When Was Youtube Founded? Youtube History

No one doesn’t know about the internet and youtube. The most searched platform after google is youtube. With a user of 2.5 billion, the popularity of youtube has increased all these years. youtube is considered a great source of income for most people. Youtube is not just social media platform, it is a great source of increasing your knowledge. There are millions of educational and positive videos that help young people to parents to raise their children properly. Youtube is the best part of the internet where you can learn anything from the basics with the help of educational videos. Let us know When Was Youtube Founded.

When Was You tube Founded? You tube History

In this article, we are going to tell you the history of this renowned social media platform which has affected the lives of millions. With the help of youtube, today many people are doing their work with the guidance of business leaders all over the world. One can find hundreds of videos to learn any skills from the basics. From its creation to its ownership we’ll be discussing the history of youtube in this article.

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  • Ownership 
  • Features 
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When Was Youtube Founded?

This global video-sharing platform Youtube was founded by three people chad hurley, Steve Chen and jawed Karim. These three were used to work at PayPal. At the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign Steve Chen and jawed Karim studied computer science together. The first ever idea of developing youtube was hurley and Chen after a dinner party. Karim wasn’t part of that dinner and he denied that it had occurred. The difficulty of sharing videos made them think to make a site where everyone can easily share videos. Youtube was founded in February 2005. It was a video-sharing platform where users could watch, upload and share their videos. “Me at the zoo” was the first ever video of youtube and was uploaded by the jawed karim. In November 2005  the first ever video to reach one million views was an advertisement video which was featured by Ronaldinho.


Well, being concerned with the ownership of youtube, it was purchased by Google in November 2006, just after completing one year of its creation date. In 2006 Google launched a Google video service but it failed to gain traffic, and this thing led Google to purchase youtube for $ 1.65 billion. The ownership of youtube is in the hand of Alphabet Inc. Headquarters of youtube is at 901 Cherry Avenue San Bruno, California, United States.


For multiple reasons youtube is the best-known social media platform as it offers multiple features one can create a playlist and can download videos. Not only this, one can like and unlike the videos, they have watched. Even the users who want to create their channel can create it and make multiple videos related to them. Those who wants to promote their business online then there are several opportunities available for them. Those who wish to expand their business online can choose youtube as the top service to aware people of their brand. With endless benefits, youtube is the only platform that has given several opportunities to individuals and businessmen to expand their business or education all over the world.


The services which are offered by youtube are 

  • Youtube kids
  • Youtube premium
  • Youtube Music
  • Youtube TV

Youtube kids 

 It is a safe and secure way of letting your children surf youtube safely without any negative or bad videos. Youtube kid is a whole thing similar to youtube but it has kid creators and stuff that is only for kids. Conclusively, this is a curated method for kids to browse movies created for a younger audience, with additional parental controls. It is the best way for parents to take good care of their children on the internet.

Youtube premium

        Youtube premium is an additional feature of youtube this is the only service that has no special app. It is an additional service which is offered in the youtube app. One can take a subscription to youtube premium and enjoy the services without any interruptions ad or commercials. Even on youtube premium one can watch movies as well. It is an effective way for youtube to provide endless services to its users.

Youtube Music

With the help of this feature, one can listen to unlimited songs on youtube. There is also one option that is for the premium subscription this one can listen to music without any interruption of ads or anything. It is a cool way to listen to songs and one can also download the songs from youtube and create a playlist and can listen to songs offline as well.

Youtube TV

 By using youtube tv one can use download or record some movies or series or tv shows. This feature allows six people to use the youtube tv feature with one login detail. It is a great way to watch multiple tv series and shows. There is no foundation for recording or downloading series or videos. Your downloaded records like tv shows, series or movies last up to 9 months. With this feature, youtube has made it easy to watch any series or show.

Impact of youtube 

No one can deny the fact that youtube has changed the lives of millions of people. Through educational channels and creative channels, people are earning more than they have desired. Even people from different continents or countries can watch many educational videos and gain many skills. One can listen to good music and as well as one can watch any video of the world on youtube. Youtube is the best way to educate yourself about the best things. The impact of youtube on the lives of children and youth can be seen in their education, youtube can be considered a paradise for knowledge seekers and learners. Millions of videos and users have made youtube the best one on the list of social media platforms. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1 When was youtube created?

Answer – 14th Feb 2005

Q2 who owned youtube?

Answer- Alphabet inc

When Was Youtube Founded? Youtube History

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