Burger King Headquarters & Locations-Know More

 “Burger King” is an American Multinational hamburger global food chain of restaurants. This company was first founded in 1953 with the name- Insta Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida. The company was soon taken over by its very own two Miami-based franchisees- David Edgerton & James McLamore, due to a financial crisis in the Year 1954. The franchise duo purchased the company and renamed it, Burger King. Let us know more about that the Burger King Headquarters & Locations.

Burger King Headquarters & Locations

The headquarters of Burger-King is based in Miami, Florida, and is the only sole headquarters of the famous food chain. There are around 7257 Burger King locations in the United States of America itself, says the survey by May 16, 2022. Company-operated restaurants are 51 only, and the rest are franchise-operated.

 If we talk about the worldwide locations, the number of restaurants counts to 19,247. , signified by a recent survey in 2021. The global reach of this fast food Burger brand restaurant is up to more than 100 countries running effectively & efficiently. It makes the hamburger chain the world’s second-largest fast-food chain to date.    

Most Famous Burger King Locations

Burger King occupies a large portion of the world, being a go-to hamburger choice of all age groups of people globally, some of the locations have more popularity and demand than other parts around the corner. Here is a list of some of the most popular Burger King joints in the world.


Florida, the state where Burger King originated, is one of the most popular locations when it comes to Burger King Joints, having franchises of a total of 571 Burger Kings out of 7237 Burger Kings restaurants in the United States. People of Florida enjoy the fast food restaurant frequently & the number of customers seen in the joint is huge.


The state which has the most number of Burger King Locations in the United States is none-other than Texas. It has 580 Burger King restaurants and therefore automatically becomes one of the most in-demand and popular locations for hamburger lovers in America. 


Schiphol is undoubtedly one of the most walk-in Burger King joints, the city of Schiphol in Amsterdam is known as the largest Burger King joint in the world. It can serve more than 1000’s every day and hold a variety of local customers and tourists coming from all over the globe to have their favorite burger feast at Burger King Schiphol.

What Makes Every Location Unique?

With every country & state come various traits which make them unique in their serving style and attract the customers according to their geographical influence and tastes, as we are talking about countries, let’s see some of the most amazing & unique traits which every Burger King location has:-


The Number of Burger King Restaurants in Vietnam is 13, but there is something special about the Burger meal served in the country. Vietnam is known for its rice dishes, and natives love to eat rice in every meal, so it is of no surprise that Burger King also serves rice on a platter on its menu so that Vietnams don’t miss their go-to comfort food, if you are in Vietnam don’t forget to indulge in this unique delight.


If you are a spa lover and want to have your meal while getting all the self-pampering, Finland is the place for you. However, the number of Burger King restaurants in Finland is 60. 

The country does not only have an in-house spa and sauna but also lets the customer enjoy the hamburger meal with luxury as they serve the meal in Helsinki located in Finland. Isn’t that amazing?


Burger King in India has 260 franchises, and all are very popular amongst the customers. The best thing about the Indian Burger King meal is they serve the best menu for vegetarians,  making it a heaven for veggie lovers, while other countries have a maximum number of Non-Vegetarian toppings, India has a variety of vegan menus to choose from.


The Number of Burger King joints in Switzerland is 63. Local people here are fond of desserts. Burger King shows special care for their customer by offering its unique dessert menu full of brownies, donuts, and mouth-watering cupcakes with Belgian waffles. The sweet bites are drool-worthy and are most in-demand of customers here. Next time you visit Switzerland do not forget to binge on the delicious Burger King sweet dish menu. 

Most Amazing Facts about Burger King

You can customize your order

Yes, you can customize your order at Burger King from every topping to even a milkshake. You get a chance to be a half chef and choose the ingredients of what you eat. 

The Official Name of Burger King was earlier Insta Burger King

When The Company was firstly founded in the year “1953”, the owner named it Insta Burger King, only if they knew how beneficial this name would have been for them in this era of every Thing Insta style. Do you want the name to get renamed- Insta Burger King again?

Burger King is Also Known by another name called “Hungry Jack’s”

Yes, you read it right, there is only one country which got it all spiced up, the name of Burger King as well, so when in Australia you won’t find a Burger King joint, but if you want the same hamburger meal you could get yourself one at the restaurant named Hungry Jack’s.


The conclusion of the above article is simple yet drool-worthy. We discussed that half of the globe has Burger King outlets, it is insane to know how many fast food lovers there are in the world. In addition to this, we came across a case study of Burger King Company and its growth over the decades and past years. 

We got to know about the most amazing locations and places occupied by Burger King, so next time you want to know more about your favorite Burger King joint, do mull over this amazing source of information. Until next time. “Happy – eating.”

 Frequently Asked Questions about Burger King

 Where Is Burger King Most Popular?

Burger King is popular in America followed by Europe, Australia, and other Asian countries. 

What is Burger King’s Secret?

The question itself has the answer, it is a secret, but as we concluded over past years it’s the secret sauces and the customized choice that a customer gets which makes it unique and the best hamburger joint globally.

What is the Burger Kings Uniform?

The uniform is different globally. It includes- The whopper strips uniform paired up with caps, hoodies, and hats. The idea is to inspire and make the employees take pride in the brand.

Burger King Headquarters & Locations-Know More

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