Lifetime Fitness Employee Benefits- Know More


The business operated by lifetime fitness comes under the category of health clubs. It provides its customers with a wide range of health and fitness activities for its members including yoga, meditation, swimming, fitness groups, gym training and many more. The employees working for the lifetime fitness company also get access to unlimited perks and benefits. The employees of the lifetime fitness get access to the club, indoor pools, fitness facilities and membership of various clouds, events and gym, yoga and meditation classes and many more. The employees working at lifetime fitness are liable to get a wide range of perks and benefits while working in the company. These benefits include life insurance of the permanent employees, health and dental insurance, paid time off, leave for holidays, bereavement leave, sick and recovery leave, discounts on health clubs and wellness programs and many more. A few of the benefits and perks received by the employees are discussed below. Here we will see about Lifetime Fitness Employee Benefits.

Lifetime Fitness Employee Benefits

Insurance policy of the company

1. Health insurance – The regular as well as senior employees working for more than ten years in the company, are provided with the facility of health insurance to the employee, their spouses as well as children. The company also conducts free check-up campaigns for their employees and other works and their family members. 

2. Dental insurance– The employees and the members of their immediate family are provided firm the dental allowances. The company also conducts several camps and campaigns to increase health awareness among the people. These health campaigns are free for the employees and their families.

Time off and leave given by the company

  1. Paid time off – The employee gets 2-3 paid time offs in a month. The employee is liable to take this leave any time he wishes to or for any other reason. The part-time employees working for the company are also liable to get paid time off during their working hours. It is up to the employee, he can take a day off or time off for half of the working day.

2. Paid holidays– The employees are provided with a fortnight of paid holiday leave in a year. It doesn’t include the time spent by an employee for the company’s health campaigns or the establishment of new branches of the company in different places.

3. Weekend off- The company is known to respect the professional and personal lives of all the employees working for them. All the employees, whether part-time workers or full-time employees, both are liable to get off on Saturdays and Sundays.

4. Bereavement leave- Bereavement leave or compassionate leave refers to that time off taken by an employee during the time of death of his family member, spouse or a close friend or even miscarriage. The company provides three days of paid time off in the form of bereavement leave. However, it can be extended by the employee for rituals or funerals. 

5. Sick leave-. The employees working in the company get the benefit of sick leave. They get off for two to three in the situation of sickness. The sum of a small amount on bills and check-ups is also paid by the company under the health insurance policy of the company.

Health and wellness program provided by the company

1. Health club discounts – lifetime fitness provides their customers with a wide range of discounts in health clubs, hospital bills as well as pharmacies. The company also organizes a wide range of fitness campaigns for the employees and their family members to increase health and fitness awareness among the staff members and other local people.

2. Health and wellness programs– The company organizes a series of health and wellness programs from time to time. The main reason for organizing such events is because of the increasing health issues all over the world, the companies have started focusing on the wellbeing of their employee’s health and personal well being.

  1. Classes and events- the employees get a chance to attend various fitness and health care classes and events. These might be organized by the company or the other company in collaboration with lifetime fitness. They can attend meditation classes, yoga classes, power yoga, gym training and many more are provided by the company to their employees and their family members.

Perks and other discounts

1. Tuition reimbursement – The employee reimbursement or the tuition reimbursement refers to the set of a company’s perks and benefits package of the employee’s upskilling policy. It allows the workers to learn and practice other technical courses while working in the firm. In addition to this, the company is likely to carry the expenses of these courses taken by the employees based on their criteria of tuition reimbursement.

2. Child care discount – Among all the perks and different benefits provided by the company, the biggest advantage is the child care discount. A small sum of money is given by the company to their employees in the name of their children. The employees can spend this amount on their education or any other activity. This counts as the additional expense given by the company.


Lifetime fitness is a healthcare company. It is a worldwide firm that provides customers with different health and fitness benefit programs. These benefits include services like yoga, meditation, gym training, health care programs and campaigns, health care events and many more. The employees working in the firm are also liable to get various perks and benefits while working in the firm. It includes insurance and well-being programs. The company also organizes several events and campaigns for increasing health awareness among the staff and other local people. They also get access to various events and programs organized by the company on different subjects. The employees are also benefited from paid time offs and paid leaves during a month. It is clear from the company’s employees policy that it focuses on the well being of their employees and make them their priority in all matters.

Lifetime Fitness Employee Benefits- Know More

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