McDonald’s Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

McDonald Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

In this article, we will see the McDonald’s Mission and Vision Statement Analysis.

McDonald’s is a food joint that everyone has heard about unless they lived under a rock. It is an iconic fast-food eatery founded by McDonald, Richard, and Maurice, in 1955. It is known for its good quality food and affordability. McDonald’s started as a BBQ Stall in California and went on to a significant brand expansion all around the globe. 

McDonald’s offers various options ranging from burgers, sandwiches, beverages, ice creams, fries, etc. It also alters the flavors according to the region in which the stores are located. This customization of the menu attracts the customers. It is also known to serve fast-food options in attractive packages containing goodies like happy meals, which acts as a magnet for people of all age groups. 

McDonald’s has its focus on customers and works for their satisfaction. This article will look into its mission and vision statement and its core values, which drive it’s business and franchise. 

Mission Statement and Analysis

The Mission Statement of McDonald’s is “to make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone.” 

The essence of the Mission Statement is visionary yet straightforward. McDonald’s aims to create a community life that benefits every individual with which the eatery is associated. It wants to create happy and satisfactory experiences for customers with good food and good customer service. It looks forward to an inclusive environment, be it in terms of employability or even affordability. 

McDonald’s knows that to be a global brand, the need is to appeal to the masses. If a majority of people cannot buy things from McDonald’s, then there would be no high marketability. Therefore, McDonald’s’ makes sure that the prices of its products are affordable to the masses. They want to bring a smile to everyone’s face, irrespective of the differences. The environment here is warm and welcoming for everyone. McDonald’s provides an atmosphere of hospitability where people from any walk of life can come and enjoy their moment with close friends or acquaintances. It makes sure that no one leaves hungry from the eatery. There are things for every person. 

McDonald’s is more than just a food joint serving delicacies. It aims to help moments for everyone who has put trust in their franchise. The mood of the eatery is not pretentious at all. It is a warm and friendly place with excellent and pleasant staff and happy-go-lucky customers. It gives off an overall experience to the customers, from good food to an ideal environment to good customer service. The setup of McDonald’s is such that a customer would want to visit it again and again as it feels homely. 

McDonald’s’ is continuously striving to improve the food quality and customer service as constant improvement is the key to gain excellence. It aims to differentiate itself from other fast food joints so that customers can go back to it again and again without getting bored. The customers should feel connected to the eatery throughout. McDonald’s never takes its customers for granted and continuously works towards improving its strategy. 

Vision Statement and Analysis

The Vision Statement of Mcdonald’s is “to move with velocity to drive profitable growth and become an even better McDonald’s serving more customers delicious food each day around the world.”

The Vision Statement of Mcdonald’s encapsulates its high ambition and the willingness to work towards achieving great heights. The term ‘velocity’ refers to both the magnitude of efforts and the direction of growth this eatery aims at. It wants to expand its franchise and obtain profitable success. At the same time, it wants to build community relationships all around the world. 

Despite the popularity of McDonald’s, the desire for more growth and success is still intact. It aims to become even better than it already is. For the sky is the limit for the people at Mcdonald’s. Here everyone wants to achieve even larger goals through proper strategies and further diversifying the operations. This vision will give Mcdonald’s a better profit margin. 

Apart from gaining profit, McDonald’s also wants to improve its customer service further. The customers should be able to have a good experience eating delicious food and enjoying their time. The customers should be looked after well and with great hospitality by the staff. They should find an escape from the monotonous life outside the McDonalds and have some quality time. 

The vision of Mcdonald’s also has a long-term structural plan. This includes expansion of the fast-food joint into more stores all across the world. 

Core Values

McDonald’s has a set of core values by which everyone abides. These values shape up the behavior and thinking of each individual working for Mcdonald’s. The core values instill a sense of responsibility and accountability and command respectability. These values are- 


McDonald’s knows about its responsibility to serve the people that come to its eatery. The employees are also taken good care of, and not just the customers. It also wants to do and contribute to the community that it is a part of. 


Every individual from any walk of life, background, and ethnicity is welcomed at Mcdonald’s. McDonald’s provides a space for inclusion without any differentiation and bias. The employees also belong to different backgrounds as their ethnicity or culture is not given priority. Rather than the skills they possess, what they bring to the table is what counts. 


Running any business is challenging. Many people take several shortcuts and easy ways to earn profit quickly. But McDonald believes in integrity and whatever it undertakes is full of dignity and integrity. They want to do the right thing the right way. 


Having a solid community instills support and a sense of security. A business cannot prosper unless and until it gives back to the community that helped the company develop. McDonald’s believes in creating a community bond and taking care of every individual associated with it in some way or the other. 


McDonald’s treats its employees and customers like its family. Each individual is respected and prioritized. Whatever it undertake is for the growth of this family, a growth of the bond of the family. 

These core values drive Mcdonald’s to achieve great heights and profitability in business but through the right way. 

