Gap Employee Discount

GAP, a company which was started in 1969 by Doris Fisher just because he could not find the right pair of jeans for himself. By 1972, GAP had become GAP Inc. with 25 stores coast to coast. Today, Gap is considered to be the inventor of specialty retail and is still an American classic. The massive clothing retailer is the parent company of several brands including its original GAP stores. The top five brands of GAP are Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, and Athleta, Every day GAP Inc. They announced revenue sales close to $19 million. Being such a gigantic cloth retailer it tends to offer some benefit to its employees as well in the form of providing GAP products at a discounted price. Keep reading to know about Gap Employee Discount

Gap Employee Discount

What is an Employee Discount?

Before digging into the topic, let me first make you aware about really is employee discount and why companies provide employee discounts? Employees’ benefits are given to attract and retain talents today. Several companies like food & beverages, clothing, footwear brands offer their respective products at a price lower than the original market price of the item to their employees as a reward for showcasing hard work and as a perk for being a part of the company. This act of slashing the price of a selected company’s product by a fixed percentage for their employees is known as Employee Discount.

To find out about GAP employee discounts, how to avail the same? And who can cherish the benefit? Continue reading.

Does GAP provide an Employee discount?

Throwing around lots of fancy employees perks seems to be the new norm in the clothing industry. GAP being a million-dollar company has a lot in its bag to offer to its employees, one of such benefits is employee discount. Hence, GAP does provide its merchandise at a discounted price to its employees.

How much discount does GAP offer to its employees?

GAP gives away quite a handsome discount on GAP merchandise to its staff. As per the provision of GAP, employees are offered as high as 50% off on merchandise of GAP and the Banana Republic, Athleta, and Old Navy brands. Besides, GAP offers a 30% discount at any outlet of GAP and 10% off markdowns for all employees and their spouses or domestic partners. 

Goes without saying, employees can avail of the above-mentioned discount while purchasing online mode.

How can staff avail employees discount at GAP?

There are broadly two situations where a staff avail employees discount at GAP.

These ways are mentioned below: –

  • Avail discount on purchase at GAP store – The first method to exercise the discount is to visit any GAP store and make a purchase of your desired items. At the time of making the payment at the payment counter, ask the salesman to adjust the final amount by the applicable discount percentage. You may be asked to furnish employee proof, hence keep your employee identification card handy that was issued by the company.
  • Avail discount on online purchase – Making use of discounts is not an effortless task when performing shopping via online mode. First login into your GAP employee account. Then select the profile and hit your name to open your profile. Under your picture, you will see your discount code along with your balance. Now go to the GAP online shopping site and add the desired products to the cart and click on proceed to payment. Under “payment method” select code or voucher. Go back to the GAP employee account and from there copy the employee code. Then hit the button Apply. Under order summary, you will be able to see the amount discounted and now you can place your order.

What sort of employees are eligible to avail of GAP employee discount?

Generally, such employee benefits are offered to employees who are hired permanently, temporary and ad hoc employees are kept at bay. On the contrary, Gap offers employee discounts to not only full-time employees but also to non-permanent staff. However, there are some conditions imposed on the temporary employees to the extent of discount they can exercise.

What other perks do employees get at GAP?

The foremost and instant benefit that can be derived from the employee discount scheme is no doubt is getting the Gap products of the same quality but by shelling out much fewer amounts of dollars. Employees tend to get the feeling of being fortunate to get associated with a company like Gap, it boosts their social status by being able to procure Gap products at a discounted rate.

Apart from employee discount gap offers other employee benefits too like-

  • Healthcare– Gap offers healthcare plans that cover a wide array of medical avenues like dental, vision, and life insurance.
  • Employee Stock Option- Also known as ESOP, is an option given to employees to take the company’s share at a discounted value after the gestation period get over
  • Retirement Plan – GAP encourages its employees to save a pie of their income towards the retirement saving plan. The contribution of the employee is matched by the company.


GAP is well known for the benefits it extends to its employees. GAP is one of the few brands that offer such a hefty amount of discount i.e. 50% on its merchandise to the staff. GAP understands the value of employee satisfaction if the company has to accomplish its long term goals. Overall, GAP looks after the need of both the customers and its employees who work day and night so that GAP Inc. can reach new heights. 

Gap Employee Discount

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