Does The “Five Below” Test For Drugs?

In the current global business culture, there is more potential for corporate risk when hiring employees. Employers must make sure that substance consumption and intoxication are prohibited in the workplace. In light of the circumstances, conducting a drug test for job applicants is necessary. Let us know Does The “Five Below” Test For Drugs?

Does The "Five Below" Test For Drugs?

Does the Five Below test for drugs?

Five Below does not conduct drug tests for entry-level positions; they only perform them for upper management. For executive roles, they might, however, demand a drug test. Five Below does not routinely drug test employees, but they reserve the right to do so in certain circumstances.

What kind of drug tests do they do?

In most cases, Five Below prefers saliva (mouth swabs) and urine tests as part of their hiring process.

How often do they test for drugs?

The drug test is only performed after the job has been offered on-site.

Five Below drug test policies

  • An applicant or employee who refuses to take a drug test will be treated as having failed the test, and the conditional employment offer will be withdrawn.
  • A positive drug test will result in the employer withdrawing the conditional offer or ordering an immediate suspension.

What does a drug test for employment mean?

Drug testing is a means by which employers can determine if their staff are drug users or not. In a nutshell, it is used to detect drug use and drug presence in a person’s body. Employers can detect recent drug or alcohol usage by drug-testing employees.

Running drug tests for employment helps employers ensure secure and effective hiring decisions. This helps prevent inappropriate hires and foster a safe workplace culture within your business.

What is the purpose of the drug tests?

Drug usage is widespread globally for a variety of complex reasons. Today, most potential employers may require a drug test as part of the hiring process. Some businesses adopt these measures to protect themselves from liabilities, while others do so to limit drug use among employees.

A survey by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) and SAMHSA found that over 59 million Americans aged 12 and older admitted to using illicit drugs in the past year.

Let’s discuss a few reasons why firms test employees for drugs

  • To determine whether employees are using alcohol or drugs.
  • Preventing workers from using alcohol and drugs.
  • Mentor workers who are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse.
  • To avoid employing candidates who use drugs or alcohol.
  • Establish a drug-free workplace and a secure working environment.

What do drug tests detect?

Employees may undergo drug testing or employment screening to look for chemical substances like opium, morphine, heroin, codeine, cocaine, etc., which are very inappropriate for the health and workplace at your business.

When should drug tests be done?

Drug tests are done under many circumstances. Some of them are,

Before employment

To avoid recruiting drug users, applicants are drug-tested before being hired. It happens after the applicant receives the job letter. 

Periodic testing

This testing is conducted annually or regularly. This is done specifically for those who prefer physical work. 

Random testing

Employers have the right to randomly choose candidates for testing without any warning. This is just like a surprise test often taken by teachers at school.

Possibility of being a suspect

When an employee exhibits signs and symptoms of drug abuse, employers may conduct drug tests to determine if they are using drugs. 

For any workplace incidents

A drug test may be used to identify whether alcohol or drugs were involved in a workplace accident. Deaths, severe injuries, and property damage are a few examples.

What are the methods of drug testing?

Different organizations have different procedures for drug testing. Let’s take a look at some of the common methods used for drug testing that are very effective at determining drug consumption.

Breath test

Have you ever observed traffic police checking for drunk drivers at checkpoints? That’s a “breath alcohol test” that is used to determine whether the driver is drunk or intoxicated.

Saliva test

Drug use can be detected in real-time using saliva samples as a test for drugs and alcohol. This is a very simple process, as saliva is easy to collect but difficult to manipulate.

Blood test

This is even more simple: using a blood test, you can find out how much alcohol or drugs were present in your body at the time the sample was taken.

Urine test

Urine tests are generally used to detect residues of illegal drugs in a person’s body; they do not help detect alcohol consumption. It can be carried out in a doctor’s office or even at work. A sample is obtained from a candidate or employee and submitted for testing. 

Five Below’s approach for drug testing

Five Below Inc. is a specialty discount retailer based in the United States. They sell items for under $5 as well as a limited selection of items for $6 to $25. The popularity of Five Below is due to its vast assortment of inexpensive goods that appeal to young clients.

Being so popular, they cannot afford to have drug- or alcohol-addicted employees, as it will directly hinder the company’s reputation and may negatively impact the ROI of the business. As a result, implementing drug testing methods is extremely beneficial and can lead to great success in the future.

I’m sure you have some questions about Five Below’s drug testing policy now. Let’s answer some of those questions.


Drug testing is only one step in developing a successful program to eliminate drugs from the workplace. Drug and alcohol abuse has serious consequences for employees, so they should be made aware of them. Additionally, employers should make every effort to avoid recruiting drug users. 

Last but not least, employers may encourage safer and healthier communities by establishing a drug-free workplace.

  • Do I need to keep drug test results confidential?

You must maintain the privacy of any data if a candidate or employee tests positive for drugs. Take appropriate disciplinary action; inform the candidate or employee, but do not tell others in the workplace about the positive result.

  • How do I get my results for a pre-employment drug test?

The typical waiting period for employment drug test results is a few days. An employer might even ask for a fast test, the results of which can be obtained the same day. Within 24 hours, employers get the findings of the negative test. The additional testing needed to obtain a non-negative result requires more time.

  • Can the pre-employment drug testing be discussed with an attorney?

If you feel that you were subjected to unfair treatment during a pre-employment drug test, get in touch with a local employment law attorney who can investigate what occurred and determine whether your employer’s procedure complies with the law.

Does The “Five Below” Test For Drugs?

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