What to wear to a bar interview?

What to wear to a bar interview?

With the growing population and modern culture, many clubs, bars, hotels, pubs, and casinos are being built. Today’s topic- What to wear to a bar interview?

People barely get some time for themselves. So whenever they manage to take some time, they prefer to spend it in some bar or pubs. 

So, it is essential to hire skilled bartenders who can serve the guests. Bartender employers look for experienced interviewees, as interviewees who have worked somewhere or been interns are well-groomed. If you are going to a bar interview, you need to know that your appearance is one of the things that matter. If you are searching for tips on what you should wear for a bar interview, we hope this article may help you.

What should a male bar interviewee wear to a bar interview?

A common problem that almost every man faces while going to interview is what they should put on as they have a handful of choices when it comes to their dress. We are quite sure that you can find out your attire right from your closet. Buying expensive kinds of stuff for an interview is silly, one of the silliest choices to make. So instead of going to shopping malls, go and open your wardrobe and search for what we are suggesting.

  • Dress: As you are going to a bar interview and not to a corporate office, you do not need to dress up in a strictly formal way. A nice shirt and pants will be enough. You can put on a tie and suspender if you want. If you ask for our suggestion, you would like to see it in a fresh white shirt with solid black pants. You can wear a black tie and a black suspender to put a cherry on the top. You can go for a nice striped shirt, but make sure the color of the shirt is sober. There is no strict rule, and you can wear only black pants for a bar interview. You can opt for nice grey pants or dark blue pants. 

Whatever you wear must be nicely tailored. Make sure that you can carry your outfit well. Your dress should be ironed. If you want you can wear a suit and suit-pant. Whatever color you choose for your suit, it must be contrasted with the color of your shirt. Do not forget to choose a shirt that has a collar. Also, you can put on prints. A two-tone print is fantastic. But you need to remember that the print should be subtle. 

For winter, you can put on a shirt and a sweater. A maroon sweater on a white shirt will look fabulous. We have just given an example. It is not like you must wear a maroon sweater with a white shirt. Just go for a color that suits you. Choose a color according to your skin complexion. If you feel it hard, ask someone else to help.

Don’ts🡪  Do not go for casual attire like t-shirts or ripped jeans as no workplace allows these. Do not wear too tight clothes. Do not wear outfits that are not ironed, have creases. Do not wear unmatching clothes. Avoid bright colors like orange, green, yellow, magenta, and neon. Do not wear cloth which is not well-tailored, or visit a tailor shop to fix this problem.

  • Shoes: You must select a pair of shoes that perfectly goes with the rest attire. You can go for Doc Martens 1460 Leather Boots; Vans Made for the Makers Slip-On, Dansko Walker Shoes, Blundstone 510, Condor Black, Delray, etc. These shoes are durable, water-proof, and most importantly, you will feel comfy after wearing shoes. Professional bartenders opt for these shoes, as the job requires you to stand on your feet and serve the customers.

Don’ts🡪 Do not select something that is not comfortable. For example, do not wear sandals, flip-flops, or sneakers to a bar interview. Also, do not forget about the weather and season.

  • Accessories: Put on accessories that can give you a subtle look. An excellent wristwatch can be a smart choice, but as long as it can be kept simple, you will end up looking odd once you make it flashy. 

Putting on a leather belt is a smooth choice. There is a suggestion; please make sure that the color of your belt is not looking odd with your suit and shirt. You can put on the whole clothing set just to confirm that you look like a professional.

You can use a body spray or any kind of light fragrance.

Don’ts🡪 Do not wear flashy wristwatches. Avoid fabric printed watches as well. If you think putting on a Rolex watch can increase the chance of getting hired, you are so wrong. You are going to an interview to show your potentials, not your possessions. Do not make this mistake; it can affect your career. 

Do not use strong fragrances. There is no need to hide your piercings. Employers are aware of these things, and these seem quite natural. But if the piercings are too bold, take them off. Like tongue piercing. Same with the tattoos. A bar job allows its employees to have tattoos. So, you do not need to hide them undersleeves or collar. Go easy.

  • Grooming kit: You need to be well-groomed. Your total appearance should be tidy. Step in the room with clean and fixed hair; you can use fixing spray or gel. A trimmed beard and clean nails are important as well.

Don’ts🡪 Dyed hair is fantastic, but if your hair is red, that is not okay. You can’t distract your interviewer. This will be counted as a wrong impression. Do not forget to clip the nails of your hands. 

What should a female bar interviewee wear to a bar interview?

This part of the article is typically for the weirdest creature of the world whose cupboard has no place for an ant, still whines about having nothing to wear. Yes, here we are talking about women. That was jokes apart. Do not get us wrong. We know it is confusing to pick up something out of many, especially when you are stressed. So, yup, we are here to help you, beautiful.

  • Dress: Umm, if you ask us about a dress, we suggest you put on a classy shirt and pants. Your shirt must be solid-colored. Neutral color shirts are best. If you are opting for black pants, you are making the right choice. Now choose a shirt that goes with your black pants. Your shirt should have a collar.

Don’ts🡪 Do not wear outfits that are tight or have creases. Do not go for multi-color outfits. This is an interview, not a vacation trip. Do not wear transparent shirts. Avoid inner wears that are bright in color.

  • Shoes: In the case of shoes, you must go for a nice pair that is comfortable enough. You should say yes to close-toed shoes made of leather. Skechers, Keen, Dansko, Brikenstock can be worn. Your shoes should be a nice match for your dress and clean as well. 

Don’ts🡪  Do not spend a lot of money to purchase shoes for an interview. Comfort over style should be the concern. Do not wear high heels or colorful shoes. This can be distracting.

  • Accessories: Your appearance should be subtle yet beautiful. So, wearing small pieces of jewelry can add beauty. 

You can use fragrance. Generally, perfumes made for women are not that strong. Still, we would suggest you spray once.

As we said earlier that tattoos and piercings are common nowadays. So, you have nothing to worry about those unless your tattoos or piercings are too bold. 

Don’ts🡪 Avoid loud make-up, heavy jewelry. Also, do not wear bright lipsticks. Instead, choose a nude shade that goes with your skin complexion. For example, if you have a dark complexion, go for brown nude, and for a light complexion, pink nude is perfect.

  • Grooming kit: Your employers will see how well-groomed you are. When you are asking for permission for entry, at that moment, your employers are going to see your cleanliness, your gestures. Maintain cleanliness as much as possible. You can tuck your shirt into your pants. If you have long hair, wear it in a bun. For short hair, use hairpins. Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed.

Don’ts🡪 Do not wear bright nail paints; use nude or pastel nail paints.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I wear black to a bar interview?
    There is no such strict rule that you must wear black for a bar interview. Still, professional bartenders put on black clothes to maintain their classy look. Also, you will be working with liquors, and there can be accidental spills. If you are wearing black, you are on the safe side.

  2. Does an interviewee need to be attractive to be a professional bartender?
    Well, yes. As you will be a host or hostess, you must be physically fit and must-have fashion sense. In addition, you need to know the etiquette. Thus, you can receive more tips.

  3. How can I nail my bar interview?
    You must be prepared for the interview. Your communication skill must be suitable as you have to communicate with the customers. In addition, you must be well-mannered and well-behaved.

Wishing y’all a prosperous future ahead.

What to wear to a bar interview?

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