Elementary School Transfer Letter-Know More

 One might wonder what are the essential documents required to get transferred from one school to another. If you are looking for a guide on how to extract the transfer certificate and character certificate of your elementary school-going kid, you have come to the right place.let us know more about that the Elementary School Transfer Letter-Know More.

Elementary School Transfer Letter-Know More

Write A Proper Letter For Prior Approval.

What you need to do is write a simple letter addressed to the principal of the school, requesting to approve the withdrawal and transfer of your child in order to admit him/her into the new school. You may want to mention the reason behind such a transfer. They will consider your request and either provide you the documents or guide you to fulfill the prerequisites if any. 

Format Of A Transfer Request Letter.

These types of letters are generally addressed to the principal of the school concerned. 

Do not drag the letter unnecessarily. You just need to write what you want in the most polite and formal way possible. 




The principal, 

ABC School, 


State concerned. 

Postal code: XXXXXXX

Sub: Application with respect to the transfer request of a student of yours. 

Respected Sir/Madam, 

With all due respect, I want to draw your attention to one of your students in elementary (class name), named (name of your child). He/she is a bright, sincere and disciplined student of your school. Due to some personal reasons, I have to move to another city, with my family. It would be convenient for (name of your child) to continue his/her schooling there only. In addition to other prerequisites, I may need your approval for his/her transfer from ( name of old school) to (name of the new school). 

Kindly, do the needful. 

Thank you. 

Yours sincerely, 

(Your name), 

Father/mother of (name of your child). 

Contact number. 

Date: xx/x/xxxx



Dear (name of the principal), 

School name, 

Concerned Locality, 


Sub: In relation to the transfer request letter.

Respected Sir/ Madam 

I am the mother of a very bright and sensible student of yours. Her name is (the name of your child). She studies in (her class name). I am writing this letter to inform you about my job transfer to Faridabad. Pursuant to which I am obliged to enroll (the name of your child) in a school nearby. I request you to formally approve the school transfer of my child. 

Kindly take the necessary steps in that direction. 

Thank you. 

Yours sincerely, 

(Your name) 

Contact number. 

Date: x/xx/xxxx

Reasons For Requesting A School Transfer. 

In this rush hour of a century, there are a lot of causes that would require a student to get transferred to a new school. These are:

  • Your family moves a lot: there is a possibility that you belong to an army family or your parents are into a profession that requires them to take transfers. As a result, you find yourself requesting a transfer letter a good number of times. 
  • You may be facing bullying: ragging and bullying still remain the ugly truth of our school/university culture. A student, more often than not, changes a school to get a more friendly and inclusive environment. 
  • You have a close friend/ relative/ sibling in another school: friendships and relationships attract us and make us do whatever we need to, in order to stay close. This is one of the top reasons to transfer among schools. 
  • Getting a better curriculum/ opportunity: schooling is the foundation of an individual’s overall character development and personality. You always want to grow, learn and make progress. If you are looking for a  better chance of growth at another place, you might want to consider a transfer. 

These are the most basic of reasons to get one’s child out of the old school. Although, do not be surprised if you find any other bizarre reasons for transfers too. 

Tips To Smoothen The Process Of Transfer. 

New schools can be thrilling as well as nerve-wrecking. Those heavy piles of documentation, with always one or two papers less due to your forgetful behavior, can be really stressful. To ease out the process, here are some tips:

  • Give a call to the administration office of the new school for quick queries. 
  • Ask, in detail, about all the required documentation. 
  • Write, in advance, to the administration office of the old school to be ready with the documents. 
  • Go through the revised curriculum of the school you are/your child is getting transferred to. 
  • Read about the anti-ragging procedure or the workings of the redressal cell, if any. 
  • Make sure the infrastructure of the new school is up to the mark. 
  • Reach on the set date to complete all the formalities. 
  • Give your child a tour of his/her new school, if possible. 

Format Of A Transfer Certificate. 

Changing schools is one crucial step in a child’s life. If you are a parent, you will most probably be the most anxious one in the room until the completion of all the formalities of his/her school transfer. The formal transfer certificate would assist you in disposing of the necessary information for the format. 

Name of the student


Class in which he/she was admitted _____in academic year____

Class in which he/she is currently studying in_____ academic year____

Class to which he/she is promoted/detained to/ in _____

Result in the previous grade_____

Last attended day in school______

Additional remarks________

Sign of the principal           school stamp


A child’s academic interests are something that is very important to a parent. He/she takes every decision taking into consideration its impact on his/her child’s future. Getting everything in order on the due date is one of the core responsibilities for the smooth happening of the process. This article can be considered as a guide to that journey. 

Frequently asked questions. 
  1. Is the transfer a lengthy process? 

Ans. Depends upon the administration of both the schools. Generally, no, it’s not a lengthy process. 

  1. Is the presence of my child necessary for the formalities? 

Ans. You might want to confirm that by giving a call to the administration/query handling department. 

  1. Is the transfer certificate absolutely necessary?

Ans. In 99.9% of cases, yes. You can clear your doubts by contacting the new school or going on their official website. 

Elementary School Transfer Letter-Know More

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