Is it possible to work two full-time jobs?

Is It Possible to Work Two Full-Time Jobs? How to Do It?

The question of whether is it possible to work two full-time jobs? Have strike everyone’s mind at some point. Maybe some people find having multiple positions fascinating; on the other hand, some find it too troublesome. But, the recent pandemic of covid-19 has pushed people to work two full-time jobs to balance their expenses and maintain their financial security.

Two full time Jobs

Regular working hours for an average person is around 40 hours per week, where the employee is devoted to only one job. Still, if two full-time jobs are considered, the working hour increases from 40 to around 80 hours a day, as here we are considering two full-time jobs. The idea of generating extra income from the second full-time job can be an option for some but ambition for others to fulfill their goals faster. After the pandemic, some people found themselves in a position where they were unsure about their job security. 

As unemployment was increasing at a higher pace, finding an extra full-time job became a necessity. Many sectors suffered due to the pandemic, whereas the IT sector improvised and opted for Work from Home (WFH) culture. This led people to get extra time, thinking about having two full-time jobs rather than one. Many people may see this as an opportunity for double pay and enjoy financial freedom, but there are many points to consider. Every merit comes with its demerits as well. It may not be possible for everyone, as legal issues play a vital role. 

The people opting for two full-time jobs may face various challenges to maintain both jobs legally. Not only that, the person who has decided to have two full-time jobs should have skills to manage multiple tasks and different people, without having any conflict of interest. Even there will be times when the meeting will get conflicted. The schedule and management will play an essential role in managing the multiple full-time jobs.

It is true that no matter how exciting two full-time jobs may sound, they may be highly exhausting at the same time. Therefore, a person should know the balance between the two and act accordingly. 

Merits of Having Two Full-Time Jobs

Increased Pay Scale

The first and foremost criteria that anyone sees about having two full-time jobs is the increased pay scale. From that increased pay scale, one can manage their expenses and savings more efficiently. In addition, the loans taken can be paid earlier, just because of two jobs.

Secondary Source of Income

The pandemic has forced people to question their job security. The increased unemployment made people think about having a backup plan or a secondary source of income. Moreover, the person’s confidence level will increase, as they will not have any trouble regarding their job security.

Enhanced Job Opportunities and Network

Having two full-time jobs will lead to having a good and more extensive network of people. You will be able to interact and enhance your skills by having a great network. In addition, while searching for a new job, it would be easier for you to make a network of excellent and trustworthy people along the way.

Demerits of Having Two Full-Time Jobs

Legal Complications

Not everyone can opt for having two full-time jobs. Companies, after the appointment of new candidates, make them sign a legal contract. The contract consists of basic rules and regulations of the particular company. Most of the company clearly states that, after joining the organization, they won’t be able to indulge with any other company during their service period. If they are found to do so, the organization can take strict actions against them. Anyone, who makes their mind to have two full-time jobs, needs to make sure about the clause if any.

Conflict of Interest

It is the major hindrance between you and your two full-time jobs. The reason to make the hired candidates sign the contract is to solve the conflict of interest. While working for two organizations, it may be possible that they get the second job at one of the competitor companies of their first job. There is the risk of obtaining sensitive information leaked in the market or to the competitors. As the employee is a term to deceive the Employer, severe legal actions can be retaken against the employee.

Time Management

If the person is cleared from all the legal complications and free to do two full-time jobs, time management is the second problem. At times, two meetings will be conflicted, or the overburden of work will lead to disorganized work. This may, in turn, lead you to fail at one job or both. The main drawback of two full-time jobs is that time is distributed from one position to two, which takes double the time to complete the work. In addition, if the second job is not flexible, the person needs to commute to two offices that may or may not be near each other, which will make you mentally and physically exhausted.

Health Issue

Sooner or later, there will be a time when the person who opted for two jobs will get burnout. No matter how hard we push ourselves, the body has its limits. Two full-time jobs may deteriorate the physical condition as well.

How to Do It?

Strategies to Cope-Up with Two Full-time Jobs

If one has decided to go with the two full-time jobs, considering all the factors in mind, a few strategies can help cope with the situation.

Maintain Proper Schedule 

With two full-time jobs will come many tasks that you need to take care of in a single day. If you have both jobs in a different field, you need to take extra care not to mix up the work, for this s proper schedule or a time table in must. You need to take adequate care of all the meetings, that no two conferences clashed with each other. If not done so, it could be disastrous to the organizations as well. In between the schedule, there should be a proper time to rest to maintain efficiency. And try to stick to the plan as far as possible to have consistency. 

Importance of selecting the second job carefully.

