Of Social Security 

Benefit claims for retirement and Medicare are handled by Social Security offices. According to official records, Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare claims have been unabatedly processed and have not been affected in any way by the office closure. However, benefit awards for Supplemental Security Income and disability insurance fell dramatically in 2020.

Offices Which Are Temporarily Closed

1). California: Los Angeles Downtown. 

2). Missouri: St. Louis Downtown.

3). North Dakota: Williston 

4). Ohio: Steubenville 

5). Oklahoma: Enid

6). Pennsylvania: Lancaster 

7). South Dakota: Pierre 


Social Security Offices were only temporarily closed owing to the global onslaught of the COVID 19 pandemic but now things have changed as many offices across the states are open and serving people with their best service framework. To access the offices, stay updated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are Social Security Offices Closed on Federal Holidays? 

Answer: All Social Security Offices are closed on Federal Holidays. 

2) Are All Offices in South Carolina Open At This Time?

Answer: Yes

3) Are All Offices in Rhode Island Open At This Time?

Answer: Yes

Social Security Office Locations & Headquarters

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