Where Does Aldi Supply Meet? – Know More

Aldi is a very well-known supermarket chain that Sells Premium quality food items. Aldi is known for fresh quality meat and flesh items. Most of Aldi’s beef comes from the USA itself. Aldi imports beef from a few countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico. Besides beef, pork and chicken are also imported from the USA and all the countries listed above. Read below to know more about Where Does Aldi Supply Meet.

Where Does Aldi Supply Meet

Where Does Aldi Supply Its Meat?

Many people think that Aldi supplies meat from China, although this is entirely fake news. Aldi does not import any meat or flesh items from China. Almost 80 percent of Aldi’s meat, beef, and flesh items in the USA are from the USA only, not imported from any other country. And the rest of the 20 percent is imported from different countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and other countries. The only items that Aldi exports from China are daily use plastic items, clothing, and instant noodles. Also, it goes the same with pork. Even the pork is imported from our own country and a few other countries. The import of meat, pork, and other non-veg items from China was banned long back when the bird flu outbreak hit China. Many customers prefer to know the origin of the food item. Thus, every food item made outside of the USA has a label. The label mentions the name of the country where the product is made. 

All About The Aldi Stores

Aldi is a trendy and successful supermarket chain that deals in daily life and grocery goods. They sell goods of every type, from cooking oil to Japanese fish. Aldi sells goods of all significant companies, from small industry-based to big and successful ones. Aldi is categorized in the retail-based industry. It sells goods at a discount rate, which is lower than the original price. Aldi’s has more than 11 thousand stores all around the world. And is among the leading grocery supermarkets in Germany. The estimated per year turnover of Aldi’s is €50 billion, which is enough to describe how successful the company is. 

How Is The Quality Of Aldi’s Meat?

Mostly all the reviews suggest that the quality of Aldi’s meat is fantastic and unquestionable. The customers purchasing meat and other flesh items from Aldi are delighted with its quality. The meat offered is fresh, safe, and delicious. You can also check about Aldi’s meat quality online. Many customers often share their good experiences with Aldi’s on Twitter or Quora.

 Also, there is no need to worry whether it is safe or not. This is because the company supplies meat from within the USA directly from farmers. Hence there is no fear of contamination and other chemicals, as it is not purchased from any factory. Factories often use preservatives so that their meat stays fresh for a long time. Thus the quality of Aldi’s meat is excellent and safe. 

Fresh Meat and Dairy Products Sold By Aldi Stores:

Aldi deals with almost every variety of meat and dairy product. That too at a very affordable price and premium quality. Many people often doubt the reason behind such low prices. But it’s all because they sell their product wholesale. It’s not so that they compromise the quality for the price. Thus it’s safe and beneficial to purchase meat products from Aldi’s. Given below are some of the meat and dairy products readily available at any Aldi Store:

  • Ground beef
  • Steak
  • Corned beef brisket
  • Chicken breast
  • Chicken thighs 
  • Chicken sausage
  • Mutton Sausage
  • Beef sausage
  • Cold cuts
  • Lamb
  • Roasted Pork leg
  • Ground Sirloin
  • Beef Patties
  • Salmon
  • Tilapia 
  • All kinds of milk.
  • Brown eggs
  • Farm eggs
  • Cheese, butter, mayonnaise, etc


Aldi is a prevalent and successful supermarket chain that deals in daily life and grocery goods. Aldi exports most of its fresh Flesh products from the USA and a few other countries like Mexico, New Zealand, and more. Thus it is fresh and affordable. You can easily find an Aldi store in your locality if you live in the USA. Other than meat, Aldi also sells premium quality dairy products and eggs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Aldi offer fresh ribs at their store?

Yes, Aldi sells Fresh ribs at their store as well as you can buy them from their online store. 

  • Does Aldi buy meat from a butcher shop?

No, Aldi does not deal directly with the butcher. Instead, Aldi buys meat from farmhouses and big certified poultry. 

  • Does Aldi sell Fried Beef at the store?

Yes. Aldi also sells fried and seasoned beef at the store. You can also find seasoned ribs at Aldi. 

Where Does Aldi Supply Meet? – Know More

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