GameStop Employee Discount

GameStop Employee Discount

GameStop is the world’s biggest video game and gaming merchandise retailer, with a market capitalization of $14B. The Employee Discount at Gamestop isn’t as attractive as it may look, but as an employee, you need to know that the discount applies only to you, excluding family or friends. Here, let’s know about GameStop Employee Discount.

Although the future of GameStop is uncertain due to the growth of online gaming and because many consoles do not allow their users to download games. GameStop is still operational at more than 4800 stores worldwide, mainly in North America, Europe, and Australia. There are more than 3000 stores alone in the US. GameStop offers the latest video games, Trade-ins on games and consoles for store credit, and trendy apparel for gamers everywhere.

Various types of Employee discounts at Game Stop

GameStop offers employee discounts on a hierarchical basis. If you are a store manager, your concession will differ from a sales associate because store managers are entitled to free game downloads and free renting on selected gaming merchandise.

As an employee at GameStop, you can get discounts on selected video games and rent them. Also, there are various discounts by other companies that GameStop employees can avail.

  • Discounts on Gaming Merchandise – At GameStop, employees can avail of a discount of 10-15% on video games and consoles. This discount does not apply to new games or consoles and a few selected items.
  • Discounts on apparel – GameStop offers a range of accessories and clothing like logo T-shirts, hats, watches, etc. Employees can get a 25% discount on garments and accessories.
  • Computers – GameStop has partnered with Dell and HP to offer discounts, so if you are a GameStop employee, then you are eligible for discounts at Dell and HP, all you need to do is provide a company code along with your Employee ID. If you encounter any issues, then contact customer care.
  • Entertainment – GameStop employees are lucky because Ticketsatwork, Dallas Zoo, and Fort Worth Zoo are now offering discounts to GameStop employees. Employees can visit and avail themselves of discounts on tickets.
  • Auto – Chrysler affiliate reward program offers 1% below factory price on various vehicles and rentals to GameStop employees. To avail of this discount, you need to sign up on and provide your company code which is available at
  • Apartments in Dallas Fortworth Metropolitan area- If you reside in Dallas and you are employed at GameStop then, Montelena Apartments, Lincoln Vineyard, Skyhouse Dallas, have various offers for you. You can get a 10% discount on your first month’s rent and waiver administration fee.
  • Fitness and Workout – Gamestop affiliate program offers employee discounts at Fitbit, Reebok, and Skechers, InVite health, Livekick, eMindful, and Blue365. You can expect a discount ranging from 10%-20% and more as a GameStop employee.
  • Wireless- Verizon, and T-mobile are now offering discounts of up to 15% to the GameStop employees under the GameStop discount relationship program.

To avail of the discounts offered by other companies under the discount relationship program and affiliate program, please visit This will direct you to the employee discount page.

All the above-mentioned discounts are subject to change according to Gamestop’s employee discount policy.

Who is eligible for GameStop Employee Discount

All the GameStop employees are eligible for discounts which include

  • Store Managers
  • Sales associate
  • Full-time store employees 
  • Part-time store employees

GameStop employees can make a discounted purchase on Gaming consoles and video games, and they can rent games for free for 48 hours, and after that, they can renew them again. Remember Discount does not apply to new gaming merchandise and if a store has limited stock of a particular item. Besides, Store managers can also get free games depending upon the store performance.

Employees’ families or friends are not eligible for any kind of discount.

How to Avail your GameStop Employee Discount

In most cases, you need to purchase items through the store to get an employee discount but, if you want to buy merchandise online using your Employee discount then, you need to call helpdesk services, and they will create a personal account for you using your employee information, and then you can make your purchase at a discounted price.

For GameStop affiliate discounts at various companies, you can refer to Gamestop. and retrieve company code and website address, and by using your employee Id, you can avail of other discounts.

To conclude – GameStop is trying to partner with other firms to extend employee discounts for its employees. Many times employees are not even aware of privileges offered to them. Employees should often visit their company website and talk to their managers to know about various perks and discounts available to them. As an employee, it is your right to get a concession so, do not let go of it.

Frequently questions

1. Do GameStop employees get free stuff?

No, only store managers are eligible for selected free stuff.

2. Does GameStop offer a discount to former employees?

No, GameStop discounts are only for current employees.

3. What if my store manager refuses to give me a discount?

Store managers are under constant pressure to perform well and bring -in sales. Ask your manager the reason behind canceling your discount because all discounts are subject to GameStop policies. Maybe your store discounts are canceled due to the poor performance of the store. Talk to your manager or contact the GameStop helpdesk to know the reason.

GameStop Employee Discount

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