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Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an America-based federation that has 35 companies providing health insurance working under it. The company was originally founded in 1929 which was named, Blue Cross but later, it turned into Blue Cross Association. Alongside, Blue Shield was founded in 1939 which later changed its name to Blue Shield Association. Finally, in 1982 the two associations merged and became Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. The company is originally located in Michigan Plaza, Chicago, Illinois. 

The idea of providing health insurance PPOs and HMOs have attracted many customers. Along with that, benefits and perks have won the hearts of its employees and candidates who are looking forward to applying for jobs at the company. 

What are the perks given by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to employees?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is a well-reputed company that takes honor in providing benefits to its employees and their family. The different benefits provided are categorized in various parts so, the list of benefits for your assistance is given below: 

Physical Health and Wellness: 

This association works with the motive of providing healthcare assistance to people, so giving healthcare coverage to its employees seems to be essential for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Below is the different health-related coverage: 

  • Health, Dental And Vision Insurance: The association offers many benefits related to health including dental and vision insurance. This insurance includes coverage of prescription drug programs too. 
  • Life Insurance: When it comes to offering health care benefits keeping in mind the financial needs of your family after you. So, the company certainly provides a life insurance policy to their employees. Various options are kept in front of employees to choose from. Those options are: 
  1. Basic Term Life Insurance at zero cost. 
  2. Combination of Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.
  3. A buy-up option is also available
  4. You can choose to purchase supplemental universal life insurance for yourself or your dependent. 
  • Disability Insurance: BCBSA provides an option to choose the best disability insurance policy for you. Under the given options, you will be financially protected against any injury or unexpected illness. Below are the options: 
  1. Short Term Disability
  2. Long-term Disability
  3. You can also purchase an additional long-term disability insurance amount. 
  • Maintaining Balance Between Personal and professional life: BCBSA understands that your family, friends, and your interests are also an important part of your life. So, the company certainly provides paid time-off and activities or events to take a break from your professional life and focus on yourself. 
  • Time Off: For your enjoyment and recreational activities, you are given time off from work. The reason can be anything maybe you want to support your family, or welcome a child and take care of your partner. 
  1. Paid Time Off
  2. Maternity or Paternity Leave
  3. Paid Holidays 
  4. Military Leave
  • Recreational Activities and Events: Every company organizes certain activities for the social and emotional well-being of its employees. These activities and events help employees to connect and spend time with their colleagues.
  • Employee Assistance Program: This program allows the employees to concentrate on their work as the counselors help and guide employees to overcome the stress or personal issues with which they are dealing. You can avail of this benefit whenever you want as it is available 24/7 also, certain eligible dependents have access to this benefit. 
  • Transit and parking reimbursement program: All the employees are eligible to receive this benefit, wherein they have the option to save their commuting charges as the company allows transit cards along with parking passes on pre-tax deduction. 
  • Pet Care Service: Many employees own a pet, so these pets should be taken good care of. So, whenever you are away from your pet you are eligible to receive a discount program that offers dog walking and boarding services.
  • Volunteer Hours: Volunteering is the best part of help others for a general cause. Volunteering helps you to connect with the community and enrich your life. In total, 15 hours per year are given for volunteering purposes. 
  • Recognition and Rewards: BCBSA believes in recognizing their employees for their hard work and encouraging them to keep up the hard work and efforts. 
  • Richard L. Woolworth Customer Service Award Program: This award is given to an individual employee for best customer service. Every single effort and contribution of an employee count. Customers are an important part of the growth of any organization, so regular follow-up and maintaining a healthy relationship with customers are important. 
  • The President’s Employee Recognition Program: An employee who goes beyond their annual goal and achieves milestone in their field are recognized by ‘The President’s Employee Recognition Program’. As said, every contribution made to the progress of the company is counted. 
  • President’s Team Award Program: As suggested by the title of the award, teamwork and collaborative work is recognizable. Every team and leader of the team who performs exceptionally and achieves their goals before the time are awarded the ‘President’s Team Award Program’. 
  • Values Recognition Program: An employee who actually follows the guidelines and works according to the ethics of ‘Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’ is rewarded with this award. Every employee who shows the corporate values of BCBSA including integrity, collaboration, leadership, commitment, and innovation. An employee who works while keeping in mind, their personal growth and development of the organization is eligible for this title. 

How much do employees at Blue Cross and Blue Shield make?

The biggest benefit of getting hired at Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is an attractive and competitive salary. All the employees who are working at the company are handsomely paid. Though, the salary differs on basis of qualification, job post, location, and many more reasons. On average the employees earn $52,000 per annum or $25 per hour. The average salary fluctuates every year. Below are given the salary of employees according to job role: 

Job PositionSalary
Customer Service Representative$28,974 per annum
Senior Customer Advocate$36,330 per year
Account Representative$60,395 per year
Call Center Representative$58,158 per annum
Cloud Engineer$136,831 per year
Computer Engineer$90,184 per annum
Claims Examiner$12.56 per hour
Customer Advocate$39,109 per year
Claims Processor$32,217 per annum

How to apply for a job at Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association?

The company offers a wide variety of jobs for freshers and professionals, anyone who is interested can easily apply for a job role at BCBSA. You can follow the given steps to apply for a job role at BCBSA.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to visit the official website of ‘Blue Cross and Blue Shield – Careers’. 

Step 2: To apply for a job you need to select the state where you want to work. 

Step 3: Once, you will select the state options per different company will appear. 

Step 4: On the different websites, you will find the careers option. As per the different associations, the ways of applying are also different. 

Step 5: According to different companies’ policies, the application process is also different so just visit the official website of the company you wish to work with and apply for the job position you are looking to applying for. 

What after filling an application form?

After the application process is completed, you have to wait for few days, and finally, when the company will review your application, they will call you for an interview. If you pass an interview, you have to do certain paperwork and finally, you will be hired. 

In case, you don’t receive any response from the recruiters then don’t hesitate to follow up. 


Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is founded in 1929 and is set up in two locations with its main branch in Chicago. It is a big organization with 35 independent health Insurance companies working under the association. This association works intending to give its customers access to affordable and high-quality healthcare coverage. 

Many candidates who have worked for an insurance company previously or has an interest in this association try their best to be a part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The reason is very clear they are impressed by the salary and the benefits provided by the company. So, if you are also one of the aspiring candidates who want to work for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association then, don’t lose the chance of applying for the role. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Ques. 1: Are Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association good companies to work with?

Ans. 1: Blue Cross And Blue Shield Association has been fairly rated by the employees working at the company. Everything starting from salary to benefits to a friendly working environment is perfect. Overall, the employees feel happy to work at the company. 

Ques. 2: What are the benefits received by employees at BCBSA?

Ans. 2: All the employees receive a variety of benefits working under BCBSA including certain health insurance, life insurance, paid time off, awards and recognition and, recreational events. 

Ques. 3: What job post is paid highest at Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association?

Ans. 3: At BCBSA, the Director of Engineering is paid $174,000 per annum. This job post is considered to be the highest paying job at BCBSA. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Employees Benefits

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