What is Bell Employee Discount?

Bell Employee Discount

Bell, headquartered in Canada, is a telecommunications company that offers advanced fiber networks and wireless services. It rewards the employees and retirees through an employee discount program called the Employee Purchase Program (EPP). Employees working in Bell, Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), and its associates can enjoy the benefit. This article represents the Bell Employee Discount on specific conditions and different concepts related to it. The readers will also know about the price-match guarantee and The Source.

Bell Employee Discounts

The following are the details related to the Bell employee discounts at The Source:


The following are the percentages representing the employee discount offered by Bell:

  • 30% is the highest, and 5% is the lowest employee discount offered by Bell.
  • Small and portable accessories such as cables, batteries, tools, headphones, adapters get sold at the highest employee discount by Bell. Similarly, the company sells hard drives, DVD players, printer ink, cameras, software, GPS systems, camcorders, and networking at the lowest discount.
  • Employees get a 15% discount if they go to the Parts Desk to purchase the parts. Other items available at this discount rate are Bluetooth, toys, gaming accessories, satellite radio, flashlights, digital picture frames, radios, internet, media, television, computer accessories, telephones, and surge protectors.
  • Devices sold at a 25% discount are camera bags, warranties, accessories related to satellite radio and mp3, clocks, laptop bags, watches, and in-store services.

Exclusion From The Offer

Bell EPP does not apply on retention offers, non-residential accounts, Virgin and Solo mobile phones, wireless hardware and apps, gift cards, gaming consoles, and third-party billed services. 


The following are the conditions related to employee eligibility:

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  • The customers from the EPP eligible companies must show their employment proof. These discounts are not available for online purchases and have no expiry date. Similarly, only full-time employees get this benefit. In-store plans could get better because the employees still find some products and services expensive.
  • The employees can take benefits even if they are on leave or get disabled. In case if an employee dies, their spouse can enjoy this benefit at 35% for one year on behalf of the dead employee.
  • Employees that leave the company will receive the benefits for three months after that.
  • Employees must complete at least 55 years of age and serve the company to create an addition of 80 years (age + service).
  • The employees must get registered for the service. However, the service is extended only to the parents, children, and spouses dependent on the registered employees.

Price Match Guarantee

Price-match guarantee is the tactic undertaken by Bell to match the lowest price offered by its competitors on related products. It also gets applied to the EPP. These benefits are suitable for a family. However, price-matching differs from the price match guarantee but, the company does not try to offer the lowest possible prices. Instead, it tries to match them with its competitors. Also, it might cover the financial loss by increasing the prices of other products and services.

Bell And The Source

The Source is a Canadian telecommunications firm acquired by Bell that exclusively sells Bell products. Bell EPP is available only at The Source stores. The eligible customers can also order the required products by dialing their phone number. Accordingly, they can order needed products at the nearest The Source stores with free shipping.

Advantages Of Bell EPP

The following are the advantages of Bell EPP:

  • Bell employees and retirees have access to a great range of products and services through the Bell EPP.
  • It helps the company make a loyal customer base and attract them. Thus, they feel valued.
  • Employee discount acts as an alternative to salary hikes for the company.

Disadvantages Of Bell EPP

The following are the disadvantages of Bell EPP:

  • Some employees might not get satisfied with the amount and range of products related to the discount.
  • If Bell faces financial imbalance due to the EPP, it might increase the prices of other products and services.
  • Some needy employees might find the fulfillment of conditions related to the program tedious.


The employee discounts offered by Bell are competitive. Even after providing different benefits, Bell made a revenue of $18.09 million in 2020. However, the eligible employees must consider the terms and conditions related to these benefits. Bell has undertaken a better way to attract and reward the employees while supporting them financially and morally.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Other Employee Benefits Does Bell Offer?


Flexibility, health insurance, Paid Time Off, monthly and yearly bonuses, stock options, education assistance, mentorship, and free coffee are some of the employee benefits offered by Bell.

  1. What Are The Competitors Of Bell Canada?


Some competitors of Bell Canada are Rogers Communications, Telus, Eastlink, Shaw Communications, Videotron, Cogeco, and SaskTel.

  1. What other companies offer employee discounts?


Some companies that offer employee discounts are Apple, Whole Foods Market, Best Buy, PetSmart, Gap Inc., and more.

What is Bell Employee Discount?

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