Xfinity Employee Discount, Federal & State Employee Discount

Xfinity is a telecommunications company working as a division of Comcast Corporation. Working under the trade name Xfinity, Comcast Cable Communications is one of the major companies doing marketing of cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services provided by the company. Let’s Know More About Xfinity Employee Discount, Federal & State Employee Discount.

Xfinity Employee Discount, Federal & State Employee Discount

Founded on April 2nd, 1981, as Comcast Corporation, it worked under the same name before being rebranded as Xfinity. With its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Comcast is the largest provider of cable internet access in the United States.

Xfinity Employee Discounts

With a great workplace environment and freedom, Xfinity also provides many benefits and discounts. If you are looking to work somewhere with major perks and discounts, Xfinity is one to be in your consideration. 

Employees at Xfinity are allowed great offers and benefits such as Free Xfinity TV and Internet services in serviceable areas along with deeply discounted offers for the Home and Voice options. Xfinity employees save up to 3000 dollars annually through these discounts. Other advantages include exclusive discounts and offers at Universal resorts, theme park tickets, and onsite hotel rooms. 

Along with home and entertainment services, Xfinity also provides discounts on phone services at a cheap rate for its employees. While data services remain free, equipment charges are the same with a reduction to every employee. With free cable, you have access to many premium channels with no fee at all. 

Xfinity also offers Employee Stock Purchase Plans available to the employees to use tax after payroll deductions to acquire company stock. With the ESPP plan, employees get a discount of 15% on products and services.

Xfinity Federal and State Employee Discount

Federal and State Employees receive Xfinity discounts similar to regular employees. If you are working in the military or are a veteran, Xfinity offers you a one-time 25-dollar coupon that you can use towards your next Xfinity rental or purchase. Xfinity provides most of the reductions on the internet, cable TV and offers other home security products at a low cost.

Student Discounts

College students have a lot of offers at Xfinity, like discounts on the internet and cable bundles. If you are an enrolled student at a verified university, you can fill out a verification form to enjoy the benefits provided by Xfinity. You get affordable price ranges on student plans. This discounted plan lets students connect and make the most out of technology.

Teacher Discounts

Xfinity provides offers and discounts to teachers, faculty, and other staff as a form of thank you. You can verify your educational qualifications to get a 100 dollar prepaid visa card and save on internet and TV entertainment.

Careers at Xfinity

Employees at Xfinity constantly work towards the satisfaction of their customers. They are passionate about their work and play major day-to-day roles in the entertainment industry. Xfinity offers different career paths for people who choose to work in telecommunications. At Xfinity, you will find a supportive team, adequate career growth, actual impact and innovation, and many values that reflect the employees. Comcast offers student and recent grad employment internships and rotational programs to help build a career for young minds.

Student Programs

At Xfinity, current students and recent graduates have opportunities to build careers and growth. Roles ranging from internships to cooperative education programs are offered to students to select. Responsibilities being a student or undergraduate working at Xfinity includes short-term projects and come with benefits such as tuition assistance, mentoring programs, ULearn, Xfinity’s personalized learning program using a digital assistant.

Work Culture at Xfinity

Xfinity believes in its people. They provide a great team with training that helps create a team leader for the future. Every employee gets creative space to express and introduce their ideas. Xfinity gives employees the freedom to think innovatively and speak up for their creativity. 

Other Benefits and Perks

While Xfinity employees enjoy great discounts on Xfinity and other products, the company ensures other benefits and perks to workers like medical and dental care, 401K savings plan, vacation and time off, courtesy services, discount tickets, etc. Xfinity values its employees by providing accessible support on financial, medical, and emotional aids.

Compensation programs may include bonuses, commission or equity, and additional financial incentives along with base pay. Bonuses and commissions received by the employees depend on personal performance. 


If you are looking for great pay while enjoying certain company perks and benefits, Xfinity is a reliable career opportunity for you. While you focus on your work and career growth, Xfinity provides you with a safe work environment to nurture your creativity while helping you maintain personal growth. With free internet and TV, entertainment access, and other great offers. Xfinity values its employees and creates a diverse space for talented and young minds.

Xfinity Employee Discount, Federal & State Employee Discount

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