Does Express Employment Drug Test?-Know more

Does Express Employment Drug Test?


Are you excited to know about Does Express Employment Drug Test?. Read this article for more information.

Express Employment is a staffing agency that works and makes money by providing work to job seekers and employees to companies in need. It is a leading agency in many countries and works amazingly well. Moreover, it does not charge the associates any fees for providing them with a job. It has a simple process of hiring employees and provides both part-time and full-time jobs. Right now, it is actively working in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This agency would not leave you to find your way but rather help you all during the process and after that too.

This article will answer your questions about express employment’s drug test and if it’s necessary to take a drug test.

Does express employment do a drug test?

  • The answer to this question would be a simple ‘YES’. Express employment takes a drug test of potential employees before hiring them.
  • It is done to make sure that the criteria of selecting employees by different companies are fulfilled.
  • The express employment professionals will call you to fill in the paperwork and other needed details. The drug test is also done on this day mostly.
  • The agency takes drug tests necessarily because it works on providing employees to all types of working fields.
  • The owner of express employment professionals says that these drug tests are very crucial, and they can not stop doing them.

How do Express Employment Professionals do the drug test?

  • Many reviews say that they were asked to provide a urine sample for the drug test.
  • A few also said that a mouth swab was taken for the drug test.
  • The way of drug testing also depends on the type of position you are applying for.
  • The jobs which are usually paying less have their drug test done in the office whereas the jobs which are paying a lot to the employees have their drug tests done in the lab.
  • A whole procedure is followed for drug testing. They will provide you with a transparent cup and would also note the time you take.
  • A professional will be standing outside the door and you will have to hand that container to him or keep it in a separate place.

Why is a drug test important to take?

  • A drug test is important because it gives the employers a clear view of the employees.
  • It makes sure that the employers know if the employee has lied to them on the forms filled.
  • It also ensures that employers know about employees’ addiction before the job is given to them.
  • It also prevents any accidents on job sites and is considered crucial for the safety of employees.

Are there any benefits of drug testing?

There are a lot of benefits of drug testing for both employees and employers. These are-

1. Reduction in accidents in workplaces– Drug tests ensure that no one is an active drug consumer and help in reducing accidents in the workplace.

2. Increased safety and health of employees– Regular drug tests help increase the feeling of safety among workers and also keep their health in check.

3. Reduces absenteeism by identifying the problematic workers- It also helps in decreasing absenteeism by knowing what the real problem is.

4. Ensures that suitable actions are being taken at the workplace- It helps in taking actions against those breaking company’s policies.

5. Helps in reducing company liability– It also helps in reducing the company’s liability in case of accidents.

These were some of the benefits of drug testing. But are there any limitations of drug testing? For knowing this, you will have to read further. These limitations are for the employers and employees both and these include-

1. Feeling of dislike among employees– Employees who do not like the idea of drug testing can develop bad feelings for employers and stop working the way they used to do earlier.

2. Emotions and mental health– Drug tests only tell about the drug use but they do not consider the person’s mental health. No one thinks about the employee, why he uses them, and other things.

3. Privacy violation- Drug testing can be considered as a privacy violation of employees and, many employees can be hurt emotionally and mentally due to this.

4. Extra expense for the employer– Getting the drug test done adds to the extra expenses of the employer and the company.

Can you say ‘no’ to getting drug tested at Employment Express?

  • Yes, you can say no to getting drug tested and, no one will question you.
  • It is your right to say no to the things you do not like and, they will respect your privacy and decision without a doubt.
  • But this also means that the job you were getting will no longer be yours.
  • They, as your potential employer, also have the right to cancel your application from there onwards and choose someone else for the job.
  • But if you decide to take the drug test again then maybe they will provide you another chance if the position is still vacant.


Employment Express Professionals do a drug test and take it very seriously. Employees are hired only after their drug test is done. While doing this, they ensure that your privacy is maintained and a proper procedure is being followed to do it.

The drug test is either done by taking a mouth swab or a urine sample. If you do not wish to get a drug test done then you can say no to them and your decision will be respected.


  1. Is it necessary to take a drug test for Employment Express Professionals?

Ans- Yes, it is necessary but if you do not want to then no one can force you.

  1. Do you get drug tested before getting hired at Employment Express?

Ans- Yes, you get tested before you start your work.

  1. Do you get to choose the way of drug testing at Employment Express?

Ans- There might be a choice or, there might not be. It all depends on the company’s policy.

Does Express Employment Drug Test?-Know more

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