How long is an orientation at Landstar?- Know More

Landstar System, Inc. runs the business of transporting goods for the third party. Founded in the year 1968, Landstar has grown out to be the largest owner-operator company on the market. This logistics giant with its safe, secure, and speedy delivery at right time and the right place has managed to gain the trust of the majority of the companies situated not only in the United States but in Canada, and the countries lying between the United States and Canada like Mexico. Since Landstar has a reputation to maintain, it cannot afford to compromise in the training of its staff especially the drivers who are the sole driving agent of the Landstar. Hence, Landstar makes sure that its staff undergo flawlessly designed training or we can say orientation program before they start their job at the Landstar.

Let us know more about the orientation at the Landstar, what is the duration of the orientation program? What benefits are derived by both, company as well as the employees? And more.

How long is an orientation at Landstar

Orientation at Landstar

Yes, Landstar is very much active in providing necessary training to its owner-operators via Orientation program which is a 2-day program, covering various topics.

What is an Orientation Program?

When you manage to bang a new job there are a lot of queries going on, what will be the job routine? how am I supposed to perform the task? etc. To keep these queries at bay, it has become a ritual to conduct an orientation program where the newly joined employees are familiarized with the job description, authority, and responsibility, their colleagues, etc. 

On the same line, Landstar too conducts an orientation program for the newly inducted employees, main drivers in the company.

How long is an orientation at Landstar?

An orientation program may be of a few minutes or can last for a few days. The duration of any orientation schedule is dependent on two factors. The first one is the nature of the organization conducting the orientation and the second one is the matter about which or around which the orientation will revolve.

Landstar cannot afford to take the training and orientation of its owner-operator also coined as BCOs (business capacity owners) naively as later this lack of sincerity may cast doubt on the goodwill of Landstar. Hence, Landstar has 2 Days orientation program on which the owner-operators are being trained on various work-related concepts.

What are the days on which Landstar orientation takes place?

As mentioned above, the orientation program involves 2 days of extensive and planned training on topics that may concern a BCO as a driver. The orientation takes place on selective days i.e. 4 days a week only. The days are: –

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Does Landstar have orientation venues only in the United States?

Yes, Landstar orientation venues are exclusively present in the United States. To have a sufficient degree of control, Landstar is not planning to expand its orientation centres outside America. Following are the 6 States as of 2021 in which Landstar conducts its orientation: – 

Indiana, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Jacksonville.

Landstar in the near future may plan to cover more States as far as launching orientation centres are concerned.

What is the procedure to get to the Landstar orientation?

  • Application Form: – The first and the foremost step is to go to Land star’s official website, fill up the application form for the orientation and wait for the reply of the Landstar executive. 
  • Extensive Checking: – The Human Resource personnel at the Landstar do an extensive check of the application submitted by the potential Business capacity owners before lending the franchisee right to an individual.
  • Document Verification: – Getting your application approved is just a small step towards booking a seat at the orientation of Landstar. Once the application is approved it is followed by verification of countless documents. 
  • Background Check: –  Landstar has a stringent process and does a lot of background checks. It involves checking the applicant’s driving records, previous history with the transportation department, etc.

One thing that really holds up approval of an application is the delay in receiving the confirmation from the applicant’s former company. The former company has up to 30 days to legally send the confirmation.

After successfully overcoming all the checkpoints Landstar approves the application and Voila, you are a Business Capacity Owner at one of the giants in the transportation service company in the whole Unites States.


Landstar is very particular when it comes to sponsoring training or orientation programs for its owner-operators. The attendees of this particular orientation could not stop praising the program. Right from the stay at a comfortable to parting away with training broachers, Landstar pays it all. Isn’t this amazing? Landstar not only just gives a lecture on various topics but also makes sure that the trainees present in the hall absorb all that is being said, making every trainee of Landstar satisfied to the core.

How long is an orientation at Landstar?- Know More

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