What is a 2-year degree called?

What is a 2-year degree called?

Introduction – you might have landed here to find more information about the associate’s degree program and its future aspects. Here, let’s know What is a 2-year degree called?

Associate’s degree is getting more popular because of the convenience of studying and many other benefits. There are many reasons students choose to do an associate’s degree rather than a bachelor’s degree. To knowing more jump into the article.

An associate’s degree

An associate’s in the undergraduate course generally takes two years to complete. Associate of Arts and Associate of Science, are some of its examples.

There are two options for doing graduation, first is going for a bachelor’s degree or either doing an associate’s degree. Doing graduation either way is only possible after one completes their secondary level schooling.

The associate’s degree is more popular in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and the Netherlands. In the UK, there’s a similar degree, but it is called a foundation course.

Some students do associate’s degrees to gain foundational knowledge before doing a bachelor’s degree while others may do it just to use it to open employment opportunities for them.

A bachelor’s degree is different from an associate’s degree.

Amount of time required to complete both courses.

A bachelor’s degree and an associate’s degree may be categorized as undergraduate courses, but both are different in some aspects. Let us look at those differences.

It takes 60 credit hours to complete an associate’s degree while it takes 120 credit hours to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Students studying for an associate’s degree choose to study their way. It means they can choose between studying part-time, which may take a longer time to complete the course, or studying at a fast pace and completing it earlier. The extra credits earned during the fast-paced course may help students add those credits when they go for a bachelor’s degree.


When we look at the expenses of studying for both bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, it takes less money to study associate’s degree courses than bachelor’s degree courses. Generally, the cost of studying for an associate’s degree is two to three times less than the cost of a bachelor’s degree. There can be differences in the costs depending on the institutions.


There’s much less competition in an associate’s degree, and that’s why taking admission in one is easier as compared to a bachelor’s degree.

The admission deadlines are more flexible and late for admission to an associate’s degree. That is why most students who can not pass the admission criteria go for an associate’s degree.

Different associate’s degrees

There are four associate’s degrees: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Arts, and Associate of Applied Science. Students choose between these associate’s degrees, as per their needs, whether they want to make their educational base with an associate’s degree or want to pass the minimum educational qualification to get jobs.

If talking about applied courses, they are focused on preparing students for a particular career and vocational skills.

Whereas, the Associate of Arts or Associates of Science prepares students who want to opt for a bachelor’s degree.

Why do students take an Associate’s degree?

The associate’s degree is gaining much popularity nowadays. The reasons depend on such things as it offers flexibility, students can study while doing part-time jobs. As it was mentioned earlier, the admission dates are also late, and students can study at their own pace.

Second, the cost is lower than a bachelor’s degree. Third, those students who missed the admission deadlines for bachelor’s degrees can also enroll themselves for applied courses and then go for the bachelor’s degree.

Students can also make a career after doing an associate’s degree. Those students who want to start their career early can complete the course in two years and then apply for jobs.

Which associate’s degree program should you choose?

Make your career preferences based on your interests, abilities, and skills. You can visit the Bureau of Labor and statics’ website to find possible career opportunities. Now there are online associate’s degree programs too. So students have the choice to study traditionally (in person).

After deciding the career path that one wants to pursue, one should select the right school fulfilling their educational and budget expectations.

After doing all this research about different courses, college expenses, and convenience, you should apply for the associate’s degree that meets your capabilities. You should start applying to those schools.

Career options after doing an associate’s degree.

Career opportunities depend on the type of associate’s degree and the major during the degree. Earnings depend on the skill and experience of the individual. Doing a bachelor’s degree after doing an associate’s degree also opens up many job possibilities.

One can try for these high-paying careers after doing an associate’s degree:

Aerospace and operation technicians

These professionals can earn up to $67,000 per year. The aerospace and operation technicians operate machines and equipment required during testing, developing, and producing new aircraft.

Individuals with an associate’s degree in engineering technology or someone with vocational training in computer programming or robotics or machining are preferred by employers.

The job opportunities for this role are expected to increase by 7% by 2026.

Web developers

Web developers design websites according to the performance demand of their clients. They can suggest to clients about the website design. They write codes and test applications. The job opportunities are expected to grow by 15% by 2026.

There’s no need for any technical degree for this role. An associate’s degree can fulfill the requirements for this role. The highest amount they can earn is $69,430.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologist.

The MRI technicians handle the operations of the MRI scanner. One can start a career as a radiologist technologist and then progress to become a magnetic resonance technologist. Some states require a license to become a magnetic resonance image technician. An associate’s degree is the educational qualification to become an MRI technologist.

The expected salary from this job is $71,670. A 14% increase is expected in the job opportunities of MRI Technicians within the U.S.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Diagnostic medical sonographers use special equipment and create ultrasounds of the body tissues and organs. These sonograms or ultrasounds help the physician detect and locate any uncommon medical conditions. Sonographers can also specialize in scanning particular body parts of the body.

An associate’s degree in sonography is the minimum qualification required to become one. The sonographers earn up to $72,510. The job opportunity increment expectancy till 2026 is 23%.

Dental hygienist

Dental hygienists remove tartar, plaque, and stains from the patient’s teeth. They do all the necessary treatment for treating a patient’s tooth.

It requires an associate’s degree in dental hygiene and a license to practice as a dental hygienist. The course for a dental hygienist is three years long. The expected salary of a dental hygienist is $74,820. There’s a chance of a 20% increase in the job opportunities of dental hygienists.

Is it possible to transfer to a bachelor’s degree halfway?

Yes, transferring from an associate’s degree is simple. The only condition is that your course credits should meet the credit criteria asked by the university.

It is a 2+2-year format, where students join the bachelor’s program halfway, transferring to the university.

If someone doesn’t meet the specific requirements of the course or has not completed certain credit hours, then they have to take some extra classes and earn those credits.


The two-year associate’s degree has its own benefits, such as the flexibility of studying at their own pace to the students or for a certain specific career’s educational requirement. People earn high salaries through some of the careers after an associate’s degree. Some career opportunities open after doing an associate’s degree and some require individuals to do other certifications or have a license.

Students can also transfer their credits and go for a bachelor’s degree. Just they have to meet the credit requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: What are the career options after doing an associate’s degree?

Career opportunities depend on the major and type of associate’s degree that the individual has. Some of the careers are MRI technologist, radiologist, web developer, aircraft technician, etc.

Q.2: Can you transfer your associate’s degree?

Yes. One can join the 2+2 pathway for doing a bachelor’s degree if they meet the relevant criteria required by the university.

Q.3: How long does it take to complete an associate degree?

One has to complete 60 credit hours to complete an associate’s degree. It takes two years to complete an associate’s degree however, it also depends on students how they choose to study.

What is a 2-year degree called?

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