Apple Employee Discount & Federal Employee Discount

Many big companies offer their employees a big discount on their products and the products of other brands as well. These act like a bonus for working in big multinational companies. But to avail of their offers, you must have valid credentials such as government id cards, office id cards etc. These offers are applicable on almost all products of selected brands and sometimes on some limited products of selected brands. But the best part is that most of the time the employees can merge their offers with other discount offers and grab a huge discount on selected products. Let us know What are the ‘Apple Employee Discount & Federal Employee Discount’.

Apple Employee Discount & Federal Employee Discount

Apple Employee Discount & Federal Employee Discount

In this article, I will be discussing the employee discount policies of two big companies- Apple and Federal. Like many multinational companies, these two also offers many discounts and offers over their product and the products of other brands as well. Though there are some terms and conditions, these discounts and offers are genuine and helpful to save money. I will discuss these offers, the terms and conditions and the limitations of the offers in further detail.

Apple employee discount:

Working at Apple may become such a blessing when it comes to employee discounts or employee offers. One might be rethinking working at Apple even after they are hired but once he/she comes to know about the perks of Apple employees, he/she would drop the idea of leaving the company for sure. let us know in detail what Apple offers to their employees.

The first perk that an apple employee get is a minimum of 25% off on any Apple product. These products are included iPhones, iWatches, laptops and iPads. This is genuinely a big deal to get a 25% off on almost any product you get but there are certainly some limitations to this offer. This offer can be availed only once a year in each category of product. So, if you have already purchased an iPhone using this offer, you will get this offer again after one year.

Apple even gives the offer to the family and friends of their employees. Friends and families of apple employees can get 10-15% off on almost all apple products. But there are some limitations as well. There cannot be more than 10 units of products purchased using a discount on the name of a single employee in a year. Furthermore, this offer can be availed by showing genuine proof of being a friend or family of an apple employee. 

Another offer available for apple employees is truly mind-blowing. An Apple employee gets some extra perks every three years of their work. Those perks can be applicable as 250$ off on the purchase of an iPad and 500$ off on the purchase of a Macbook. They can choose any one of the above mentioned perks. Most interesting thing is that they can avail of this offer merging with their 25% off or any ongoing store offer. This helps them to get apple products at really cheap rates. 

Apart from that Apple grants four weeks of paid leave for pregnant women before the delivery and up to 14 weeks of leave after giving birth. Apart from that they take care of their employees very much and do maintain a work-friendly atmosphere in the offices. 

Federal employee discount:

Federal is also one such company that gives many perks to their employee. But unlike Apple, their discounts and offers are mostly for other brands. Here also valid credentials like your government id cards and your employment ID card would help you to avail most of the offers. Let us discuss these in detail.

Federal employees often get discounts on travel plans. These include their mode of communication, food, lodging and other entertainment expenses. In communication, they get up to 25% off on using their employee ID while booking tickets for a train or flight through some selected websites. The same goes for the hotel booking process and the restaurant booking as well. Similar discounts can be available on fun rides, amusement parks or some special entertainment places. Overall, the Federal is pretty active in making their employees’ holidays even more fun by saving their money.

Federal employees get discounts on tech gadgets as well. Many cell phone brands give a discount ranging between 5% to 20% to Federal employees. Not only on cell phones but they even get discounts on many carrier companies as well. The most interesting thing is that they can avail of this offer combined with any other ongoing offer on selected tech stores. Apart from cell phones, they get discount on laptops and other tech gadgets as well which includes tabs and video games as well. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP, and Lenovo accepts Federal Employee ID and give 5% to 20% discount on selected products.

Apart from these Federal employees get discounts on cars from several brands. One of the most important car brands that accept Federal employee discounts is Volkswagen. But the amount of discount cannot be assured as it depends on the brand. Furthermore, the amount of discount may vary from dealer to dealer. One should check its availabilities before making the final deal to buy a car from the selected brand.

Federal employees can avail discounts on many products which helps us to make a smooth lifestyle. To lead a healthy life, it is important to do regular exercise and the Federal takes care of their employees’ health as well by generating discounts on several gym institutions. They can get discounts even on household products like furniture, electronic items and home decor items if bought from selective websites. Federal is making life way easier for its employees. Even dining in many restaurant chains, they get offers. Some selective online sites like give a good amount of discount to Federal employees.


From the above discussion we have seen that not only employees serve their companies but companies like Apple, Federal and many more take care of their employees as well. Their perks make employees enthusiastic towards working more. These companies take care of their employees like extended families and I think employees should respect these treatments and should maintain a fresh and friendly environment in the workplace. 

Apple Employee Discount & Federal Employee Discount

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