Domino’s Employee Discount

Domino’s, the world’s largest pizza delivery company, has been offering its employees an incredible discount program for over a decade. The Domino’s Employee Discount 1000 S1 program has been helping both current and former employees save money on their favorite Domino’s pizzas and other menu items. Let us know Domino’s Employee Discount.

Domino’s Employee Discount

Domino’s Employee Discount

The programme works by giving a 10% discount on any menu item that is bought. This means that employees can get a discount on their favourite pizza and other foods. If an employee orders a pepperoni pizza, for instance, they can save 10% off the regular price. All sizes, toppings, and crusts are included in this discount. All current and former employees of Domino’s can use the Employee Discount 1000 S1 programme. The programme is also open to family members who can provide proof of employment. This means that employees can receive discounts when placing orders for friends and family. 

How to Access Employee Discounts?

Employees of Domino’s Pizza have access to a variety of discounts, perks, and other benefits. These include discounts on food, special offers, and exclusive promotions. 

Here’s how to access your Domino’s employee discount

Sign in to your Domino’s account as follows

Access your Domino’s account. This information is available on the Domino’s website or by downloading the Domino’s app.

Select “My Account”

Once logged in, select “My Account”. This will bring you to your account page. 

Select “Employee Benefits”

On the “My Account” page, select “Employee Benefits”. This will bring you to the page where you can view available discounts and offers. 

Select the discount you wish to use

Once on the “Employee Benefits” page, select the discount you wish to use. This may include offers such as free pizza, discounted drinks, or other special offers.

Enter the code

Once you’ve found the discount program you want to use, you’ll need to enter a code to access the discount. This code can typically be found on an employee website or provided directly by your employer. Once you’ve entered the code, you’ll be able to start taking advantage of the discounts available. 

Shop at Domino’s

Once you’ve entered the code and taken advantage of the discounts, it’s time to start shopping at Domino’s. You can use your discount to purchase pizzas, sides, and other tasty treats. Just make sure to enter your code each time you go to check out so you can take advantage of your savings. 

Enjoy your savings

By taking advantage of a Domino’s employee discount, you can save big on your purchases. With these savings, you can enjoy more of your favorite foods and treats, while also helping to stretch your budget. Enjoy the savings and enjoy your favorite Domino’s treats!

Eligibility Requirements

Domino’s employee discounts offer employees a great way to save money on pizza and other menu items. However, to be eligible for these discounts, there are certain requirements that must be met. 

  • First, you must be an active employee of Domino’s. This means you must be employed by Domino’s for at least one year and have a valid employment card. If you are a new employee, you will not be eligible for the discounts until you have been employed with Domino’s for at least one year. 
  • Second, you must have a valid ID card issued by Domino’s. This card should have your name, photo, and a unique code. This code is used to identify you as an employee and allows you to access the discounts. 
  • Third, you must provide proof of employment. This includes a copy of your most recent pay stub or other proof of employment. 
  • Finally, you must provide evidence of purchase. This implies you must be able to offer confirmation that you purchased a product from Domino’s. This can be accomplished simply displaying your purchase receipt.

By following these eligibility requirements, you can take advantage of the employee discounts offered by Domino’s.

Discount Types

When it comes to rewarding employees, Domino’s offers a variety of discount types to suit different needs and budgets. From flat-rate discounts to percentage reductions, there is something to suit almost any employee. Here is a look at some of the discount types Domino’s offers. 

Flat-Rate Discounts

A flat-rate discount is one of the most prevalent forms of discounts provided by Domino’s. This form of discount gives employees a predetermined amount off the cost of an order, allowing them to save money regardless of the size of their transaction. A flat-rate discount of $5, for example, might be provided to each order, regardless of quantity or cost. 

Percentage Discounts

Another popular type of discount available at Domino’s is the percentage discount. This type of discount offers employees a percentage reduction off the cost of their orders. For example, a percentage discount of 10% could be applied to any order, resulting in a substantial savings.

Special Discounts

In addition to flat-rate and percentage discounts, Domino’s also offers special discounts to its employees. These discounts can include discounts on specific items, such as pizzas, or discounts on entire orders. These discounts are often only available for a limited time, so employees should be sure to check back often for new offers. 

Loyalty Programs

Domino’s offers loyalty programs to its employees, which can provide additional discounts. Employees can earn rewards points for every purchase they make that can be redeemed for discounts. The more points earned, the bigger the discount. 

Group Discounts

Domino’s also offers group discounts to its employees. This can include discounts for large orders from a single office or discounts for orders from multiple offices. Employees should inquire with their local Domino’s location to see if they are eligible for a group discount. 

Referral Discounts

Domino’s also offers referral discounts to its employees. If an employee refers a friend or family member to Domino’s, they can receive a discount on their next order. This discount is only available for a limited time and is often limited to certain items.

Coupons and Promo Codes

Domino’s regularly offers coupons and promo codes for customers to use when ordering. These discounts can range from free pizza and soda to large discounts on entire orders. Customers should check back often to see if any new codes or coupons are available.

Employee Appreciation Discounts

Domino’s also occasionally offers discounts to its employees as a way of showing appreciation. These discounts can include special items, such as a free pizza or soda, or discounts on entire orders. Employees should check back often to see if any new discounts are available.


The Domino’s Employee Discount 1000 S1 is a great way for employees to save money on their orders. It offers a significant discount of up to 25% off the regular price of items. This discount is especially beneficial for employees who frequently order from the chain. The discount is also convenient for employees who want to save money without having to make a large purchase. The discount makes it easier for employees to enjoy the food they love at a discounted price.

  1. Does Domino’s offer an employee discount? 

A: Yes, Domino’s offers a 1000 point discount to employees when they order online. The discount is applied automatically at checkout.

Domino’s Employee Discount

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