AstraZeneca Headquarters and Locations

AstraZeneca is a Swedish-British multinational biotechnology and pharmaceutical company with its headquarters at the Biomedical campus in Cambridge, UK. In addition, it has 112 offices located in 61 countries. AstraZeneca was founded in 1999, and it has historical pharmaceutical and biomedical solutions in renal and metabolism like respiratory diseases, Oncology, and cardiovascular diseases. 

AstraZeneca Headquarters and Locations

AZ has decentralized its pharmaceutical product supply offices across the U.K. and United States. How many offices does AZ have in the U.K. and U.S.? They has ten office locations in the U.K. and nine offices in the U. S. The AZ HQ is located at Cambridge, 1st Francis Crick Avenue in England. AZ has a U.S. office H.Q. located at Wilmington, 1800 Concord Pike. The US AZ offices include; 

  • Waltham, South San Francisco, and three offices are at Gaithersburg, Rockville, Coral Gables, and Cambridge. AstraZeneca has a workforce of around 61,500 personnel in over 100 countries. Its values are dedicated to construing an open, inclusive, and trustable organization that acknowledges its employees’ knowledge, skills, efforts, and talents. The Waltham office is located at 35 Gatehouse Dr route in Middlesex County in Massachusetts, the U.S. It provides biomedical and pharmaceutical research products wholesale.
  • The Wilmington office is at 1800 Concord Pike, in coastal S.E. North Carolina in New Hanover County. Rockville office is located at 1700 Rockville Pike #250, and the Gaithersburg AZ offices are located at 950 Wind River Lane, 200 Orchard Ridge Dr, and 1 Medimmune Way in Maryland in Montgomery County, U.S. 
  • The South San Francisco city office is located at 121 Oyster Point Blvd in San Mateo County, California. Where is Coral Gables office in the U.S.? Coral Gables office is located at 804 Douglas Road # 630 in Miami-Dade County in Florida, S.W. of downtown Miami in the U.S. 

The AZ artistic design supports all technology offices to deliver quality scientific research ideas and solutions globally. The Cambridge office is located at 141 Portland St, Us Trust Building, in Middlesex County, the eastern part of Massachusetts, U.S. Such AZ offices have a transformative science in identifying new targets of infectious disease drivers to build clinical methods and scientific engagements to help improvise technology to predict the disease mutation rates and best control and mitigation mechanisms. 

The U.K. local office locations include; 

  • Cambridge -136 Hills Rd, two offices in London, Luton, Harlow, Parl Estate, Speke, Royston, and Macclesfield. Where is the AstraZeneca office in Cambridge, UK? Cambridge is located north of London and east of Birmingham in a city and county town called Cambridgeshire, England. 
  • Luton – AstraZeneca office is located in Bedfordshire County, east of England, and its office is navigated at 600 Capability Green, LU1 3LU at Luton. Harlow’s office is in Essex, between Hertfordshire County and London in England. 
  • The Macclesfield AstraZeneca office is routed in England in County Durham and Darlington. The Speke’s office is located in Speke County and a suburb in Liverpool near the river Mersey. Royston is an AstraZeneca office in Hertfordshire County in eastern England, north of London and southwest of Cambridge city, U.K.

How many other regions does AstraZeneca cover in biomedical supply? AstraZeneca provides biotechnological and medical services to five areas. These regions include;

  • Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. AZ can transmit information to all the office locations in the regions through mailing service, and invoices are electronically received and processed. In Europe, biomedical inquiries, information, and orders are managed in a portal for each office location. 

The Austria office postal address for invoice submission is 600 -Austria, and the office location is 1030 Wien in Austria. While the postal address for AZ invoice submission in Belgium is 700-Belgium, and the office location is 1180 Brussel in Belgium. What is the postal code and address of the Bulgaria AZ office? Bulgaria has a postal code of 2600-Bulgaria, and the AZ office location is at 1057 Sofia. Croatia’s physical address citation and location are AstraZeneca D.O.O. Zagreb Rednicka Cesta 80/11 Kat 1000 Zagreb. 

In Africa, the AZ office’s information for suppliers’ location and postal code includes;

  1. Algeria – Laboratoire AZ Algerie, Micro Zone, Chemin Doudou Mokhtar, Hydra, Algiers- 16035.
  2. Egypt has the same postal address – AstraZeneca Pharma Egypt at 133 Road 90 North Behind Nbd, Fifth settlement, New Cairo.
  3.  Kenya – AZ Pharmaceuticals Limited, Po Box 10107 – 00100, G.P.O., Nairobi. Where is the Nigeria AZ office? AZ Limited, 11 Alfred Olaiya Street, House Estate, Opti Lagos, Nigeria. 

The UAE AZ office address locations comprise; 

  1. Oman, U.A.E., and Qatar share the postal address – AZ FZ L.L.C., Po Box 505070, Dubai, U.A.E. 
  2. Palestine – Swifieh, Mohammad Al Moussa, Ubaydat Street, Building No. 19, in Jordan. Latin America AZ locations are; (a). Argentina – AZ, Marketing Company, vedia 36168 8 1430 Caba. (b). CAMCAR – Centro corporativo Plaza Roble Edif. Los Balcones 2 Piso Escazu, Escazu, Costa Rica. 

Asia –Pacific AZ locations include; 

  1. Australia – AZ Pty Ltd, Po Box 365, North Ryde, NSW 1670.
  2.  China – AZ Trading Co. Ltd Liang Jiang Rd, Shanghai Shi, China 201203.
  3.  The Philippines – AZ Phils. 16th Floor, Inoza Tower 40th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634. 


The AZ headquarters are located in Cambridge, UK, and it has office locations in regions such as; Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia- Pacific, North America and Canada, and Europe. Does AZ have websites for biomedical supplies and invoice submission? The AZ offices contain a couple of supplier portal that entails AZ information on electronic invoice templates for submitting biomedical product supplies. In addition, the AZ networking platform can have electronic interoperability systems to track product marketing and recipients’ comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many are AZ postal offices found in Latin America?

Ten offices: Argentina S.A., Argentina S A Operations, Brazil, CAMCAR, Chile and Colombia, Mexico and Peru, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. 

  • What is the office location of AZ in Ukraine?

The Ukraine office is located at Pymonenko Street, 13 Building 1A, 2nd Floor Kyiv, Ukraine 04050.

AstraZeneca Headquarters and Locations

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