NDIS Office Locations And Headquarters

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a scheme which is initiated by the Australian Government. Its main work involves providing funds to support people with disabilities. This article will help you in knowing the headquarters and different locations of NDIS offices across Australia. NDIS is the first scheme developed to help people with disabilities. Let us know about that the NDIS Office Locations And Headquarters.

NDIS Office Locations And Headquarters

The headquarters is located in Geelong in Australia. The NDIS is almost located all over Australia. Following are the states where NDIS’s offices are located and its locations are: 

  • Victoria
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • Western Australia
  • New South Wales
  • South Australia
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Tasmania

About NDIS:

NDIS offers support to people with permanent disabilities based in Australia. It is situated across almost all states and territories of Australia. The support is through various connections that NDIS has. These are communities such as doctors, sports clubs, libraries, schools, etc. 

NDIS helps people with disabilities to live an independent life of their own. More than 11,000 children are receiving support through NDIS at present. Also, more than 5 lakh Australians are using the services of NDIS currently. 

Support at NDIS:

Following are the supports offered by NDIS to support individuals with a disability.

  • Helps them in daily personal things such as bathing, grooming, etc.
  • Encourage the individuals to participate actively in their community and its events
  • Offer therapeutic support and behavior supports
  • Enable them to do their household tasks
  • Helps in home modification and vehicle modification

How does it work?

NDIS has various partners in various regions across Australia. They collaborate with their partners to help their people.

  • First, you should have an understanding of NDIS and it works.
  • Second, check the eligibility criteria given on their official website.
  • Third, if you think you are eligible apply through their official website. 
  • The NDIS will review your application and create an NDIS plan for you if you are eligible.
  • People from the organization will help you in working out your plan. 
  • Finally, you have to review and understand whether the plan is working for you.

Headquarters and Office Locations:

Let us discuss the services and the exact locations of NDIS in these states below.

Western Australia:

NDIS offers services such as early childhood approach as well as local area coordination services. In addition, they provide services both in metropolitan and regional areas. The following table explains the locations where NDIS provides its services.

Services/ AreasMetropolitanRegional
Early Childhood ApproachCentral South, Central North, North, South East Metro, North East Metro, South MetroInner WheatbeltGreat Southern South West
Local Area Coordination servicesNorth East, Central North, South East, North, Central South, South MetroInner WheatbeltGreat Southern South West

Northern Territory:

They provide both early childhood care and local coordination through their partners in both metropolitan and regional areas.

Early Childhood partnersLocal coordination partners

South Australia:

NDIS provides services in the below areas of South Australia.

Early Childhood partnersLocal Area Coordination partners
Adelaide HillsEastern AdelaideBarossa Light and Lower NorthEyre and Western and Far NorthLGAs of Whyalla Pt Augusta, and Flinders Ranges CouncilLimestone Coast  Fleurieu Peninsula (not including Kangaroo Island)Murray and Mallee  Southern Adelaide Northern Adelaide Western AdelaideYorke and Mid NorthLight and Lower NorthNorthern, Eastern, Western, Southern AdelaideYorke Limestone Coast BarossaMid NorthMurrayAdelaide Hills  Mallee Fleurieu Peninsula (not including Kangaroo Island)Port Augusta Whyalla Flinders Ranges


Services/ AreasMetropolitanRegional
Services for Early Childhood BrisbaneLoganMoreton BaySunshine CoastBundabergMaryboroughGold CoastIpswichCairnsRockhamptonMackayTownsvilleToowoomba 
Local Area Coordination servicesMaryboroughBrisbaneLoganIpswichMoreton BaySunshine CoastBundabergGold Coast ToowoombaRockhamptonMackayCairnsTownsville

New South Wales:

Services/ AreasMetropolitanRegional
Early Childhood ApproachSydneySouthwestern, South Eastern, Northern Sydney, Western Sydney Central CoastSouthern NSWMurrumbidgeeNepean Blue MountainsIllawarra ShoalhavenHunter New EnglandFar West Western NSWMid North CoastNorthern NSW
Local Area Coordination servicesSydneySouthwestern, South Eastern, Northern Sydney, Western SydneyCentral CoastMid North CoastMurrumbidgeeWestern NSW Far WestNorthern NSWNepean Blue MountainsIllawarra ShoalhavenHunter New EnglandSouthern NSW

Australian Capital Territory:

The exact locations where NDIS offers services in the Australian Capital Territory are not known. However, their partners are mentioned on the website. For early childhood care, EACH is their service partner. And FEROS CARE is their partner for local area coordination services.


Services/ AreasMetropolitanRegional
Early Childhood ApproachBayside PeninsulaHume Moreland Brimbank Melton North Eastern MelbourneInner Eastern Melbourne Western MelbourneOuter Eastern MelbourneSouthern MelbourneBarwonMalleeGoulburnLoddonWimmera South WestCentral HighlandsOuter GippslandOvens MurrayInner Gippsland 
Local Area Coordination servicesHume MorelandBayside PeninsulaWestern MelbourneNorth Eastern MelbourneBrimbank Melton  Mallee, Northwestern VictoriaGoulburnLoddonCentral HighlandsBarwonInner GippslandOvens MurrayOuter GippslandWimmera South West


Partners for Early Childhood carePartners for Local Area Coordination 
South East TasmaniaNorth West TasmaniaNorth TasmaniaSouth West TasmaniaSouth East TasmaniaNorth West TasmaniaNorth TasmaniaSouth West Tasmania


NDIS assists many individuals with permanent disabilities in their daily lives. NDIS also helps people to get access to other services that the government provides. In addition, it helps to connect to other people with disabilities. Yet, you should also know that NDIS supports individuals only with permanent disabilities.


  1. What to do if NDIS is not there in my region?

If you are from other areas where NDIS is not located or do not have partners, you can call 1800 800 110 or email [email protected] You can also chat with them through live chat on their website.

  1. Does NDIS help people from countries other than Australia?

No, NDIS helps those who are Australian citizens and permanent visa holders.

  1. How can I apply?

You can call the number mentioned on their official website and submit a verbal application. Then, you need to submit an access request form which will be provided by them.

  1. What to do in the event of being not eligible for NDIS?

NDIS will help you in getting other services offered by the government.

NDIS Office Locations And Headquarters

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