You are not satisfied with your current job, that is why you have decided to do two full-time jobs; maybe the pay scale was not fulfilling your needs, or you are not getting job satisfaction. There is some reason, that is why you are searching for two jobs rather than one. So, the second job should be of your interest or inclined towards your hobby. The location of the second job should also be kept in mind, as at times there could be urgency and the company could call you. To cope with the situation, the two job locations should not be very far from each other. If the second job is flexible, like remote or works from home-based, it would be advantageous.

Check the Contracts with the previous Employer. 

This strategy will solve the major drawback of having two full-time jobs, that is, legal complications. If the contracts of the previous Employer are already checked, then there would not be any clashes afterward. Even talking about all the clauses with the Human Resource manager can also help a lot, in addition to, it will develop trust from both the parties.

Have a Proper Goal

It is essential to clarify why you started the two full-time jobs as no one wants to overburden themselves. If the goal is to reach financial stability, pay debts or loans. Try to leave the second job once the goal is met.

Be ready With Proper Exit Strategy.

Things don’t need to go as per your plan. There might be a possibility that the purpose for which you had started two full-time jobs don’t meet. Rather than sticking to the job, be ready to leave and have a proper exit strategy as well. Or, if your goal is met, be prepared to leave the job and spare time for yourself and your family members.

Following all the strategies and sticking to them will be a lifesaver in your hectic two full-time jobs as well.

Theory of Overlapping Jobs

At the time of switching jobs, one must find a second job before leaving the first one. After the confirmation of the second job, one needs to give resignation to the first one and serve a notice period of around one month. Now, at times, knowing the conditions, the Employer of a second job sometimes needs you to start the work as early as possible and agree with you having and managing two jobs at a time. The concept of having two jobs at a single time around a month is called the concept of overlapping jobs. This means you have started your second job and indulge in two full-time jobs at the time of your notice period.

Using the concept, you can have an answer to many questions that you are not sure of. Questions like whether you will be able to manage the time? Can you handle the conflicting meetings? And many more questions like this, which is the condition where you can enroll and see whether you will be able to take two full-time jobs in the future or not.

How will the concept of Overlapping help you?

This concept will make you feel like working in a self-simulated environment of two full-time work.

  • You will be able to realize whether you can handle the two full-time jobs in the future or not.
  • You will learn time management.
  • You will get a taste of holding conflicting meetings, overwork, and how to stick to the schedule.
  • You will get to know what having a two-income source feels like.
  • You will learn how to deal with health along with the busy work.

Overlapping jobs is one of the best ways to judge yourself and find out your capacity. Of course, every job and every situation will indeed be different, but you will get the experience before stepping your foot into two full-time jobs.

Choosing Second Job Wisely

Choosing the second job wisely is much more important than getting a second job. If you are stuck in a position where the workload is so much, you can neither complete the first nor the second. 

Few easy options for a second job

1. Flexible job

Many companies hire people for particular projects and pay them for specific tasks; the concept is freelancing. Nowadays, there are many freelancing jobs, which you can choose according to your expertise area.

2. Own Business

If you have a business idea and are confident that you can start a business, you can have a job and establish and expand your business. The main benefit of having own side business is having complete control over the second position.

3. Part-Time Jobs

Apart from the primary job you do in your spare time, it is termed a part-time job. Many people take part-time jobs to pay their college fees or added expenses. The main benefit of a part-time job is, timings of no two jobs coincide with each other. Though it becomes, exhausting but secondary income is generated. A few part-time jobs are waiter jobs at restaurants, shop helper in a retail store, and many such jobs.

4. Making your hobby your job

Hobbies like any significant computer programming expertise, swimming, tour guide, tutor of your favorite subject and many more such hobbies, which people like to learn and play a reasonable amount can also be used to generate secondary income. It will be under your control as well.

Above, options for a second job helps to manage two full-time jobs much more manageable without having any legal complications. 


Having two full-time jobs can overtire you, as many factors come into play. The more flexible our second job will be, the more manageable and straightforward things will be. However, the situation should be handled with proper strategy, as without any plan, items may go haywire. 

If possible, we should practice the overlapping jobs, which can make us realize whether the situation can be handled by us or not; if not, we will be ready for what measure to take to handle two full-time jobs. This will also help you gain personal skills like time management, planning, and how to handle two jobs. And in addition, for the foremost reason for which two full-time jobs is considered, you will have two sources of income.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we directly start two full-time jobs?

No, you have to take care of the legalities and time management, forgoing your two jobs perfectly.

2. Are there any strategy to handle the situation?

Yes, there are few strategies discussed in the article, which can help.

3. Do we have to choose two jobs in the same field or different?

It differs from person to person, and there are merits and demerits of both. You should balance them and choose wisely.

Is it possible to work two full-time jobs?

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