Our Foundation

The foundation or the framework on which McDonald’s works is the impeccable service to the customers and strive to empower the McDonald family, which includes the employees and the customers. 

The motivation to excel in business comes from the smiling faces of the customers at Mcdonald’s. The main aim of this food joint is to serve the customers what they need. In addition, it wants to give a welcoming ambiance to everyone and create a space where each individual is valued. 

The workplace at Mcdonald’s is an area of inclusivity, kindness, respect, empathy, and optimum opportunities for growth. 

Growth Pillars

There should be a strategy in place if any business wants to achieve greater heights. McDonald’s also has such a strategy in the form of growth pillars. These pillars are- 

To Maximize the Marketing 

Any brand needs to adjust its stance according to the needs of the time. They have to customize things according to the people that it wants to target. The first step to achieve this target is to be clear in objective. 

McDonald’s has trust in itself, and this drives the customers’ faith in the brand too. McDonald’s is evident in its stance that it wants to satisfy the community through its service. The community that it intends to build is based on trust, equity, and a strong connection. Thus, community bond, affordability, intelligence, and clear strategizing are the marketing tools of Mcdonald’s which will propel its growth. 

Strong commitment and values 

McDonald’s’ commitment to perfection motivates it to introduce new delicious items on the menu to attract more customers and appease the existing customer base. As a result, the meat used in the things of Mcdonald’s is altered according to the region and the taste of the community. This reflects the strong core values that McDonald’s possess. 

Focus on the 3 D’s- digital, delivery and drive-thru. 

  • McDonald’s aims to build its digital presence even more, to make its services more convenient to its customers. From payments to rewards to digital access, everything will be just a click away for the customers. 
  • McDonald’s is also trying to develop its presence on mobile applications for more accessible and economical delivery of the items on the menu. 
  • Although many McDonald’s outlets have drive-thru incorporated in them, still McDonald’s wants to invest more in drive-thru so that people can avail its services even on the go. 
Frequently Asked Questions in Interview
  1. Why do you want to work here, at McDonald’s?
  2. What makes you an eligible candidate to be hired here?
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. How would you deal with an upset customer?
  5. What will motivate you to come to work daily?
  6. What are the core values of Mcdonald’s? 
  7. What is your 5-year plan?
  8. Would you be able to work on a flexible schedule?
  9. What do you like the most about McDonald’s’ outlets?
  10. Do you agree with the vision and mission statement of Mcdonald’s?

What should one ideally wear to a job interview at Mcdonald’s?

You can wear any casual outfit which is modest and clean. It could be a dress, simple jeans, and a tee for women. Men could wear khaki pants, t-shirts, button-down shirts, etc. The clean-shaven look is preferred as Mcdonald’s portrays a friendly, clean environment. 

If I want to work at Mcdonald’s, do I need to have any particular qualifications?

No. No specific Qualification is required. You only need to have the right skills and the ability to deal with customers and impart customer service. If you can do all this, then McDonald’s will hire you according to the vacancy. 

How is McDonald’s incorporating environmental sustainability?

For many of its products, Mcdonalds’ has gone plastic-free and has started using recycled material. In addition, it pledges to turn all its products and packaging green by 2025. 

Where are the headquarters of Mcdonald’s located?

The headquarters of Mcdonald’s are located in California, USA.

How many McDonald’s outlets are there in the USA?

According to the statistics, there are 13,439 McDonald’s outlets in the USA. 

How can one contact the customer service at Mcdonald’s?

There are several ways to get in touch with the customer service at Mcdonald’s for either feedbacks/complaints or general inquiry. 

If the query is general and asked frequently, one can look it up on the website of Mcdonald’s under the ‘FAQ’ section.

There is a mobile app too in which one can give feedback and suggestion. 

One also can directly contact the customer service staff at the stores for direct feedback and suggestions.  

The Mcdonald’s website also has contacts of all the stores. Thus, one can find the store they are looking for and contact customer service. 

Can a person enquire about the constituent of the food that they are ordering?

Yes, absolutely. The policy of Mcdonalds’ is to be transparent and honest with the customers. Detailed explanation about each product and how the ingredients are sourced; everything can be enquired about. The focus is on customer satisfaction and good quality food. 


McDonald’s is a trendy fast-food joint. It has worked its way towards global recognition and still aims to achieve more. The service of Mcdonald’s is trustworthy and reliable. Customers have faith in this franchise. McDonald’s is a popular spot to eat comfort food at an affordable rate. 

The vision and mission statement of Mcdonald’s reflects its strive for excellence and high ambition. The core values are followed and imbibed by all those working here. In addition, there is a constant push for further growth and improvement, which makes McDonald’s a dynamic space to work in.

There are several career opportunities at Mcdonald’s, and job openings keep presenting themselves from time to time. In addition, working at Mcdonald’s offers a great chance to gain a learning experience. 

McDonald’s Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

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